Kpop Gif challenge

Kpop Challenge 1.Open Gif folder 2.Every 5th gif

is your Dad



is your Mom


GD AND TOP *w*     yes pls pls pls <33

is your Dream Man


 Close enough :D <33

is your Husband


My dream man is my husband *w* and he can dance american dance *w* *dead*

is the guy you cheat your husband with






is your ex-boyfriend


 Ohh Key the sexy diva *w* <33

is your annoying brother



NOO not GD :'( he´s not annoying or my brother :O he should change with kikwang :(

is your kid


 LOL  TOP rly? xD

is your pet


Bommie? well she´s good at making puppy eyes so ...

is your cook chef

GD <33 i´m gonna get fat :P eating 24/7 so i can spend time with him :D <3

is your body guard


Jonghyun the troll :D yeey :D

is the hot guy living next door that you secretly peek on at night when he’s changing

seems legit xD lol who wouldn´t look at him?


SO all ppl who have seen this do this on ur tumblr/ blog or watever ^-^ yall tagged :P

have a nice (day?/night?) Bye <3

XOXO <33

Fuck who you like and fuck who you want

hello people :o
I have started school again o.o and i´m spending my time drawing/listening 2 music and talking to Maja and Toy who have become the people i am with :o
and also .... Sara started my class today because her (old) class sucks :)
but its fine in school i guess. kinda?
Now 2 the important stuff .. GD´s new song will be out tomorrow and there´s a age thingie on the MV o.o 18+ o.o
SAY WUUT??? does this mean skin=? i´m rly exited :D <33<3<33 18+ :P fuck age imma watch it 99 999 999 times anyway <3 ^-^
I´m going 2 my dad this weekend and I GOT 2 KPOP CD´s OMG :D
the B1A4 IGNITION cuz i still havn´t been able 2 get it at his place and BIGBANG first solo album (the orange thing o,o i don´t know BUT *W*  SO NICE!!)
so i´m rly exited <333 this will probably be a good weekend ^-^<33
imma see what i´ll post but i´m thinking of an kpop gif challange later but right now no pics wanna get up loaded x.x
Bye 4 now imma go eat <3
XOXO <33

One Of A Kind

Hello ppl :o
i started the new school and ive been there 2 days now o.o i go ES12a so i´m in media/picture/drawing class but i have special picture/drawing ... were a class of i think about 13-16 ppl .. i´m not sure ... :I
and now 2 the sad/funny thing x.x were already kinda seperated in ''groups'' and i´m spending my time with a guy named Toy (funny name right`? ^-^ but so cool ) and a girl named Maja ... nothing special right... exept the fact that the guy i know is THE ONLY GUY IN OUR CLASS o.o wuuut 1 guy ONE ... aigoo...
one way (it´s easy 2 concentrate in class) and the other ( WERE IS MY EYECANDY?) cuz i wouldnt get more anyway xD lol
so that´s my reality now i guess.. i´m lost in the school with way 2 many strange ppl who just sit and look at u evry time u walk by ... it´s scary o.o :'( lol
first day was awfull cuz the 2nd year made this speed dating thing with all ppl and i´m EXTREMLY awkward with ppl i don´t know and there´s like both guys and girls infront of me that i have 2 talk 2 WUUT ... and shake hand and i was kinda just like (x.x) ''Someone PLS kill me :'( ''  but no.... i instead spilled my drink all over my lap XD OMG FIRST DAY WTF??????  and lucky only one or 2 girls in my class saw it and then i fixed it xD but god must rly hate me ,,,  aish...
And now 2 the fun part :D
JIYONG IS BACK <33 hsughfhjasdgfjgsdfkgkf *w*   MY MAN <333333333 My love <33<33<3<333 *W* GD <333
so i was online just refresh refresh refresh until he put up the MV *w* and just WOW *w* SO AMAZING
i kinda died a but *w* he´s looking amazing and the song was amazing and the mv and all *w*
I´ll put MV down there for once just because it´s GD <33
Gd is the best so listen 2 ALL his songs <33 i just put 4 here cuz that´s the most simple but they are all great so it doesn´t matter ^-^
(sadly blogg is lagging and doesn´t wanna post my pics but yeah if u wanna see just check my tumblr at :

Lee Minho is hot

okey hi ppl :O
i´m gonna do this a little quick now b4 i go shower and ger ready for tomorrow when school start O.O NOOOO :'(
and even worse i´m starting the new school and i can´t find in the 10000 buildings o.o da fuq
aigoo ... i can´t eat eather because i´m stressed x.x in 3 days all ive eaten is a bowl ow salad and 2 little ramen things x,x (and 2 pocky boxes :I)

Ive gotten a Cd at dads :D whooo IGNITION with B1A4 OMO *w*
so exited but i don´t know when i´ll get it in my hands... and if i´m lycky i might get a EXO and a bigbang cd soon :) FIGHTING <33 cd collection is growing <33
but ye cya ppl <3 hope y'all will have a good school year if u go 2 school or that you´ll get rich by working ;P <33 annyeong!
XOXO <3<33

My hearts No1 Kwon JiYongs birthday <333

해피 생일 지용 오빠   ㅅ.ㅅ <3
 My comp isn´t working right :'( but i´ll post more bigbang and GD pics <33 cuz Gd 24 <33 and Bigbang 6 years <33 wooo<3<3<33

권지용 생일 <3 <3

its today ive been celabrating sence it hit 00:00 18/8-12 in korea xD <33 wooo <33 my dad is sooo sick of hearing JIYOONG <33<33 *w* now hehehe .. but what can i do?
also i feel a bit like all those drama ppl :P so many pics of GD on tumblr and i´m just like ''What is this feeling in my chest?,,why is my heart beating so fast'' because i know i can´t get him i feel stupid for liking him :( but i can´t stop it :'(
(i´m never gonna get a boyfriend ,,,, x,x if i would he would break up because i love jiyong more than him,,, )

sence i´m at dad´s place i´ll post more later cuz i can´t rly save alot of pics here :O but i promiss jiyong spam comming up xD <3

bye for now (saying this at 02:18 in the morning)
XOXO <333


hey i still have the comp :) whoohoo
i´m watching the olympics now o.o it´s already the end .. i havn´t seen much at all ... i´m not a sports person so.. but i saw some football and that i don´t even know the name but sweden got a silver and was like 0.08 seconds after the winner o.o
anyway i don´t find that 2 funny but it´s ok i guess o.o it makes me feel bad and lazy xD haha
i don´t remember when i made my last ''real'' post but i´m guessing not 2 much have happened.. ive done some shopping and thats it.. some new shirts and earrings .. nothing 2 funny... my favorite is a shirt with a cut out skull in the back :) (Ren has one in black) i got that in mint ^-^  i like it :D
what more can i say? GD did u guys see his ass when he bent over on stage and showed up his very small underwear? :P hahah i was home with mich and almost died and she was laughing at me :'( UNNI SO MEAN....
Also i´m stalking his twitter he´s awsome *-* ive stalked him sence he started i even helped that (this is the real gd ) thinging ^-^  good good <33 GD FIGHTING!!!!!<3<33<33
i´m SO DAMN EXITED FOR HIS COMEBACK   (/*w*)/ <3 <3<3
my dad is wierd btw i said OMO GD IS HAVING COMEBACK SOON *-* <3<33<3
my dad: if he havn´t quit making music for atleast 20 years it´s not an comeback
me: ohh :'( .. *explain kpop comeback*
dad -.- 20years + or no comeback..
that´s life <33 cya ppl i´m gonna look around a little more before i leave my lovely comp for a week :'( <3
i feel like posting this because Tao is awsome ^-^<33
GD this man is killing me ... people are guessing he´ll make a shirtless comeback and i´m about 2 die just by thinking of him shirtless.. *nosebleed*
  Daesung is always nice ^-^'
Baby  zelo ^-^
some half naked Jang keun suk as a late B-day celabration 2 him <33<3 my favorite actor <333<3<3
congratz evryone <3 now BYE <33<33
(i´ll be back as soon as i can <33 if i can´t get a hold of any good comp/phone i´ll be Back b4 GD´s b-day <33)
XOXO <3<33<33

-.- så jobbigt

hi evryone...
so... i´m going away up in the country somewere ... who knows... o.o
so i have no computer for about a week? i don´t know that eather.. c.c
anyway i have 2 pack now so my dad will propably steal comp and hide it o.o (he wanna sleep x.x ) so i just say this now quick so u guys know <33 if i can i´ll comeback later <3
enjoy some Zelo eyes *-* <33 cya <3
XOXO <3<33<3<33<3

Nae nunapeseo kom sarajueojwo

hi ,, it´s like 02:01 right now o.o ( 2 am? )
so i´m going of 2 bed soon :O sorry i havn´t made any posts but for once ive been witch mich and shopping and eating lobster and i don´t even know... i almost don´t know my name x.x ive been sleeping rly bad for over a week now x,x :'( no fun...

I´m just done watching Hana Kimi ... is a japanese drama but GOD DAMN it was better than alot of the korean dramas ive seen ^-^ good good good <33
but just have 2 say this ... WHY ARE ALL JAPANESE GUYS HALFNAKEN? it´s distracting me from reading the subtitle xD MOHAAHAA o.o

Btw speaking of hot guys i added a pic of jonghyun :P hope no one mind xD <3 (if i was korean it would be 19+ on my blog :p and i´m not even 19+ :p xD fail)

just saying...
But i´lol post something tomorrow... i´m guessing it will be song BIGBANG talk 2 bacause i have sooooo sooo much 2 say o.o (g-string gstring!!!) Bye <33
XOXO <3<3<33<3<33<33<3

just the music

Hi evryone ^-^ i havn´t done 2 much like always ^-^ i was at mich´s place today tho so it was fun like always ^-^
and today i´ll be kinda short on that talk and just go on with some 2012 songs that u HAVE 2 LISTEN 2 ..
so some of the songs i love ^-^ no ranking or so just rly great songs :) <33
If u wanna hear one of the songs just press the song name ^-^ <3
* Daesung- Wings . ( i don´t know how many times ive heard it but i NEVER get sick of it <33 it´s a really amazing song by an amazing singer <3 what more can u ask for? <3)
* BIGBANG- Bad Boy. ( evryone knows i love bigbang and the whole Still alive/alive cds are amazing but i still find bad boy is a great song :) so ^-^ no words needed... )
* Dalmatian- Drive. ( Not a very well known group or song but i adore this song <33 *w* is so cute and they have great english and jhhäöhjjgdsj *fangirling* i have 2 say i love all of their songs so check them out if you havn´t ^-^ <3)
* SISTAR- Alone.  ( At first i honestly really didn´t like this song but it slowly grew on me and i ended up loving it  ^-^ and also their Loving U is really great <33 )
* B.A.P-  Warrior / Power / No mercy. ( I couldn´t decide xD <33 so i ended upp adding them all ^-^  i can´t even express in words how much i love BAP so yeah ^-^ <33 and none of their songs are bad ,,, secret love is another favorite but i took those 3 because they got MV's and they are just as awsome as all other songs on their cds )
* PSY- Gangnam style. ( I just have 2 put it on the list... its just wierd and funny and i like that xD also Blue frog with GD is good <33 ^-^)
* C-CLOWN- Solo. ( Its a rookie group ive really fallen head over heals for so i can´t not put this song here ^-^ go look !! and i´m a pedo Noona .. my newest crush is little 14 year old Maru.. what can i do ^-^ can´t help it ..)
* SuperJunior- From U. ( Thanks 2 their SFS album ive become an ELF even tho ive always liked them now i guess i kinda ''joined' the fandome ^-^ so yeah song is amazing album is amazing i rly wanna buy it *w* )
* NU'EST- Face / Action ( 2 songs i love so just enjoy the music <33  and cool people ^-^ )
* KINDA MBLAQ?? / Mir, G.O, Thunder- Wild , Thunder- Don't go ( LOVE LOVE LOVE and the love some more i can´t not like any song made by anyone in MBLAQ so ... *w* forever love <33 A+ 4 life xD <33)
i know  there is so so so many more groups i love but i can´t say all <33 and i also see now that i don´t listen 2 many girl groups xD .. ye ye .. and if anyone wonder why there´s no 2ne1 up there is honestly because i´m a bit disapointed with their new songs ( le me getting killed by all other blackjacks) i´m a blckjack andf i love love love 2ne1 they are my favorite girl group but i just feel that this time it was kinda... not boring but as soon as i heard the song ''I love you'' i kinda forgot it.. so.. sry.. :( i do listen 2 both i love you and be mine evry now and then but they kinda disappear among all the other great songs that came out :I <33
Other songs i love just rly short:
* A-JAX - Hot Game
* ZE:A - 후유증  (i´m honestly not 100% sure about MV name but i love ZE:A and ye i´ll just say DONGJUN<3)
* Led apple - Run to you
* 2pm´s Wooyoung - Sexy lady
* Exo K/M - All songs i can´t find a bad song with them ^-^<3
* M.I.B - Only hard for me
* Boyfriend - Love style
* U-Kiss - DoraDora
* Teen Top - Be my girl & To You
* JJ project- Bounce
* BtoB- Irrisisteble lips
* B1A4 - Baby good night
now i´m 2 tired 2 write more songs but maybe i will write more if i figure out i missed something important :O <33 cuz it´s past 00 and it feels like i´m about 2 die :o -.-
XOXO <333333

Sweet N innocent

When i first found kpop:
what happened? xD lol <333 From sugar sweet Oh! to ... THIS o.o :P <333
well well i whont complain ^-^<333
Cya later poeple i just wanted 2 show of these LOVELY pics/gifs <3<3<3<33

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