Fuck who you like and fuck who you want

hello people :o
I have started school again o.o and i´m spending my time drawing/listening 2 music and talking to Maja and Toy who have become the people i am with :o
and also .... Sara started my class today because her (old) class sucks :)
but its fine in school i guess. kinda?
Now 2 the important stuff .. GD´s new song will be out tomorrow and there´s a age thingie on the MV o.o 18+ o.o
SAY WUUT??? does this mean skin=? i´m rly exited :D <33<3<33 18+ :P fuck age imma watch it 99 999 999 times anyway <3 ^-^
I´m going 2 my dad this weekend and I GOT 2 KPOP CD´s OMG :D
the B1A4 IGNITION cuz i still havn´t been able 2 get it at his place and BIGBANG first solo album (the orange thing o,o i don´t know BUT *W*  SO NICE!!)
so i´m rly exited <333 this will probably be a good weekend ^-^<33
imma see what i´ll post but i´m thinking of an kpop gif challange later but right now no pics wanna get up loaded x.x
Bye 4 now imma go eat <3
XOXO <33


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