i´m sorry i´m here so little but 2 be honest i don´t do anything these days it feels like a wake up and then it turns black and then i wake up again --- never ending waking up sucks :(
Ive started watching boys over flowers or i´m on ep 12 so ive come half way :o
emm.. guess u all heard the new songs with B.A.P and U-kiss
i LOVE bap but i must admit i like doradora little more ..atleast 4 the moment cuz it´s always stuck in my head but i think i´ll like power more soon cuz its better evry time i hear it :)

And Block B has a new song who is out soon :D yeyeyeyyey BLOCK B FIGHTING!!<33
and yeah..
go watch DoraDora it´s just an awsome song with loads of hot guys in a line dancing hot XD can i say it like that ?? xD
but video is rly cool i like it <33
and in Bap i OFC like zelo the most and the epic parfume moment o.o what´s up with that? xD hah <3


B.A.P(비에이피) - POWER

always some gd <33

i think i´m becoming a kissme :O aish they are good <33
cya ppl <33


hey you

hello :)

todays awkward moment:
I always sitt very wierd with my legs up on the chair so one guy ive known like all my life said
-How can u sitt like that ? o.o
and b4 i answed another guy answer
- Flexible!! *smile and looks at other guy*
me: x.x 
aigoo... i said nothing more after that x.x lol fail..

Oh and i´ll buy bigbang´s alive *happy dance*<33
love love love <3

emm.. i dunno i never have anything fun 2 say :'( so sad
but ive atleast telked to my parents and they accepted that i´ll go to korea when i´m done in shool so,, in 3 years xD lol SO LONG TIME but i´ll go to korea so i´ll use that as power in school :D whoho

Zelo <33 ahh ,, Love <33
Zelo, jongup <33

have it nice o.o
cya ppl later!
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Hi :)
emm , lately i havn´t done much.. school
and today ive been watching art... yeah.. with dad he didnt even tell me what we were gonna do so i was going with him and we ended up watching art.... ye...
i dunno,,, its not rly me i was only singing kpop sóngs in my head all the time so..

Anyway sence i´m finaly home i started music and i was like i wanna hear Rain Bi :D
and i start rain and i get biggest perv smile xD LOL
then i´m like dad is in same room o.o *stop smiling and puts hand infront my mouth*
and i keep watching it and i have like 2 fingers on my troat so suddenly i feel my pulse XD lol
Rain makes my heart go BOM BOM BOM faster than he goes bom bom bom (if u know what i mean O.o :') ^-^)
but i´ll have 2 get a better poker face srsly it shows 2 well when i´m happy :I
damn it :(

(btw i miss rain bi why can´t he make more songs? i need 1000000000 songs with him b´4 i´m rly happy!)

My pictures doesnt work now :I comp is all annoying today :(
but i´ll put up pict tomorrow <3

Go 2 my tumblr if u wanna <33

CYA <33
XOXO <3<33<3

Sometimes i miss the good memories

Hi evryone <3
i´m sleepy and all blahish.... p.p kunde na molla wae..
But yeah ive been sleeping rly bad lately if i´m lucky i sleep 5 h normal is about 4 h evry night .. so i sleep 4 h 2 little evry night.. i should be dead i guess?

And my pink dip dye has gone fail xD oh my it´s like orange/pink and i´m just like wuut?
maybe i shower 2 much? is was fine a while then now its all fucked up :o
i dunno i´ll have 2 fix that but at the moment i´m just 2 lazy so yeah...

I just finished watching Protect the boss
It was good but i still think that You´re beautiful is better ..
But i must say DAMIT JAEJOONG IS HOT..
with that said its worth watching ^-^
and now i stsrted watching Heaven´s Postman who is a movie though but Jaejoong is in it 2 so i´l watch it :)

PTB <33
Oh he´s such a teaser....o.o he´s not a babie anymore :O little Tae gone bad :o <33
JR <33
This one is just 2 awsome ^-^ Love it <33 Fantastic baby! <3
It´s a gif BUT STILL LOOK AT ZELO HOW ADORABLE HE IS :O <3 my god <33 how can u look good while making that face?? o.o
and this is also amazing i wanna be that good 2 :O but i rly suck at drawing ( and i´ll go drawing thing on next school :P good luck me xD lol fail)

Cya ppl <3
XOXO <33

Pink Dip dye


so yesturday i was at Linah´s and celebrated her 19th birthday <33
and ate chinese food... and i was sick at night but it was over by 9 in the morning.. or something like that..

2day me and mum was gonna go 2 mum´s bf´s place 2 eat cookies or something like that so we did..
and he has a son who is 11 years old so mum was like u don´t mind that´s hes there right? and i just : ofc not..
but the fun part ... xD
when we came there he locked himself in the bathroom so i never saw him :P i´m just that scary i guess? xD lol
poor thing :p srsly he´s 11 .. man up :P
and anyway i´m 15 he´s not even allowed 2 look at me (4 me.. :P no younger guys :P lol)

anyway when i came home i did something i wanted 2 do sence 2010 o.o
Dip Dye ^-^ f(x) had it in their song NU ABO so i was like *-* that´s so cool
but i havn´t dared 2 do it until now so p-p it´s done now annyway xD
it´s pink *-* pretty!
It didn´t become perfect though :I but ut was first time so i´m fine with it ^-^

i have nothing more 2 say :o
don´t forget 2 fallow me on TUMBLR !! <3

(BTW: u didn´t forget that it was MBLAQ day yeturday right?) important!!

cya ppl ^-¨ gtg now

i´m sick

yeah like sick 4 real.. not just in head or snything other xD
my head feels like a bomb.. its kinda nice<3

i have 2 hurry or my mum will be mad but i´ll come tomorrow and do a better post <33 sry 4 not being active here :(
go HERE were ive been little more active!

cya tomorrow<33


Cya <33

00:00 Homework

Hi evryone..
this have just been an awful day.. i´m not going in on details now but it was rly bad z.z
now i´m here at 00:00 doing homework..
i was suposed 2 do 2 homeworks but i rly can´t do one more now and then i´ll have 2 work until its like 03:00 and that just aint happening so my teacher can be mad if she wanna.. still she can´t take my grade cuz it´s swedish and she knows i can speak swedish..

Btw u know when people say wierd s right?..
ive always thought that it sounds adorable but i don´t do it..
until now o.o ive relised that sometimes when i speak korean my way of saying s is rly fail x.x
wierd thing is that i speak german,dansk,english,swedish and all that but i only speak wierd in korean xD¨
Gosh,,, doesnt feel very adorable anymore :I

anyway i´ll leave the blog now cuz i wanna eat and so b4 i go sleep .. and its kinda comedy on tv now.. and i kinda like it ;P <3

Btw : i just got Tumblr (btw how u say that?? its fucked up.. o.o) but yeah.. look if u wanna
even though i still don´t rly understand xD lol
me so blonde <3


Annyeong <3 cya o.o


뉴이스트 bias list :o

Yes hi ^-^
i´ll do a short post with my NU'EST Bias list cuz it have changed RLY MUCH :P
first i liked Ren now hes... last xD sry i guess :P

1, Baekho <3
2, JR
3, Aron
4, Minhyun
5, Ren

<33 yeah i don´t know why i like baekho so much i just do and evrytime i see him in ''Face'' i just can´t keep my eyes of him so ^_^ yeah <33
and he also remends me a bit of MBLAQ´s GO doesnt he?
i like it <33

Baekho and UEE <3  (like both UEE was YoHeYi in you're beautiful so i like her acting ^-^)
More Baekho <3
and some more ^_^
And one of Minhyun and vute baby sence ive never rly posted a picture of him b4 without the other members ^-^

NU'EST s a good group and i like all but yeah u all understand :O no hatin' on my list xD
XOXO <3<3<33


Btw i forgot 2 tell you this that EXO-K have a new MV released!
i like it <3
both M and K is rly good ^-^
randome but good <3
Look Look Look <3


Enjoy <3
Bye again xD

XOXO <33


This post isn´t gonna be anything special cuz i´m rly sleepy so yeah..
understand the 100 wrongs and bla bla u know xD i would write in swedish but ive relised thet ven my swedish have gotten worse after ive started with the korean xD
I pick up accents rly easy so suddenly i speak swedish with my korean accent so it´s best 4 me 2 not talk at all ive decided XD lol

I havn´t done 2 much today :O
I made my dad and his gf or watever watch you're my pet but they didnt like it as much as i do :( hmpf
And also i got a new pair of jeans in sone super blue colour.. so now i need pink ... hmm

That´s it now i´ll listen 2 some music,practice my korean and then i guess i´ll sleep xD or eat 2 maybe .. yepp yepp

allow me 2 watch this evryday because of its awsomeness! :D <3
 i totaly did fail now xD
Oh my .. me ''i´ll listen 2 suju Superman'' *starts mv
Computer doesnt wanna work and stops at the pirt picture of siwon xD awkward.. annika is next 2 me xD gosh..


What is love

Hi evryone!

Yesturday i just have 2 say this cuz it´s so stupid i was singing EXO-K´s song ''What is love'' and i was wierd enough thinking about GD while singing it ...
and b4 i have seen '' EatYourKimchi''´s talk think k-pop monday about that song so i ended up singing
- I lost my pants, norul choum manna ssulttae (the moment i saw you) .....
emm yeah so ,, its like GD, i lost my pants the moment i saw you .. and that sounds kinda... emm ye. lol xD
I´m making myself awkward even in my mind..
yeah i rly have lost my mind ,,, (and a pair of pants o.o i rly can´t find the green jeans...) wierd..

Today ive been working in my room cuz i´m gonna get a new floor in there so i had 2 clean in there x.x
Its rly sad how messy my room was,, i´m rly bad at cleaning so i hope i become rich so i can hire someone who can clean 4 me .. cuz i rly can´t do it xD i´m the worst houswhife ever! :>  heh but i don´t mind :P ^-^v

Diva ate my camera today 2 btw.. YEY ..
srsly GOD I HATE THAT DOG sometimes -.- she is anoying so ive decided 2 just stay away from here and give all the job 2 mum sence i never wanted her anyway .. good idéa ,, cuz srsly she have ruined ALL my stuff soon and most anoying thing is that it´s never cheep stuff .. and its ONLY MY STUFF she have never eaten mum´s shit -.- annoying.

Emm i don´t know what more 2 say so enjoy pics and cya sometime!

Nice ..
VERY nice <3 (Baro from B1a4)<3
NU'EST´s Ren b4 the hair change or watever i should call it xD but yeah.. i think this feels so Go MiNam right? i still often say wrong about him and i say she ,, xD but yeah he´s like my favorite in NU'EST so i still love Ren oppa <3
Then just talking about NU'EST ,, isn´t JR hot? RIGHT RIGHT RIGHT! hot!  i can´t belive that both JR and Ren is 16 years :o srsly they are only one year older than me :O
CAN I HAVE THEM? lol or maybe i woudnt rly like Ren ...but i´ll happily take JR ;D

CUTE!! love it <33 Lee joon and baby tiger and its just adorable <33

i´ll go now <3 but cya <3
tomorrow i´ll make my appa watch ''You're my pet''
and i´ll try make him like korea so he´ll wanna go there MOHAHA evil plan!

cya <3 XOXO <3333

Fattie shopping

Hey i just came hore from the market--
mum and me drove there 2 get candy after a lazy day at home ( 4 me ,, she was at work)

So i rly wanted candy and we come there and end up with:
* 2oo g Marabou (mine)
* chinese puffar (mum´s)
* 5 l cola
* some other drink 2 of them
* gum
* Chips

and sence i had been home all day i was ''lazy dressed'' so when i came home i reliced that you could see halv my belly x.x over the belly button ...
So i´m not going back there now xD
though i´m not as fat as you would guess seing all that shit.. so maybe it was good after all? hmm

i know i havn´t been active lately sry 4 that :( <3
I havn´t rly done anything anyway so...
Ive watched alot of movies and dramas ...
*You're beautiful
*Baby and I
* you're my pet
*protect the boss (havn´t seen all yet)

so .. i still have like 4 ep left on protect the boss so i´ll watch that !
i have nothing else 2 say now so cya tomorrow <3

Henry (suju) Lately ive rly started 2 like him more <33 so yeah love 2 Henry oppa <3
yeah u see ^-¨ GeunSuk <3
TOP ^-^ HAH NAAW<3<33
Onew <33 he looks so cool here LOVE<33
Zico <333 CUUUUTE <33
^-^ seen b4 but still fun/cute i dunno.. if that happed i would proabably think its wierd Xd lol but that´s maybe cuz i hate math xD (obs the duble meaning.. my nickname is often math xD )

that´s it <3
bye <33

R.I.P Gustav <3


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