Ipod shuffle challenge ... because i'm bored but 2 sleepy 2 write well :'(


put your ipod on shuffle and see what you get =) no cheating!

Describe Yourself:  Crayon - G-dragon (LOL CRAZY ON true story)
What do people feel when they’re around you: Tell me goodbye- BIGBANG (lol how sad xD)
Describe your current relationship:  Wild - G.O & Mir (mblaq) ( HAHAH WILD LOL NOPE)
Where would you like to be right now:  Turn it up- T.O.P (bigbang)
How do you feel about love:  Butterfly - G-dragon
What is your life like:  Digital bounce - Se7en & T.O.P ( TRUE STORY LOL )
What would you do if you only had one wish: strong baby - Seungri (bigbang)
Say something wise:  Burning- Phantom
How would you describe yourself:  Hello- G-dragon ft Dara
What do you look for in a person:  Home - Tablo (o.o )
How do you feel today:  You and I - Park Bom (2ne1)
What’s your life’s purpose:  E.R - Dalmatian
What is your motto:  Lucifer - SHINee
What do your friends think of you:  mirotic - DBSK/TVXQ ( LOOOL)
What do your parents think of you:  After all - G-dragon
What do you think about often:  Only one - BoA
What do you think about your best friend: Feeling - BIGBANG
What do you think of the person you like:  SPY - SuperJunior
What is your life story: Ma Boy - Sistar19
What do you want to be when you grow up:    From U- Super junior

What do you think of when you see the person you like:  Hey girl- andrew ( DA FUQ ... it's a guy xD )
What will you dance to at your wedding: MAMA - Exo K
What will play at your funeral:   Hot game- A-jax


i think my phone is a liar o.o hmpf...

But yeah cya ppl <33

XOXO <3<3<3<33


hey peeps :)
nothing much have happened ^-¨ ive spent some time with mich, been in school and yeah...
watched shows like running man and all those ^-^ SO AWSOME :D
ive gotten a ship 2 o.o wuuuut
lol mich have seen him and he´s ( in her words) a cute asian guy with cute style sama age as us xD so yeah she´s trying 2 ship us xD but it sounds good but step 1 SEE HIM LOL xD so wierd xD
But sence i also ship her with a guy she likes it´s ok :P he have RLY RLY pretty hands ( wird right ive never liked hands but oh my they are soooo pretty) lol ,, i'll see if i can make them get together xD hehe but she didn´t seem 2 glad that i wanted 2 help her :P she: i can never know what u will say o.o
me : mohahahah >:D
í'm super super sleepy right now.. i only sleep 2-3 h evry noght so ... i feel a bit dead xD lol
i'll go watch NU'EST now then sleep :P <33 bye bye
the lovely pic of Zelo i drew in school ^-^ maybe i can show that one some day xD <3
cay <3
XOXO <3<33<33


hi evryone :)
i'll make a quick post now sence it´s already 3:50am .. so i should get some sleep ^-^
i'll just say that ive been watching diffrent real series or watever u call them xD lol
but yeah Running man with BIGBANG and it was great btw :D <3<33 ive wanted 2 watch it but i have had 2 much 2 watch so ... but yeah  also healoíng camp bigbang :o so sad but still great ofc :) evrything bigbang is in is great :P
Runningman with mblaq and sistar :D not as good as the bigbang sence there was 2 little mblaq but good ^-^
And now ive watched GURUPOP with BAP and MBLAQ :D both was great ^-^ jjang ^_^ keke
i'll try watching ZE:A on the 27th when it´s out :D wooo
and if u don't wanna look pls do anyway because then there´s like 0.009 % chance that i win a signed ZE:A picture so pls help me out lovey readers <333
A sleepy night selca of me xD haha so smal panda eyes xD lol
Jiyongie <3
i'll sleep now so :D good night ;) and sleep well ppl <33

Get your Crayon

Hi evryone ive been sick from thursday and i´m still sick but today i had 2 go 2 school anyway p.p
ive olny been sleeping,watching GD and watching ToTheBeautifulYou 
thats all o.o....
we got computers in our school :O woooo <33
i can also say that i made a reaction video 2 GD´s crayon but i´m like 80% sure i´m not going 2 post it because i was sick and sleepy and without makeup... not rly my best day maybe ...

also all i said while watching the mv was OH MY FUCING GOD! NO WAY :: NOOOO NOOO OMG o.o
and i started like this -_- ended upp like this (/OwO)/ <3     .... so i enjoyed it ;P
i was right OFC ;P Gd showed some skin <33 yeeeeeey <333
i rly want the CD now but i´m not sure if i rly can buy it in sweden o.o :'( but i wish for the best ^-^ :D
and sence GD is my Bias this is gonna be a 100% GD POST :D *w*
Bye bye <33
XOXO <<333


Hello :)
Mum had birthday ^-^ so yey for her ^-^b
and on her birthday we went out for thai food sence were swedish o.o u know what i mean? o.o lol
and thats kinda it .. or well we have been at my sister place and the other came her and so on but i can´t tell you evrything :O
i started writing a fanfic( i think it is that but it´s more like i had a dream of me meeting zelo in korea and i decided 2 write it down) so i started that today for the first time in my life but 1, it´s in swedish  2, it´s awfull .. just terrible rly xD 3, no way i´m gonna show u :P
but it´s nice 2 write and just think .. i havn´t done that in forever xD LOL
i´m watching ''To the beautiful you'' i started for Minho and stayed for the Cute guy (the one who thinks he´s gay) so yeah GOD HES CUTE! i always fall for the guys who think they are gay but they´r not o.o
school tomorrow again YEEY o.o
i don´t wanna :( but ye ye ....
now i have 0% energi left in my body so i´ll just end it here :O bai bai
as close to perfect as a human can get <33
Teen top´s hearts :O (is that CAP creeping in the backround? lol)
R.I.P me and all my feels now i´ll go and remove no nosebleed LOL xD
BYE <3
XOXO<3 <33

Kpop radio live

Hwello ppl :O
I´m just sitting here eating D.O-ughnuts *w* and listeing 2 SWEDISH kpop radio WUUT <33
so nice they have a kpop special on swedish radio *w*
i honestly feel just like WUUT because there´s rly kpop evrywhere now :O a non kpop friend in school listened 2 gangnam style and when i was gonna show gangnam style 2 someone in my family he had already heard it and he´s like over 30 o.o and swedish kpop radio and Psy on EMA and *booomm explode*
i can´t...... it´s just 2 much djkgakshgfhagsdhkf *w*
now,... in school there have been a week were we have 2 listen 2 the 3rd graders and dress up as ninjas and stuff ike that but the 3rd grades in ES are kinda cool so i´m fine XD i´m not going to drink ''Tea'' with them tho xD (alcoholl) not rly my thing xD ...
we have done random things like eating on the floor in school , walking though town playing music dancing christmas songs and so in ^-^ it have been kinda fun i must admit ^-^
Also yesturday me,Mich and Sara whent 2 eat sushi because me and mich LOVES it and sara had never tried xD and LOL i almost fell of my chair laughing when she ate it xD SHE DID NOT LIKE IT xD but yeah it was rly good for me ^-^ and those weak ppl refuse 2 eat wasabi :O WUUT i love wasabi xD and soya xD mich always teases me for loving soya so she poured some in my tea cup and then i drank it just 2 mess with them xD but it was pretty good i rly love soya xD <33
enough for today ... my mus have her berthday tomorrow so i´m going away eating with her but i´ll rly try 2 post as soon as possible and im gonna make a GD post soon 2 <33 or another awsone 2012 songs? let´s see then :)
Look at this handsome man do you know who it is??
ITS FREAKING CNU *w* OMO he have gotten alot hotten than he was at the O.K and Beautiful target time XD <33 ive always liked him but that was for his voice but if it keeps going like this he might get higher on bias list because i know he can be rly smart,hot,fuuny, good singer, good dancer *w* sounds good 2 me <33
Some Gd as always <33 Ku XX  ( i don´t know why but saying That XX sounds wierd 2 me so i'll just say Ku XX)
Ohh so sexy *w*...
GD teaser pic of next MV ö.ö *exited <33*

 Speaking of hot guys <333 Thunder is just 2 good 2 be true <33<33<33 i rly wanna get a MBLAQ CD because MBLAQ/BIGBANG is my favorite groups so :') <3333 some day <33
Bye bye birdies ! ^-^<33
XOXO <333

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