Maldo obshi sarangeul algea hago

Hey evryone :)

Okey i´ll just tell quick what happened..
Yesturday i watched ''The Huger games'' with sara and it was good so yeah that´s fine ^-^
I also got a new pair of shoes wich i´m very happy about sence its 11 or 12 or something like that cm heel on them so i get RLY long legs (my legs are already much longer that upper body so i get legs that´s like never ending ;P haha

Ive seen ''You're Beautiful'' and i´m now watching it a 2nd time :O
I´m already at ep 8½ :O gosh it´s 2 quick i want it 2 be like a never ending :p
or that i change with Go Mi Nam .. it would so be woth it.. but if i was Go Mi Nam it wouldn´t end like that cuz she´s one million times nicer and better looking so 1st he wouldnt like me , 2 i would give up 3 i would fight with TaeKyung in the start -.- i´m sure i would enjoy Jeremy though ^-^ IN WAYS were little similar ^-^ so i like him <33 and GOSH he is adorable <33

that´s it..
i have 2 test´s tomorrow but i havn´t even looked at them.. I`M FUCKED
and yeah i don´t know .. sad thing is that i feel that i don´t care hah ..
I rly just feel that i wanna move 2 korea now and start a new life there ...
question is what happens if i can´t move 2 korea?
that´s all ive planned now so without that plan .. what am i then? ''

Songs now:

Jang Geun Suk - What Should I Do

As Ever/still- Lee Hong Ki lyrics

Without words - Jang Geun Seuk

<33 TaeKyung so beautiful!

If you havn´t seen it u should ^^
it took me like 4 ever b4 i saw it cuz mich told me and ive been like LATER LATER ..
but yeah watch it HERE!!!
It is subtitle on in english but i think there´s more subtitles in other languages 2 but its often better if it´s in english :O so yeah..
now i gtg :( cya <33


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