YO yall

Hey ppl!
2 day i got a new neon shirty in orange xD mohaha  :P
with and open back :p i looove shirts that shows back ^-^ i think i have like 4 of them now xD yeah !
And a new pair of jeans in dark blue just normal ^-^ but it´s always good 2 have jeans ^-^

After school and shopping ive just been home :o
i started reading True blood (in english) cuz i have 2 read something in english 4 school and srsly that was the only book i found so i was like watever!
it doesn´t rly seem 2 special but yeah...

i´ll just put up some pics cuz my mind aint gonna speak no more it´s just saying ZZZZZZ
-.- aigoo

but enjoy pics <3

Just some AWSOME thunder abs <33 he´s all grown up now :') <33
Cute/ wierd Daesung dance ^-^always nice 2 see ^-^
hahahha XD lol no words needed
Randome SHINee picture ^-^
Very cute Zelo <3
just some super speed hip song :o

that´s it :o
bye bye <33



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