New year *^*

Yeah ,,so new year tonight.. i was like .. I AINT GONNA CELEBRATE IT :O
and mum : well i will so u will 2
me : -.-
Mum: we´ll eat lobster(or something like that) and ice cream and load of other shit
me : okey :I
Mum: and candy...
Me : :D OKEY i´m iin <3

lol but nah i´m not celebrating another shitty year xP
maybe i can calebrate that this one is over though :P lol
hopefully next will be better :)

Best 2011: England/Scottland i think ^-^<3 i feel so home there ^-^ lol<33 and shopping was AWSOME there :P <3
Worst: who knows? .... i cant remember o.o i always push those things away until i cant remember anymore :O but i guess thats good :P

One funny thing about new year is that EVRYONE drink like IDIOTS ... lol  not me though :P but yeah--
Facebook is most funny place now :P drunk people making idiot posts :P they are like ''starting new year with weed ... SWEET ...'' me go ...O.O okey...
next that i rly have seen today '' ops.. put my tampon in the ass o.o and ive already puked after one cider.. how will this ay end?---''
me go : LOL xP ... sosad..

yeah i guess most are fake :P lil kids TRYING to be cool :P hahah <3
well well i´ll take it easy and watch the fire works.. i love fire works ^-^PRETTY <3 *-* <33
and just 2 make the day even more sad i have very much Rain Bi and Super Junior on reaplay xP hah <3
that´s life :P <3

(admit it i´m king at making cute pics and writing in korean hangul on comp :P not that i´m much better irl though lol xP )
Scottland ^-^ at the Lochness lake or something like that ^-^
LONDON <33 ^-^ and my dad´s new GF lol.. ^-^
Fireworks in Uk thats how i like it :P <33

Super Junior(슈퍼주니어) _ BONAMANA(미인아)<3

Have a great new year <33
all my love 2 you readers <3<33

Dead and gone

Hejsan alla glada .. eller oglada människor :)

So. First... I´m sorry ive been gone for so long but ive been shopping and then me,Mich and Sara stayed at michs place watching videos and eating cupcakes and stuff :P busy..::P

Okey first... i have been shopping some new clothers and ear rings ^-^ and normal rings rly cute with Love <3
me like <3
and now its sale like evrywhere but i didnt rly find annything.. but sales are good tho :P cuz in my size its still hot clothers just that no one but me can wear it xP lol

Now i´m watching the Tv show ''Awkward'' ... i like it ^-^ its better evry time i see it so i´m watching it now when its marathon :)  guess who´s my favorit in it lol xP Ming :P the random chinese friend :P they are always the best with their angry parents :o ALWAYS :O
well well...
i´m just on mums comp now so not gonna write more now... <3  cya later :P <3

bye bye <33

Have a shiny SHINee xmas <3

( NAAAW <33)

Taemin wishes to release SHINee christmas carol album

Onew wishes to have snow fights with members in SHINee

Key wishes to throw a christmas party with his buddies

Jonghyun wishes to have a christmas dinner with his family

Minho wishes to see the giant christmas tree at the city hall souare.

so.. who´s the oldest in SHINee? : Onew
who is the most childish in SHINee? : Onew
haha <33 <3 love lil forever alone Onew<33

Saranghae shinee<3<33
that´s it 4 now bye readers <3

Fiction <3

Listen here

Random in the night..,

time: 01:26

me : *-* kpop <33

LOL .. i´m starting 2 get bored but not sleepy xP lol
still bye again xP <3

♡~Merry Xmas ~♡

yeah hi ppl <3
hope u all had a great christmas<33<3
did Minho-ho-ho come with presents? ^-^
well well i got no asians..or asian stuff.. oh yeah chinese pillow cover or somthing but thats if with the asian :P
i´m not gonna go in on details what i got now... cuz i´m sleepy :C
hmmm... i dont know what 2 day o.o
it have been god 4 me :P
i relised christmas started when my granny was in the living room dancing to ''Here comes santa claus'' .. and its over when she´s asleep on the sofa xP lol
but yeah that was yesturday so i whent back home 2 mum today and yeah.. my sisters was here 2.. and one of then have 2 bog male german shepherd dogs and we have 2 and the little one ^-^ IT WAS A MESS .. gosh..
i much admit i´m kinda happy its over xP
lol <3

well well i´ll put up some pics and then music b4 sleep... :P its like .. 23:27(11:27 pm) and i´m exausted (if u say it like that) ... llol
so enjoy and then go sleep <3

Boss and Gaho ^-^ Taeyang and GD´s dogs <3 lol sweet ^-^
SNSD(GG) mit SHINee<33 yey <3 4 Gee i guess when i see the clothers ^-^ lil Minho was in Gee if u didnt know :P <3
one of fav pics<3<3 LÖVE<3 mmh <3
TAEMIN O.O why didnt santa give me that? *-*
LOL TOP wtf <33 hah <3
Gikwang ^-^ cute
Jia <33

tahts it bye <3
annyong, hejdå <3

God jul alla söta små läsare och hoppas ni fått minst en miljon presenter<3
btw ... gud va dålig svenska man får när man bara lyssnar på koreanska och pratar engelska lol ^-^ jag kan inte stava mitt eget namn snart :P fast jag tror att jag ska börja skriva lite lite på svenska då och då för mina svenska läsare eftersom jag faktiskt är svensk :O OMG .. who could guess? lol <3
men men <3 kram natt ses ^-^<33


Untouchable (언터쳐블) - YOU YOU (Ft.오진석)

Hi ppl <3 wow so its christmas now o.O
and i know some other places have it on some other date but we have it 24 in sweden,, tomorrow :o but i´ll have it at dad´s place today and mum tomorrow :O gosh...

Yesturday i was with mich :P we watched videos , laughed and went 2 town so late that evrything were slose xP lol ... city wasnt open at 8:00 pm ... how can we know that right xP lol so we baought some kind of chocolate jello? or something like that and sat out and ate it playing some kind of game were the other person say something and you HAVE 2 say : Of course (självklart) .
Like mich say: U have kissed out teacher right? i have so say Yes even though its not true xP its so much fun xP lol but me and mich can take so much so it never ended :P we are GOOOOOOOD :P <3

Zelo <333
Zico from BlockB<333
Shin Se Kyung *-* omg i wanna look like that :O
CL <33
LOL xP i just had 2 xP MOHAHAH
PosarN <3 Haha GD <3 should i ad another DAT AS picture maybe? xP i have many :P

and hmm... i dont know :o i have nothing 2 say...
so cya ppl later <3 i dont know if i can be online more today :O but maybe <33
Annyong <3


Freedom <33<33

okey guten morgen meine freundlish (or something like that)
so.. i´m fanaly free from school now :O WHOHO and OMG <33<3<33
em . yesturday we had this ''prestent game'' in school... i won soap bubbles from Mich with Hello Kitty on them and cat food... yes cat food lol xP Hugo had baought cat food and i won it xP well well i atleast have a cat ^-^ so Gustav will become happy ^-^ and i was walking hone yesturday blowing bubbles :P it was fun ^-^ and i just love that its always rainbow coulured bubbles me go *-* COOOL <333 hahh<33

today i´m going 2 mich´s place :O and maybe 2 town .... i still just have like 4 christmas present :O so i need so much more fuck :C well well it will all go together ,,,, i hope x.x
i have 2 go and get dressed now and so b4 i take the buss 2 mich <3 but i´ll be back later today i think <3
and i´m rly sorry ive had bad uppdates here but ive been up 2 other stupid things :o so.... well well not when i´m free i hope i have more 2 write about thats fun ,, not just school sucks xP lol <33
well well cya ppl <3 smile, be happy!
lol ^-^

Yong Jun Hyung

Um <3

Bye xoxo<3
so short sry more tomorrow<333


Ohio (state)

haHA NO...  well i´m just gonna make a rly rly small post (i think..)
because i´m on my mum´s computer and IT SUCKS... no sounds.. not even 4 headphones...keyboard is all fucked up so none of the letters are on the right way so i have 2 look at it when i write ... and thats so wierd o.o
and i cant do nothing -.- she have internet thats it.. only thing she does on comp is just 2 be on FB farmville annyway so that sucks... 

and i cant put up any pics .. or i have some i have uploaded but not out o.o maybe them (thinking irl) LOL
now i´m watching tv and trying ty regain my energi after working out o.o  (so painfull)
i do loads of ''6 pack'' work outto have a flat belly.. not 6 pack LOL xP
but it kinda hurts .. i hate working out i´m like ..PIZZA.CANDY.COOKIES ... ME  FATTIE .. EYYE <33YEY
so yeah.... hmm OH OH OH ..

did i tell u guys i got a pink highlighter in my hair yesturday? right i wasnt on comp then o.o sry about that btw :O
but dad was like NOOOOO -.-
well i did :P thaks 2 Mich <3 stole her hair coulor but i think i´ll get my own and keep doing it cuz i love pink ^-^ KAWAIIIIIIIIIIII *-* <33<33<3<33<3<33<3 (kinda)

Now i watch ''Modern family''  ^-^i like it cuz its so randome .... lol <33
thats it 4 now cya ppl <33

What you didnt know :o

okey i´m gonna put up 3 things here that u proabably didnt know about me :O
okey ready?

1. I cry 2 the song Haru Haru by Bigbang :'(
Its so beautiful :C  *sadface*
and yes i can listen 2 it without crying but i become in all sad mood then so :( lol
listen 2 it HERE if u havn´t heard it or just dont know eng lyrics that´s what makes me cry ^-^the lyrics :'(<3
btw i hate it on now :'( <3 (i don´t cry xP) oh and also i dont cry like anytime unless i get hit by a football in the face.. but that song :'(  .. and i hate cry movies.. i just become in bad mood but never cry so i just sit there sad and pissed xP lol
Edit: Now ,, i cry :( i always cry when GD start 2 run 2 see her one last time and TOP tells and all :'''C
okey i wanna stop sadness now :C

2. I´m an awful dancer and ive relised that what i´m best at is stuff like ''hip dance(song) moves'' or ''Lady marmalade and shit like that xP lmao... so sad but so true xP
so thats my favoit thing 2 dance sence thats all i rly can do xP lol ,, i´m not gonna be a proffesional dancer we all know now then xP

3. I hate kids... and partys...
okej i´ll explain why.. Kids are discusting and they puke and drewl and gross... x.x hate it sry but until thay are like 4-5 years old they are just discusting xP
and the party thing.. just not 4 me .. ppd dancing 2 bad music guys tuching evrything and yeah eww o.o
me no like :'C

thats all i´ll tell :P i must say 1st thing is best if u ask me xP hehe :P
hope thats enough lool xP

Picture from Haru Haru <3 :'(<3

Edit: OMFG look at the girls face... she is so discusted by GO xP lol HOW CAN SHE BE? i´m like * ME GUSTA*

Thats what i call dance ;p heheheh
lol <33  okey no i dont do that :p (or do i? hmm? xP LMAO)

this dance then? 2 be honest yesh .. its abracadabra dance. xP lol i dont know all yet but i´m trying xP

and this is me at party .... lol (i´m GD)
i say...
and i hate kids but this one (YOOGEUN) is so cute ^-^<3 i like him ''this much''

Thats it <3 bye bye 4 now <33<33<33

Me By Mich

Hi yall <3
So the grades will be set on saturday and ive spent last 3 h to writing about Buddhism and Thailand with 1600 WORDS not letters WORDS o.o i´m sick of buddhism now xP lol atleast 4 today xP
hmm.. yeah... i´ll just show the picture Mich made of me ^_^<3
Mich so nice (NOT NOT NOT nah jk ^-¨ she is ,,,most of the time ;P )
so yeah she´s so good o.o i draw like a kid :p it looks fun :P
so yeah TY MICH <33<3
favorit on my portrait EYES *-* <3


okey .. does it look like me? ^-^ i dont rly know and most of u dont 2 :P MOHAHA evil laugh <3
i hide from pictures ^.^ good i think <3

okey this pic looks retard xP LOL even my lips look retard :P thats a bad sign i think xP

No coment p.p *sadface* oh just one coment I MISS SUMMER O.O

well well that´s it cya tomorrow .. soon ´ll have some more freetime THANKYOUGOD <33<3<3
Bye bye <33

Mah lovely dogs <3

Izzie xP <3 epic laugh...
Lottie ^-^<3
Size matters :P lol xP
Epic run
Epic run... epic dog :P
but i still love here tho ^-^<3
Pretty dog :P lol
And the kid ^-^<3

Lol bye ... i´ll write more tomorrow okey?<3 bye <3

ONEW 22 YEARS OLD <3<33<3<3<33<3<33<3

Saranghae onew <3<3<33<3<3<33<3
Happy B-day <33<33
hope he gets all the chicken in the world <33

i dunno, nothing o.o at all.... aigoo

i have nothing 2 say :(
the Lucia shit wen good.. i´m suposed 2 do homeworkd but i´m dancing instead ... and now i´ll show some pics just 4 fun.. my blog , ad i do what i wanna MOHAHAHAHAH *evil*

Teen Top <33
YOSEOB ^-^<3<33

dg top<3
funny wonder how i would react if he said that 2 me .. OKEY *-*? i dunno :O

SO BYE <3<33<3

Go green

Hi evryone :O <3
today i was in school and i had last practise 4 Lucia tomorrow :O omg i´ll fail i dont know the songs ,,, srsly we cant sing in old swedish i dont understand what i sing :o gosh... and we look stupid :C
For those who dont know what Lucia is its some kind of saint who comes here evry year december the 13th to invite christmas or something like that.. so evryone dress up in ugly white ''things'' and sing awfull songs :O lol
sounds great right? :P lol .. dont know why i´m in it :P well well

After school today i went 2 town little.. i returned my shirt.. and i bought a pair of green pair of jeans xP lol random i know .. but i wanna have like all colours ^-^ my fun coulours now is green and red ^-^ i wanna have pink,yellow, blue and white 2 ^-^ lol i wanna have more but thats the list what i´ll get first ^-^
my lovely goal <3  then i can do a Gee MV ^-^lol <3

and i know i was suposed 2 put up some pics but i cant get then 2 comp :( so i´ll do that later *sadface* <3
i´ll just put up some and then i´ll run and shower and fix all the stuff 4 tomorrow :( <3
so cya <3

Lucia ^-^ and lussekatter(the wierd cookies she have with her ^_^lol)
<3<33 DG 4 ever ^-^<3<3
Bigbang xP lol i dont know what 2 say xP  Seungri isnt there :P i guess he ran away ^-^
There he was :p'' <3333 (YUUM *-*)

and GO <333 we love him 2 <3 ^-^ he´s the king

Slut på bilder för idag :) mohaha<33
men men mer kommer imorgon så ni överlever <3
hejdå mina älskade stalkers <3
bye <3 XOXO<3

Fluzzy fuzzy cute cute

okey hi ppl <3
ive been away shopping with mich today :)
i found a rly 100% wierd ring who is a fluffy ball on :P so ofc i bought it and a new shirt,,, but i have 2 return the shirt :'( okey i´ll still have it.. mum had bought same shirt 2 me in christmas present so i have 2 return the one i got :( well well.. i´ll have 2 buy some other shirt i guess...

i also got some kind of rose candle that i´ll give my granny in christmas present,,its hopeless i have no idea what evryone wanna have o.o aigoo.....

tomorrow is school again sadface.. 2 days free is like 5 day 2little :C
well well i´ll go in school tomorrow with the new ring and sing ''fuzzy fuzzy cute cute'' all day :P haha  i´ll take a pic of it later so yall can see xP and i´ll take a picture of the awsome portrait Mich made of me ^-^ hah awsome :)
i´ll try fix that 4 tomorrow :D <3

well i dont have nothing 2 say :O  so i´ll just put up some pics :O

Okey this is just 2 cute ^-^Dara tweeted it or something when her little brother Thunder from MBLAQ came 2 say hallo on a workday with 2ne1 ^-^ thats one damn cute little brother ^-^<3 (and he totaly is cute 2 ^-^hehe )
2pm '-' ---- Can i join the party :o *-* <3
Jessica from SNSD <3
why we love korea <33 but i like america 2 tho :o <3 ^-^ haha i love everything <3

hehe Nicki minaj <3 i love k-pop but nicki damn she counts as korean now :P <3 have u seen here MV 2 Check it out u´ll understand :) all MV is korean (but she sing in eng ofc)
go barbie ^_^lol
<3<3<3 NICKI <3

will i am and Nicki Minaj- Check it out <3<3

listen 2 nicki now <33 ^-^<3
(btw i can sing all song <3 i love 2 rap <3 )

Made in sweden

Hey :) so now i´m at my aunts place :) we have been eating and talking prettymuch :o
i´m such a fattie and i´m full now :C i don´t know how i´ll eat all candy after this :O lol
i dont rly know when were going home .. not yet atleast so we cya later (kinda i guess)
she lives about 1,5 H away from were me and mum lives so i´ll proabably(or not i dunno) come home late :o who knows-........

Oh an btw ITS SNOW OUT were i live :'C not at my aunt but were i live YES OFC :C *sadface* life is unfail.. i´ll go pray 4 snow 2 disapear :D yey <3
well well cya leter now i´ll go back 2 being social :D i just went here 4 5 minutes 2 make new post <3 so bye bye <3<33<3<3


Teen top candy <3

The best way 2 start the day<3 MUSIC <3

Lmao must love Teen top <3<3<33 (and yoseob) ^-^<3

[HD] TEEN TOP - Candy (H.O.T.)

Sexy trouble maker <3

Oh i just remembered when i whent trough my playlist that i havnt told u ppl about the prettynew song ''Trouble maker'' by Hyuna and Hyun Seung (it was out like 1/12-11)
<3 the song is good but its more famus for its video xP lol
all comments are like this example:   aawwh shit , it 's just soo damn good. hot and catchy . please, help me stop reeating this video. (my bad , I 'd raped the like button already)

LOL <3
i dont rly know its fine xP i´m so jelaous of Hyuna´s look :C and cant complain about Hyun seung eather :p lol <3
annyway if u havnt heard it u should :P i´ll just show some gifs of video and u´ll have 2 look yourself <3

(CAT *-* cute gimme?)

Okey most gif´s didnt work *sadface* but look now <3<33<3

Trouble Maker-Hyuna & Hyun Seung

BYE<3<33 go listen now <33

Forever or never........

Hola amigos<3
just another day today :C  cold out there will be snow who stays on the ground any time now *sadface* i rly hate snow :C
and i have no good winter clothers :( gosh its cold outside.. i dont know how is is were all other ppl lives but here its like -1°c    and it SUCKS .... :C

Hmm today ive been singing ''Strong baby-Seungri'' and ''Hello Bus-April kiss'' ....
THATS NOT GOOD SONGS 2 SING IN SCHOOL :o its like '' Wanna get bounce wanna get bounce'' and ''Hey sexy (crack crack crack crack) Tonight you know (crack crack crack crack)   I"m a strong baby.....Let's make love tonight.....We"re so hottest in the world like d d d d d this yo ...You like it   All grown up ...''

You all see why i shouldnt go and sing that in school right? lol
and i also know some of the dance moves so i should maybe do them 2 next time? xP

well well .. thats how it is ^-^  and today i was thinking of puting up some style inspiration pictures ...i relised that i havnt watched so much style pics lately so ive been dressed like a k-pop guy... and i rly mean it i do look like a k-pop guy with my shiny jeans and all.. gosh .. Aigoo.....
so i wanna dress in pretty dresses now (inside hell no i´ll go out in the cold in just a dress.. i dont even do that on summer its way 2 cold in sweden xP lol)  and 2 be honest ... i dont rly like 2 wear dresses.. i just wanna have them at home and feel pretty 4 five seconds and then i wanna put on my lovely jeans :P i´m a girly girl fail lol :P
but still watch and enjoy <3

(just me who always love aminal prints on evrything lol) <3<3
PINK *-* <3<3<33 (my favori colour ever)<3<3<33<3 i rly wanna colour my hair like picture above or just one line in the hair.. but i dont think i´ll ever dare 2 do that :(... Btw shoues are cutest ever GIMME <3
More animal print <3<3

Okey so thats how i should look.. this is how i DO look lol....

i have same jeans as Taemin (and shoes but in white) xP lol... sad or what o.o xP lol <33 well well .. ^-^<3

Thats it <3 thanks 4 reading my blog <3 Annyong <3
Bye <3 XOXO <3

LOL ^-^ hahah

LMAO xP scary level 100... xP hahah


Now playing: B2st Fiction

hah bye bye 4 now <3

Find the wrong :O

Hi evryone i´m home sck today trying 2 do homeworsk.. its NOT going well...:C
wellwell.... i´ll just put up some pics and then homeworks <3

Theme of pics--- Find the wrong :P lol

find the wrong? lol xP goshxP
whats NOT wrong? lol
Onew nothing wrong just cute ^_^and then--- WHUUT whats up with jonghyun? lol ...
Minho and taemin .. WHATS UP WITH THAT o.O srsly o.o *aigoo*
this is a gif but it doesnt work.. but still o.o he´s getting a butt massage o.o WHUUT 8O LOL
xP mean.forever alone onew poor him :(<3
i dont even need 2 say something lol :P Soup i liv <3

yeah lol hmm :p
the old gun lady is lil fun tho :P i have been shooting 2 for one year like when i was 13-14 or something like that :P lol but its boring .. ur just like BOOM .. BOOOM BOOM .. yey i won.. BOOM BOOM .....BORING :C so i quit that shit xP lol...
yeah well well cya later geeks <3


hi yall <3'
so today normal day in school.. not rly fun :C
ive had the song ''I like you the best (B2st)'' ALL DAY.. i love that song ^-^<3<33
But i dont like that they hit Gikwang in it *sadface* <3 poor him :C<3<33<3
and that song is so awsome cuz when i like u the best is over its beautiful 2 :D i love it <3<33< SO CUTE <3
and its so fun seing all the funny fails in the end xP EPIC FAIL :P LOL <3<3 ke ke ke ^-^
obs,, i say SO CUTE evry day :D life is about CUTE<3<3 KAWAII<3<3<3

annyway i´m feeling a bit sick now :(
hope it will go over tonight <3 dont worry be happy (hippie) :P <3

OHHH :D *happyface* btw  Thank you my lovely readers <3<33 u teach me more about the map :P hah no... or yes ,.,, i know NOTHING about other contries than sweden and denmark ^-^ lol
But i´m very happy mo blog is ''out in the world now'' ( LOL)
But in like germany... Hallo deutchland ^-^ ich bin nicht gut auf deutch aber ich mag deuche ...(people lol) yeah i suck at german sry :P not my thing just ^_^but fun with german ppl here.. what more.. like Polen and Estonia? :o wow awsome lever 10 :D nice 2 see all u ppl <3<3<3

and i gtg now cuz mum become mad when i sit at comp after 21... so i run 2 shower quick b4 all the comedy shows is haha<3<3
so cya ppl <3<3<3<3<3<3

lol ^_^<3

Fred<3 Peace out!

BYE <3<3<3<3
XOXO mz<3<3<3<3<3

Never give up, Himeul nae

Hi all <33 ive found a new love in korea ^-^its the 15... YES ... 15 year old guy Zelo <3
He is a raper and just had his debut song ''Never give up'' with the other rapper Bang Yong Guk <3.... i cant rly complain about Bang eather but when i saw Zelo i was like '' NAAAW cute ^-^*google him and finds song* and when i heard voice  was like OMFG :O HOW CAN THAT BE THE SAME GUY :O ) so yeah LOVE HIM IN 3 SECONDS <3<3<3<3
so u all have 2 listen ^-^ its like SO CUTE.... <3 DDDDDAAMMMN :O OMG VOICE :O ^-^hah <3<33<3
Bang have amazing voice 2 btw and he have more songs ,, one is ''I remember'' but i´ll find more about him soon <3 i almost didn´t find annything about Zelo sence his debut was i think 1 december this year .. so 5 days ago ^-^<3<3 heh <3 LÖVE<3 u cant not love some1 like him ^-^ and just 15 years *takes deep breath* can i go to korea and find him? *smile*
Press on the HUGE text under here ^-^ so u can listen.. <3 it will open in new window <3

Bang Yong Guk & ZELO 'Never Give Up'

CUTE <3 ^-^ ZELO <3 <3 Zelo ... Cool *-* <3 okey he´s still ute xP haha but cool and cute ^-^ BTW he´s blonde o.o i still hate blonde swedes and LOVE asian blondes.. i cant understand my brain :O so wierd :o but i dont mind xP <3<33<33<3
Bang and Zelo <3<3<3<3 both are adorable ^-^<3 hah

AND speaking of blonde asian guys.... YoSeob....

he´s pretty adorable him 2 ^-^ hah <3 so... i´ll just put up one with him 2 then leave comp <3

LOL ^-^<33 cute right :p more with him 2 later <3 and admit it he could be Zelo´s brother right? :P annyway.. gtg now :(<33<3

so bye bye <33

Hello Baby- SHINee <3<3<3

Hi yall <3<33<3
so yesturday i was on town just a moment at a café and i ate a Macarong (i think its called) chocho atleast :P lol..
and i have been watching SHINee´s Hello baby <33<3<3<3
the more i watch it the more i like Minho appa <3<3 the mother in me comes out when i see guy taking care of a baby that good ^-^<3 ( But i´m terrifed of children lol.. i´m like onew... baby comes close 2 me i run the other way so ... kids ,, no good.... but still EXTREMLY cute 2 see Minho with  Yoogeun <3<3)

that all ive done o.o
today i decided 2 bee good daughter or something <3 :o so i´ll go make ginger breads .(?) with my ganny :O lol me so nice right(not)

Hmm.., OH btw MINHO is not good 2 watch tho.. ive started laughing JUST LIKE HIM .. i sound crazy(er) ..... *sadface* dangerus appa -......
and my korean notes is like dubble up big now :O i learn much :p but i never remember annything xP lol my meromy is worse than on a gold fish.. mine is only 2 seconds :(

so i´ll keep watching Hi Bb now <33 cya later <3
i´m already on ep: 6 part 1/5   .. i´m getting afraid that it will end :O D: IT CANT EVER END :C I NEED IT :C<3
*sadface* well well if u havnt seen it u should .. so do that.. its on youtube ...cya <3

XOXO <3<3 ~Mz

Dr. Dr. Feel good , Come make me feel real good

I wanna feel real good. I need to feel real good.
I wanna feel real good.
Cuz i've been really bad,bad

Mz <3

Me so sick :(

Yeah hi. i said that parfume made me feel sick.. it was an awful parfume i´m sure of that but i was getting sick 2 i have fever and i dont know just not fun ,, ive had a RLY bad day so.. i´m not gonna write much :C
blah... enjoy this pics and then i´ll leave and work out lil b4 i go sleep .. i need 2 do that my ''muscles'' is so so so bad now... so i´ll try fix that O.o Good luck me or something....
enjoy now <33

jealous put your hands up....
hmm :P lol ^-^ he´s
jealous of himshelf... well well ^-^
okey lol :p btw look text xP makes it even better xP and he has his hands up... hmm he likes GD 2 ... should i be afraid? hmm :o 
Him= Minho,GD,Key,TOP,Taeyang,Jaejoong,Gikwang,Taemin,Jonghyun,Onew list is 2 long 2 tell :P hahah ^-^ there is more :P promiss <333
and Minho ho ho ho will give them all 2 me <33 WHOHO <33<3<33 lol ^-¨<33 ME GUSTA<3

they are so cute<33 love em' <3

thats it :o <33 so <3 smile, be happy bye <3
XOXO <3333


Hi :o and good morning i guess ... its just 8:34 and i´m in school ''working'' with Thailand and buddhism..... i dont rly know .... its not going 2 well *sadface* i suck at all school work...
I totaly feel sick right now ... when i was on the bus this morning some randome sat next 2 me and she had on the worst parfume EVER .. it smells so bad i can still feel it D: OMG.... not fun... how can she have that shit on ??? i was aboout 2 puke on the bus o.o discusting....
i dont rly have annything 2 say and i should proabably get 2 work now so cya later ppl :o have a nice day :O i´ll keep singing Rain Bi ''Hip song'' today 2 .. RAIN RAIN RAIN outside and RAIN RAIN RAIN in my mind :o :'(
key.... bye bye <3


佐々木希-ジン ジン ジングルベル

Hi <3
emm yeah ... December first today :o wow time goes so fast :C i need much much more time :O
so ,,,, yesturday i was and looked at a school :o in town so not the IB one but it´s fine (i guess) i still like IB more but i dont think i´m good enough 2 come in there so :C *sadface*
when school thing was over i ate at Mcdonalds tho,, thats always nice ^-^i´m so weak 4 fat food xP lol i´m fattie :P
and yesh i rly am .. i was at the school ''nurse''(or watever) today and i´m 1 kg fatter..
i´ll try lose 4-5 kg now .. feel 2 fat :C but mum and al will become pissed.. but its worth it tho :)

Today we was at a boring consert :( not fun sry but its true :O
hmm.. and then i walked home in the Rain singing ''Hip song'' lol xP how i survive walking in the Rain ^-^<33
If you ppl dont know its ''Hip song'' with Rain Bi <3333(YUUUUMMMM *-*)
'' This is hip song rock tonight..... HIP SONG HIP SONG HIP SONG<333''

Thats it now some pics and then i´ll do my homework :O <33 okey i´m so good girl (NOT)
i have done 200 words of 500 to some work about prostitution that i´ll have 2 hand in tomorrow FUCK
well well i dunno .. det blir som det blir hah ,, jag har den bästa inställningen någonsin ellerhur? :P
watch pics and be happy now oki? :) smile...

Lol Math is my ''nickname'' so thats how i do :o i´m so mean right? :C

i wish :P lol but no....
Lol this is just so wierd (Boss is Taeyangs dog) haha ...
Gd when he is a little babie ^-^ AMG <33 i hate babies but this one is so cuet ^_^ he turned out perfect <3 ^-^
And now ... who could guess that o.o NOT ME :o<33 but i like it<33 Saranghae Kwon ji jong<33
and yeah.. GOSH is it real? o.o or am i dreaming :P ? i gd getting better 4 evry day i see him <33

well i gtg now BYE<3<33<3

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