Hi yall
.. i just stopped crying x.x so awkward 2 tell but after waiting 4 2 damn month for my ALIVE cd... now dad got a mail saying that they were all sold out and i wont get any cd WTFFFFFFFF???
so i started crying x.x and then i surched the whole damn compter after places that sells kpop in sweden.. and there is NONE!!! WTF?
and i´ll cuss alot today cuz i pretty much feel like killing evry swed in the world exept me right now.. i don´t think it´s possible 2 hate sweden more than i do now.. HATE SWEDEN!!
Now i rly wanna leave this place more than before,, before i was so happy cuz i was gonna get my firt kpop cd and now fucking sweden killed my happines and i now wanna kill sweden.. seems kinda fair to me ..
but i hate crying.. like tho likes crying? x.x but i think i needed it 2 cuz it´s the first time in many month so ,,, maybe my body needed that shit.. i´m trying 2 make my dad get ebay so i can buy kpop things but he don´t wanna buy things from non swedish places :''''(
but even tho i tried 2 hide that i was crying you can kinda hear it one the voice so i think he might try.. not even i knew that kpop was this much to me .. it´s kinda crazy.. x.x Me/my life is so sad.. pathetic... x.x
other than that i´ve done some shopping..
Got my first BB cream ever
new ripped white jeans
bling bling pretty much so..
other shit i can´t remember..
but i havn´t done much.. friends and dramas pretty much... (i havn´t done friends o.o been with..... . . . hmm)
i don´t wanna talk ----so  cya
follow me on tumblr cuz i´m there like .. all the time
what i´ll never get x.x BIGBANG ALIVE
Btw changed and dosn´t wanna upload any of my pics... (another thing 2 hate sweden for x.x )
so i don´t know what 2 do.. maybe i should just quit the blog?
bye :(<3


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