Some help ? <3

hey it's no school this week so i'm just home eating and watching dramas xD hhaha great 4 me right? lol imma start working out A LITTLE and start working on my fexibility again later this week .. ive been lazy for 2 long :( BUT righ ow i wish you all 2 press this link and help me out ok? <3 if u do i'll give u a cookie :D http://www.gurupop.com/event/46/67757275706f7037333136 TY if u do <33 *gives cookie and a hug* imma try making a real post or a new vlog soon :D so keep ur eye on my blog and Cya <33 XOXO

Another Video...!! KPOP collection

i just made another video on youtube so go watch it ^-^
this time i'm a bit more fun sense i show my kpop cds ^-^<3
enjoy ;P <3
or something xD
and don't tease me about my strange voice :'( it's so dark o.o even darker when i speak english o.o
Bye <3 XOXO<33<3<3<33<33<3


Your parent’s reaction when you were born:

How you felt on the first day of school:

Your reaction when you learned how to ride a bike:
Your reaction to getting a birthday present from your best friend:

How you felt when you got your first crush:


How your first crush felt when you told them:

Your reaction to your parents sitting you down to have “The Talk”:
How you felt waiting for your exam results:
Your reaction to failing an exam:

Your reaction to having a crush on your professor:

Your reaction to graduating:

Your reaction to finding a good job:

Your reaction to the proposal:

You on your wedding day:

Your husband:
Your kids:
The rest of your life:




Party gif challenge ( k-pop style)

You’re at a party, the fourth gif is the person who started the party:
yeeah <33
 a wild pink GD <3
The eigth gif is how they invite you to the party:
hah i would like that party :P
The seventh gif with words is what they say to you when you first get to the party:
lol i guess i'm TOP`? :P
(all numbers over 20 will be random)
your reaction once you get to the party:
bad party? o.o
The first gif is your reaction when they have your favorite food at the table:
seems legit :P
you when you see they have alcohol at the party:
lol how should i take that? xD
you when you talk to your crush while drunk:
i'll look hot ? :D woo
what you do to your crush:
sing lies and dance behind ass ... i could do that :D
your reaction when they take the alcohol away from you:
i start stripping? :O
The twenty-eighth gif with words is what you say to the people who took it away
hey stupid, i miss you come back... o.o i miss alcohol or person? :P
you trying to flirt with your crush:
HELL YEAH :D <33 ahah
your reaction when someone tries to flirt with your crush:
i watch people kiss or i start kissing? :P both are okay :D
what all the other people at the party think of you:
haha no just no xD ....
the person who calls the police on you:
Joon appa? :'( i was 2 hot for the babies 2 see i guess o.o LOL
gif with words is what you say to the police when they arrive:
that i'm one of a kind :D
you getting kicked out of the party

i just laugh it of :P
and that would have been an amazing party :D i soooo wanna go xD<3<333
yeah <33
if u people have a blog do this on u''r blog and bye for now :) <33
XOXO <33

dirty talk? LOL maybe next time xD

Hey evryone ^-^
i just woke up so i might sound crazy when i speak but yeah yeah,,,, that's okay xD
so i was up toning on interpals and ive been there for like a month but nor really been there if u know ,, but yesturday ALOT of people suddenly started talking 2 me and then this 16 y.o korean guy starts writng like dirty things i'm not even gonna say it but still i just feel like LOL xD no this is so wrong and i was falling of my chair laughing .... aish but i have 2 say that FINALY i found a perverted korean xD they all seem so innocent the ones i talked 2 and i was just like '' Y U SO INNOCENT'' so now i found one xD and i aint talking 2 him again :P LOL
some are really funny 2 talk 2 tho ^-^ and i help alot of people with swedish o.o what's up with that
alot of people from america and africa who wanna know swedish and i'm just like ''bitches be crazy''
well well.. i just wanted 2 talk a little about interpals and ye if you don't have it go and get it because some people are rly nice 2 talk 2 and some are really nice 2 laugh at ;P hahaha
also ... more kpop related ... KCON :''''( why do i live in sweden and... *cryface*
exo----- x.x  WU DID FREAKING AEGYO !!!!! *trowing all my feels*
ahh so amazing i didn't watch it live tho :'( but i'll watch it as soon as i find it on YT
sooo yeah <33<3<33 ahhh
and not only exo Bap 2 and all fangirls and thers so much i wanna do there O.O ahh :'(
if u were there youre so lucky *w* ahhh i wanna go but i have 2 wait... IF i get 2 korean in the future i'll make up for evrything i miss right now!!
random pics of ppl i like ^^ <<33<3
bye bye <33
XOXO <3<3<3<33<33

Boys boys o.o

Hi :)
i'm gonna be all honest and say OMG WHATS UP WITH THE WORLDS BOYS RIGHT NOW?
or males or watever ,,,, they are all over and suddenly tuching me (like not dirty just like putting hands on my arm and so xD) and they look at me and talk and i'm just there like '' hey u ppl i'm still me ,, why are you here ?'' xD LOL
i just find it really wierd and awkward... but i gets worse because guys are the only thing my mind seem 2 wanna think about so i'm just like *BOOOM* and dead o.o
even on the freaking comeputer.... WIERD GUYS ARE WIERD!
i have interpals sence some weeks ago and some WAY 2 HOT guys comment me like ''cute'' and i'm just like first : naaw then XD ahhahahahhahah u blind? xD lol jk jk jk right? xD
ahh.. *going crazy* oh and i always think when someone who's hot call u cute or watever i'm just like ''UR 2 HOT 2 SPEAK 2 ME!! '' LOL but it's true when someone is hot i'm just like ur 2 good :( leave xD hahah
i also have some and yes SOME more than one that i look at in school BUT NOTHING WILL EVER HAPPEN U KNOW THE FEELING! and i relised they were all like different races xD Black,white ye y'all know i'm almost proud because i have noticed that i can like any race xD sounds bad but ye..... something as stupid as skincolour shouldnt change anything right :)
i will MAYBE make another vlog but i'm honestly still awkward about the last one xD i hate showing pics online so that was rly terrible for me but that's life i guess ^-^
i should dress like this in my next vlog xD no one will see that it's me xD
i'll keep watching ''Mei-chan no shitsuji'' now and then sleep :D yeah ...
i'll be back ~ *starts singing 2pm *
cya <333


So i made a vlog z.x *dead* it's really awfull and eww but yeah watch it ..
but i'll see how i will fix that if i will make more vlogs later on ^-^
i just talk normal so go look at it HERE
My dog is in the way u can har my birds and it's just SUPER FAIL XD
but yeah enjoy laughing at me xD (ohh and btw i say emm and yeah evry 3rd word) x.x
CYA !! XOXO <3<33

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