Sometimes i miss the good memories

Hi evryone <3
i´m sleepy and all blahish.... p.p kunde na molla wae..
But yeah ive been sleeping rly bad lately if i´m lucky i sleep 5 h normal is about 4 h evry night .. so i sleep 4 h 2 little evry night.. i should be dead i guess?

And my pink dip dye has gone fail xD oh my it´s like orange/pink and i´m just like wuut?
maybe i shower 2 much? is was fine a while then now its all fucked up :o
i dunno i´ll have 2 fix that but at the moment i´m just 2 lazy so yeah...

I just finished watching Protect the boss
It was good but i still think that You´re beautiful is better ..
But i must say DAMIT JAEJOONG IS HOT..
with that said its worth watching ^-^
and now i stsrted watching Heaven´s Postman who is a movie though but Jaejoong is in it 2 so i´l watch it :)

PTB <33
Oh he´s such a teaser....o.o he´s not a babie anymore :O little Tae gone bad :o <33
JR <33
This one is just 2 awsome ^-^ Love it <33 Fantastic baby! <3
It´s a gif BUT STILL LOOK AT ZELO HOW ADORABLE HE IS :O <3 my god <33 how can u look good while making that face?? o.o
and this is also amazing i wanna be that good 2 :O but i rly suck at drawing ( and i´ll go drawing thing on next school :P good luck me xD lol fail)

Cya ppl <3
XOXO <33


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