Replay raplay replay- SHINee <3

Annyong haseyo!
Hi all <3
okey so lately ...
Saturday: home and then i left to mich´s place 2 sleep there b4 ullared and watch funny vids ^-^ and then
Sunday: ullared all day and when i came home it was rly bad wetheer outside and we lost electricity :C *sadface*
Monday: home in very very cold house :C
and then i think its tuesday today right? xP lol i´m so confused :P

Today have been just another day in school :'( SCHOOL SUCKS :(
hmmm... what to say?
maybe that i totaly listen more and more 2 SHINee ^-^ they become better evry time i hear them <33 love em' <33
and now i´ll just put up some pics cuz i have nothing better 2 do...or i have  1 000 000 homeworks that i should do but nah... :C booooooring :C
so enjoy ^-^ (kinda)

haha okey i dont know what 2 say but admit it :P its fun xP
and is annyone is 2 stupid 2 understand i´ll say one :P
12= why u come now o.o and  u stink poo... :P lol whats wrong with the person who made this`? xP
lol xP Gaho and TOP is like brothers ;P
hahah love it<33
NAAAAW <3<333 feel sad for Onew :(<33
maybe i have 2 help him? ;P <3333 hahah ^-^
hahah ^-^ i would do that 2 GD ^-^ we understand<3
LOVE this pic xP hah no one can guess who :P lol ^-^<33

that´s it but........

Right now i´m watching videos rom swedish kpop flashmob all over sweden 22-10-11 (22 october-11)
so yeah watch if u wanna ^-^i must say i´m so sad i wasnt dancing 2 :'( I WANNA DANCE 2 KPOP 2 <33<33 

Göteborg (press 2 see will open in new ''window'')
Stockholm (press 2 see)
LONDON (press 2 see) its a must ^-^GUY dance 2 bubble pop and his totaly king <3
NORWAY(press 2 see lol think u got it now right? :P )

YEY spread kpop all over the world love it<3<3<33<3*happyface* <3
btw some1 in norway have a tiger kigurumi on ^-^ i´m just like NAAW ^-^ KAWAIIII ~<3

sry back tomorrow :o

cant write today so i´ll be back tomorrow :o <3

I see

I do

and i look xP

hahahh xP just had 2 show ^-^ what i think is fun :p <3
bye <33

Mama i´m in love with a criminal

Guten tag alles...<3
Today have been school :( sadface i rly dont like school :(
and ofc like evry friday i have gym class. and i get hurt ... WTF IS UP WITH THAT.. fucking foot this time 2 -.- im so used 2 it now i dont even care it is just anoying :< who cursed me??????

What more? ...emmm....
yeah....... emmm ,, ehhh...
i have no idéa o.o i already forgot what i did today :o thats so sad :(
i change talk now cuz this is goig nowere :(

SOOO , AMERICAN TV SHOWS .. and english... and some swedish xP lol but most american tv shows...
Thats pretty much all i watch :P lol EVRY NIGHT i watch cemedy ^-^ I CANT LIVE WITHOUT COMEDY :O <3
and mum go sleep like 22.... and i leave comp at 21 normaly then i shower so when i´m done in shower and have underwear and all shit on my mum go 2 bed... thats when i say day begin xP lol cuz i´m free 2 watch watever shit i wanna xP its so much fun xP lol
so favorit chanels is like ...Comedy central,Star,Mtv,3,5, and some other randome like BBC? and other shit i havnt learned the name of xP lol but i can tell they have code 100,102 on the tv xP lol

Annyway,,, those tv shit is like stand up comedy and roast :P HOW FUN ISNT THAT? xP
b4 i always thought i wanted 2 be a comedian but that wouldnt rly be good xP i would just confuse myshelf and stand and blush xP i´m so shy and i blush ALL THE TIME irl :C i hate it :(
but its fun to watch.. of the stand up comedy i relised asian ppl is STILL THE BEST :o sry all other but its true xP i sit alone in the night and LMAO about the wierd stuff they all talk about xP so fun xP lol
One of my favorites is : Dat Phan ,, this vitnamese guy ^-^ he´s awsome xP
and he always do these accents xP i love and wish i could do that 2 :o :(
and he know that bad lines guys tell girls is much more fun when u have an accent so click his name up there and watch that ^-^ so awsome <33

What more is fun? hmm..
Ohh that american reality show CHEATERS ,.... i dont even know what to say..
often its this girl who sit and cry like ''My man always says he is working and come home so late.. i think he´s cheating on me (excause me i need a break and she cry)''
me go o-o DAAAHHHH .. rly look in a mirror and then that u had sex with some guy 2 revenge b4 u knew he was cheating on you soesnt make it better... cuz fun thing is the guy wasnt cheating on her until he knew she had been cheating on her and its just like DRAMA DRAMA DRAMA and me go o.o gosh that they have the energy right?
and my tv show shit could go on and on 4 ever xP but i dont wanna make u all bored so i´ll stop now o.o and write more about cemedy tomorrow i think...Cuz tomorrow i´m going 2 MICH`S PLACE and sleep there and then wake up like 5 in morning and go to ''ULLARED'' lol ^-^ I HAVE NO MONEY 2 use but still xP lol
hope u all have nice and cya <333

just some nice pics now and then more music 4 me ^-^<33

Dat says: I only have one eyeball.... and its 4 you ..... :D here you go *gives*
lovely Taeyang and TOP <3
Gayoon <3 from 4 Minute <3
and all of them <33 4 minute
The coolest girl evaahh <3 CL <3
No comment needed <3
GD 4 ever ^-^<3
2NE1 <3<333

BYE <3

Edit: WOOOW thats so much text o.o sry .. no one will have time or energy or so 2 read all xP hah
well tahts proabably good xP

International Baccalaureate (IB)

Hi ppl :)
So today ive finaly decided what school i wanna go 2 when i´m done with high school :o
I decided 2 go to an (IB) International Baccalaureate programe ,,, that pretty much means that all lessons exept swedish will be in english :o OMG how do i think? xP i might be crazy xP
But yeah it was just so right and i rly like english ^-^ i have a blog in english so.... but i write awfull here on this blog 2 be honest xD its a mix of that i´m bad speller and i´m extremly lazy... But i guess i´ll have 2 change that now if i´ll go 2 an english school 4 3 years :o omg .. me , collage ,,, = insane , not true ,,, i cant make it work in my head :O am i already that old ? i still feel like i´m like 7 years old xP lol thats so sad but also so true xP

Oh and btw i decided 2 go 2 the (IB) informatoion because i love english and then when i come there and listen they say ,,,, ''-we also have modern languages''
and i´m just like NOOO :'( then i´ll have 2 keep going with german :( i hate german :(
and then she says ''-That is French,German,spanish and Mandarin(chinese) ''
Me go : :O OMG NO WAY? *happyface* OMG OMG I`M HOME <3 :D
lol ^-^ its so right :D i´m so happy i fanaly decided and i´m erly i know many other ppl still have no idéa what they wanna go :) so i´m just like AWSOME now ^-^ only thing is just that i rly hope i get in :o i know its a possibility that i might not get  in 2 (IB) and then i dont know what i´m gonna do :o i have backup things but thats not what i wanna do :o i wanna go(IB) now and nothing else :O

So thats with the school.... and also my sister have her B-day today <333 GZ Malin 22 years old :o (omg she´s old ;p hahha ) 7 years older than me :o MOHAHA she´ll soon have gray hair >:P

And then yesturday i think i promissed some pictures so i´ll show some and then i´ll run away 2 the shower b4 its time 2 sleep :o :C btw just me who think its boring 2 sleep? xP lol wierd i know but i srsly get bored in my sleep thats so so so sad xP lol

the extremly cute Taemin <3 ^-^ btw Calvin Klein ^-^  u have 2 watch even details :P
GD and yes i admit it i have a huge love 4 GD ^-^he´s my favorit of all the K-pop ppl ^-^<333 and the dog totaly just makes it all better ^-^ GD+Dog=<33
4minute ^-^okey i hate/love this pic xP lol the outfits are so ugly that the pic become good :p lol
I´m weak 4 guys with dogs ^-^ it just make them both even more cuter ^-^ cute dog+cute guy = PERFECTION <333 and we all love key <3
I dont know whats up with this picture but i like it xP lol
i think it shows how i would react if i saw a k-pop guy :P lol and they would be like OMG A FREAK RUUUUN....!!!
GD ^-^hah <33 must love ^-^
^-^ Minho my love we all feel like that sometimes ^-^<3
Figaro Ceng <333 isn´t he 2 cute? still cute if i tell he´s 30 years old? :o okey he´s maybe JUST like 26 years on this pic but COME ON :O life isnt fair :(
and this one 2 xP its so wierd that i just have 2 love it xP i mean i would totaly eat it come on :P eat a dollar :P yum ^-^<3

So thats it ^-^ cya again tomorrow i hope <33 and then I THINK i´ll talk about fun/wierd american n swedish tv shows :P i mean most tv shows are idiotic xP LOL ^-^
well well keep reading my blog tomorrow 2 see ^-^  bye bye <33
XOXO <3<33

Blackjack <333

Hi all the loved ones or something :o ^-^
okej i feel like ii´m so after ... :( *sadface* cuz TODAY i found out that 2NE1 have won the mtv iggy award for worlds best new band :O OMG HOW CAN I MISS SUCH A BIG THING :O shame on me D:
*looks shamefull*
anyway i´m so happy 4 them <33 and i rly hope that will make the world see that K-POP IS LOVED<3<33 by evryone and it should be more poppuralr all over the world <33
they are 2 cool <33<3 must love em'

and ofc mum wanna sit now and makes me leave :C blah
cya ppl <3 :'(
look at there pics and their will be more tomorrow <33
BYE <33 XOXO<33

sleepy face

okey i would make a quick post but i´m to lazy :( sry ppl ..
tomorrow will be better<3

Enjoy and bye bye <33

Why Why Love

Hi again :P in the midle of the night i sit in my bed and watch ''Why why love''
its same actors as in ''Devil bedide you'' but its not at all the same on any other way...

and ive seen all  devil beside you <3<3
OMG IT WAS SO SO SO GOOD!!!!<3<3<3<3
love it <3 i think evryone should see it <3
but mike and rainie became my new drug so i just took a new serie with same ppl 2 make me happy¨^-^
look all ppl <3 i´ll go sleep soon o.o its 01:34 now so...
have a mice sleep <3 sweet dreams bye ~<3
XOXO <3<3


Hi yall <3
sry i havnt been in lately but i have school and other stupid shit :(
i had a math test :o i HATE MATH ... gahhh... but i hope it went well .., i also had a test in fysics ,, and i tell u that i never understand a thing there but it often end up pretty well there anyway so :) i have 2 be lucky sometimes right :D ?
emm i dont know what 2 say o.o
today i was at mich´s and now i´m at dad´s place :)
i´m 100% honest when i say that i think i might get abs cuz i laugh 2 much.. and thats just sad xP lol

so emm... hmm
right now i sit and watch Misheard lyrics on songs like Lucifer,ringdingdong and Hello ^-^
me go LOL xP hahah
i have nothing more 2 say so cya tomorrow ppl <3
bye ~ XOXO<3

Do what mekes you happy.
Be with who makes you smile.
Laugh as much as you breath.
Love aslong as you live.

Sometimes karma comes and bites you in the ass and when it does, i´ll be there 2 watch it :)

Hi all <33
so the consert was ,,, fun xP i was having fun when ppl failed ,, some were good and some ok but there were many fails and i was LOLing so bad :P hahah .. espesialy when its ppl i dislike that fails :D i enjoy that 2 100 %
hah ^-^ me so evil :D

''Sometimes karma comes and bites you in the ass and when it does, i´ll be there 2 watch it :)''

thats the karma shit ^_^ NOW lets show some style pics :o it have been WAY 2 LONG time :(
lets fix that now ^-^

so thin *-* i wanna look like that

okey this one is just TOOOOO FKN cool *-* <3<3 wow i so wanna have it :O <3 GIMME GIMME GIMME NOW
okey here first thing LOOK AT THE PERFECT SKIN COLOUR OR WHAT? :O Omg :O
2nd THE CLOTHERS :O <3  whats not 2 like about this pic :O wow
okey this is just LOL ^-^
its from the movie ''Dumma mej'' lol minions or what its called xP 2 cute ^_^

thats it now <33
cya tomorrow ppl <3 be happy and enjoy life <3
XOXO <3<3<3

Stage fear *-*

Hej alla små söta läsare .... ''typ''
so,,, today is it like autum consert in school.. and i was SUPPOSED to play drums (xP) but i was 2 noob so i didnt learn it :O i´m s fail *sadface*
well well.. we have the most chill day today :o listen to those who isnt fail and did learn the things they were supposed 2 learn :o 
And right now i have SO ... emm religon .. but we are allowed 2 do watever we wanna cuz teacher isnt here so we have a lesson without a teacher :O hah :D thats kinda awsome :D *happy face*

and rigfht now mich  is sitting on another comp next to me LOL ing to wierd misheard korean lyrics xP lmao
'' Mich : HHAHAHAHAHh LMAO bring the peddo,,, guys show me mine then go... xP lol''
''Me:  o.o *smile* xP thats stupid... xP''
'' Mich: OMG xP I cant tuch my girlfriends boobs xP.... hi noooooooooooonaaaa , are u nuts`?''
'' both: lol xp''
thats how we spend our day xP :)

 finding pics of school in the comp :P
ppl have good talent for talking pictures right? xP
 o.o eww its from last year :C snow x.x ICE HATE D: *sadface*
thats better o.o (i guess )
 also found this 1 xP heh ^_^

thats it 4 now :)
smile,be happy <3
Bye ~ XOXO<3<3<3

HV,IB,HU,IT me go o.o ???

hi yall :o
i havt done much.. i just wrote then mu comp decided to die x.x
so i´m SO MAD x.x AHHHH
so i´ll just say ,, i got a new pair of jeans and tights ,, both are black and ''shining?'' glansiga ,,,
i have a thing 4 that right now o.o
and i´m so sick of all school info i get evry day x.x
all is '' Go to ***' school its so good and great n amazing n blah blah blah '' BORING...
its never something fun annyway :(
i just get confused x.x
thats all i have time 2 write now x.x STUPID COMP ... and btw mums comp is broke so she use mine x.x
gah ,, hope she fix her soon ...

well well cya <3 Bye~

Haru Haru

R.I.P  Hoppzan <3

Fathers day :)

Hi all :)
did u know its fathers day? it is o.o i dont celebrate things like this normaly bud dad was like lets go out and eat and i was like o.o okey?
so i´ll be of in like 20 min and i´m not dressed, no make up NOTHINg x.x OPS ..
so yeah.. i should get dressed :o i´ll be back later <3



soon I will have abs o.o

Hi ppl... and yesh . srsy if i keep talk to mich i´ll have abs b4 this year is over o.o
i laugh so much it hurts :( *sad/happyface*  lol ^_^
well well thats maybe good? abs on me? o.o nah... but it wouldnt hurt if i was JUST LIL bit in shape .. i´m so lazy :( i´ll become fat when i get old *sadface*

so today like u all can guess ive been at mich´s place :)
and like u also already know it was fun xP lol

now i´m home looking at music and gifs ^_^i think i have 1 million gifs with G-dragon now ^_¨<33<3
and just like 500 000 with TOP xP hah <3<3
and ofc pics of other 2 ^_^ LOADS of pics when SHINee have clothers with swedish on i´m like *-* <3<33< LOOOVE <33<3<3<3<3 PLS SHINee COME HERE <3<3 I WANNA SEE IRL <3<3<3


SWEDEN SWEDEN <3<3<3 OMG *-* i can look at this all day <3<3<3<3
no one can look better than Key in a Sthlm shirt <3<3
G-dragon playing with a box xP OMG <3<3 CUUUTE
LOL ^.^
<3<3TOP and taeyang<3
Miss A<3<3
<3<3 Lovin' it<3

okey thats it<3<3 love it or die :o <3<3
bye bye ~<3<3

have no time 2 blog :(

sry all :( no time.. but i have nothing to say annyway :( <3<33

BYE <3

I´ll tell u my dirty little secret ;P

Hi all <3
today have just been another day.. normal :( <3<3
ofc NORMAL 4 me now is spending 20 hours thinking about k-pop singers ^_^<3
hah and ofc more ppl and stuff but i give that VERY VERY much time ^_^
and there we come 2 my ''secret'' its not rly secret but still <3<3
wanna se some pics i have on my comp? ^.^ 

Jay park ^.^  ofc i have him on comp ^_^<3
TAEYANG <3 *-*
jaejoong ft cute dog ^-^ yes i dont only have abs ^_^ abs 1 % so not at all much ^_^<3
emm *smile* hah :P <3 from song Mirotic ^_^
taeyang ^_^ i whont say more o.o xP :D<3
Devil beside you Qi Yue , Ahmon ^_^
*-* (no coment)
TOP goes ... i dont know o.o BUT ITS FUN xP
TOP <3
TOP <3 its a gif but all doesnt work on my blog :( sadface :( <3 but still good tho :)
GD <3 ^_^

thats it 4 today ^_^now i´ll go shower and then fix my hair ^_^bye bye <33<3<3

we all love korean music<3<3<3


T.O.P - Turn It Up    


G-DRAGON - Heartbreaker

GD & TOP - 집에 가지마 (Don't Go Home) 

 (my favorit) <3<3<3

okey ^_^ i dont have much to say ^_^
i got a nice ride from Ellen today ,, to and from school ^_^ she can drive o.o .. but only like a (moppe) scooter or wtf its called xP ,,, lol ,, moped?
thats the most fun thing todat almost ^_^and OFC music :D always <3<3<3<3


annyway have a nice day ^_^<3
bye bye <3<3<3


hi all <3<3
i have NOTHING to say today o.o omg ...
so i´ll show some pics and thats it :O <3<3 sry :(

GD, TOP <3 cant get enough <3
never ^_^
*-* Lee Joon
CUUUUTE ^.^ hah <3<3 naaw<3
GD 4 ever ^_^<3
LMAO xO WORST PICTURE EVER xP how can cute GD look this bad ? OMG REMOVE THAT HAIR NOW NOW NOW :O (and i have no idea what note says o.o)
Mike He ^_^
Devil Beside you <3

thats it ^_^<3<3
Live Love Laugh <3
XOXO <3<3

EMA-11 <3<3<3

okey hi all o.o
i´m in school now.. that sucks *sadface* '
to be honest most things right now suck x.x
but.... happy light in my life is that BIGBANG WON THE EMA <3<3<3<3
LÖVE LÖVE LÖVE LÖVE <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3
SOOOOOOO HAAAAPPPYYY <3<3 they deserve it :D <3
they were so cute on stage i was like NAAAW ~<3
And they totaly failed in english ^-^ that made them even more cute ^_^
i cant write so much .. cuz i´m in a class room .. and all ppl can look at  what i do x.x

Computer dies *  and i leave classroom 2 go 2 biology

And now i´m back x.x so annoying that computer died z.z åhh.. i´ll go crazy...
and after school i was at mich´s place lil bit then i went home and trained my lil dog (lottie/äcki) ... and i desided 2 train her in Chinese,japanese,english and korean ^_^ mixed xP lol
so i stand infront of my dog saying Knoichiwa ,Xiexie and she looks at me like WTF o.o ?
but she have learned okay now xP lol
and when she does right i say ''Good girl'' thats almost the only english ^_^ ofc she already know all the things in swedish but thats not very fun :( so...

Btw the EMA yesturday.... did u ppl see? it was good ^_^ always nice :)
i dont know what to say ^-^ already told that BIGBANG WON <3<3 but i cant say it enough <3<3
and ohhh... THERE WAS A NAKED GUY xP LMAO .. i was like WTF o.o OMG.... and then damn i love his accent xP lol i totaly love scottish,Irish and english accents ^_^ 2 cute ^_^
but yeah.. that was..... fun..
and JB won 2 things ... OMG x.x i didnt like that but well well.. i voted and did my best to make it not happen.. :I
Gaga looked funny 2 ^_^hah but i admit it she have some respect ^_^ she´s cool :P and short :P <3 i love short ppl  xP lol <3

WATCH BIGBANG WIN <3<3<3<3 (it will open in a new window or what its called)
WATCH BACKSTAGE INTERVIEW WITH BIGBANG<3<3 ( will also open in a new ''window'')

*HAPPYFACE <3* LOVE BIGBANG<3  Taeyang,TOP,GD favorites<3
LMAO xP just had 2 show xP hahah
<3<3<3 Ba da da da da i´m lovin´it <3
oh David Guetta was there 2 :o but i didnt like him there :( *sadface* he´s better on YT ... and hes french.. o.o just me who didnt know that b4?

Thats it <3<3
Annyong <3
<3 Xiexie 4 reading my blog <3

Devil Beside you

hi ppl :)
so what have i done all day?
answer: Watched Devil beside you ^_^ SOOO GOOD i think i´m in love ^.^<3<3<3
annyway ^_^ its a chinese romantic drama ^_^ u all should watch ^_^ its on youtube :)
its like 23 epesodes all wit 1-5 parts ^_^ so... its like 22 hours :P but its so good that i dont think thats enough :P
i´m not rly done yet i´m only on Ep. 16 part 2/5
but all bored ppl .. WATCH IT <3<33<<3

smile , be happy ^_^<3


watever, oh well, it doesnt matter....

Hi evryone <3
today i have only been to a family b-day party ^.^<3
and then we whent to the (grave yard)???? and but some candles there :o
nothing special :I
i dont have annything to tell now so ... cya <3<33


and i miss scottland :( so sad 2 sit here in sweden in the cold :C uhh

i couldnt find any good pictures on this comp :( i´m at dad´s place no so i have all my stuff home at comp at mum :o wellwell..  bye bye again o.o <3<3

Cookies, candy, pepsi and kebab pizza


it have kinda just been another day ..u all know what i mean :I
i was on town 4 a while but i just got new gloves,candy, cookies, bra and emm it was something more but i forgot what o.o   more candy maybe xP lol
ive only eaten candy,cookies and kebab pizza today :O I WILL SO GET FAT :(

And btw i know all my readers that i´m SOOOOO BORING :C sorry 4 that but i´m actually way 2 lazy 2 have a blog :O omg ... its harder than u think o.o and its wierd to ''talk to yourself'' or well write like this .. its so not like talking in a chat o.o much harder o.o i feel stupid xP lol

but i´ll just make some random talk now :P okey?
like u can complain about it annyway :P lol

wierd thing today .. when i whent to buy candy i got it in a TWILIGHT bag.. i´m like WTF? ... whats with that ... its like ''The candy king'' (Twilight saga Breaking dawn) me ---> o.O candy and twilight? p.o just me who doesnt rly understand why the candy place have twilight? so wierd..

and cuz i always only eat ''bad'' food i was like OKEY LETS WORK OUT this morning.. what do i do then? i walk on GLAS .. srsly.. glas ,, inside... i decided 2 se that as i sign from god that i wasnt suposed to work out so i only sat and watched boring tv shows o.o HELLO.....i always get hurt by just thinking of being healthy .... god hates me :(
but last time i rly hurt my foot working out in school.. and b4 that i got a football in my eye so i couldnt see 4 one day.. but thats fine... GOSH...

Now... my mum is feeling lonely or something cuz she screamed ''Turn of comp and come here now''
so i have 2 leave <3 cya tomorrow ppl :)
Smile , be happy <3 ;P


Sara´s place

hi ppl :) we woke up now .. or ,,,,3 h ago but still :P
we have watched the movie .. ''En shoppaholics bekännelser'' ^_^ if was fine ^_^it was about this fashion girls but she wore ugly clothers .. like whats with that :O ???
annyway i´ll wite more later i dont wanna be 2 unsicial :P right? :P cya stalkers <3<3<3<3
Bye bye from Sara 2 btw ^_^
XOXO <3<3

Beautiful liar


Okey ive been thinking one h ''what to write?????'' and i cant come up with annything ... gr8...
b4 today i had like one million things to say and now NOTHING o.o
or well one thing but i´ll tell that tomorrow instead cuz it will take kinda much time and energy so i´m to lazy right now ... but yeah... so u´ll all just have to be happy with some pictures o.o and i´ll write more tomorrow okey? i have some new things to the blog to make it more fun *evil smile* so :D be happy :D
look now o.o and then do something healthy like read a book or go out and run :) okey?

ohh btw im gonna have a halloween sleepover with sara tomorrow .. but thats late ofc... cuz its a sleepover..
annyway just telling ... o.o dont know why xP lol i think i need to sleep  xP
well were gonna make halloween make up and watch movies ^_^ so maybe i can show make up pics later :)
look at my pics now and then leave comp :)

okey this is a 100% usless picture but my cat looks so stupid when he sleeps so i just had to show xP Gustav the fattie :P well well he´s sweet ^.^ my baby <3
just like the look ^_^

i HATE this one :o so i wanna annoy other ppl with it :D admit it u hate it 2 :P  we all do..
*-* gimme :O <3

that´s it :(
dont worry, be happy <3 smile <3
bai bai ~<3
XOXO <3<3

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