What is love

Hi evryone!

Yesturday i just have 2 say this cuz it´s so stupid i was singing EXO-K´s song ''What is love'' and i was wierd enough thinking about GD while singing it ...
and b4 i have seen '' EatYourKimchi''´s talk think k-pop monday about that song so i ended up singing
- I lost my pants, norul choum manna ssulttae (the moment i saw you) .....
emm yeah so ,, its like GD, i lost my pants the moment i saw you .. and that sounds kinda... emm ye. lol xD
I´m making myself awkward even in my mind..
yeah i rly have lost my mind ,,, (and a pair of pants o.o i rly can´t find the green jeans...) wierd..

Today ive been working in my room cuz i´m gonna get a new floor in there so i had 2 clean in there x.x
Its rly sad how messy my room was,, i´m rly bad at cleaning so i hope i become rich so i can hire someone who can clean 4 me .. cuz i rly can´t do it xD i´m the worst houswhife ever! :>  heh but i don´t mind :P ^-^v

Diva ate my camera today 2 btw.. YEY ..
srsly GOD I HATE THAT DOG sometimes -.- she is anoying so ive decided 2 just stay away from here and give all the job 2 mum sence i never wanted her anyway .. good idéa ,, cuz srsly she have ruined ALL my stuff soon and most anoying thing is that it´s never cheep stuff .. and its ONLY MY STUFF she have never eaten mum´s shit -.- annoying.

Emm i don´t know what more 2 say so enjoy pics and cya sometime!

Nice ..
VERY nice <3 (Baro from B1a4)<3
NU'EST´s Ren b4 the hair change or watever i should call it xD but yeah.. i think this feels so Go MiNam right? i still often say wrong about him and i say she ,, xD but yeah he´s like my favorite in NU'EST so i still love Ren oppa <3
Then just talking about NU'EST ,, isn´t JR hot? RIGHT RIGHT RIGHT! hot!  i can´t belive that both JR and Ren is 16 years :o srsly they are only one year older than me :O
CAN I HAVE THEM? lol or maybe i woudnt rly like Ren ...but i´ll happily take JR ;D

CUTE!! love it <33 Lee joon and baby tiger and its just adorable <33

i´ll go now <3 but cya <3
tomorrow i´ll make my appa watch ''You're my pet''
and i´ll try make him like korea so he´ll wanna go there MOHAHA evil plan!

cya <3 XOXO <3333


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