I love you, baby i´m not a monster

annyeong :)
so i guess school shit went well.. but i still find it funny that my grade is better than my swedish xD hah
srsly who cares about swedish anyway? 75% of the day i speak english or korean anyway so..
i´m very happy that ive started speaking korean with sara now cuz it realy shows when you speak it often how much better you become :) yeah! Hwaighting.. or something ..... x.x

I hope and think that you all have seen BIGBANG´s new song Monster ..
I like it .. as always ive never heard a bad bigbang song so ^-^
and the members looked hot as always.. tho srsly what´s up with taeyang´s mickey mouse hair? .. that´s just weird .. but well i guess i understand were they were trying 2 go so.... still.. strange ..
GD is so hot *-* IHHH i had a smal heart attack when i saw him <3

so yeah good 4 him xD <3 hah .. i´ll celebrate him on saturday.. and sence u people don´t know him i´ll stop it by here.. i just thought i´ll tell... 4 fun...    . . . . . . ..  .   .    .     .      .       .        .         .          .

Ohh sweden rock 4 me tomorrow maybe 2 *-* Nice huh? :P

GD belly <3 always relevant!
Krees... ^-¨  aniyo Kris :)
Jaejoong.. cuz i totaly think that Kris and Jae remind me of each other in these pics *-*

Now i gtg <3 cya ppl <3
XOXO <33


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