00:00 Homework

Hi evryone..
this have just been an awful day.. i´m not going in on details now but it was rly bad z.z
now i´m here at 00:00 doing homework..
i was suposed 2 do 2 homeworks but i rly can´t do one more now and then i´ll have 2 work until its like 03:00 and that just aint happening so my teacher can be mad if she wanna.. still she can´t take my grade cuz it´s swedish and she knows i can speak swedish..

Btw u know when people say wierd s right?..
ive always thought that it sounds adorable but i don´t do it..
until now o.o ive relised that sometimes when i speak korean my way of saying s is rly fail x.x
wierd thing is that i speak german,dansk,english,swedish and all that but i only speak wierd in korean xD¨
Gosh,,, doesnt feel very adorable anymore :I

anyway i´ll leave the blog now cuz i wanna eat and so b4 i go sleep .. and its kinda comedy on tv now.. and i kinda like it ;P <3

Btw : i just got Tumblr (btw how u say that?? its fucked up.. o.o) but yeah.. look if u wanna
even though i still don´t rly understand xD lol
me so blonde <3


Annyeong <3 cya o.o



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