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Hi evryone ^-^ i havn´t done 2 much like always ^-^ i was at mich´s place today tho so it was fun like always ^-^
and today i´ll be kinda short on that talk and just go on with some 2012 songs that u HAVE 2 LISTEN 2 ..
so some of the songs i love ^-^ no ranking or so just rly great songs :) <33
If u wanna hear one of the songs just press the song name ^-^ <3
* Daesung- Wings . ( i don´t know how many times ive heard it but i NEVER get sick of it <33 it´s a really amazing song by an amazing singer <3 what more can u ask for? <3)
* BIGBANG- Bad Boy. ( evryone knows i love bigbang and the whole Still alive/alive cds are amazing but i still find bad boy is a great song :) so ^-^ no words needed... )
* Dalmatian- Drive. ( Not a very well known group or song but i adore this song <33 *w* is so cute and they have great english and jhhäöhjjgdsj *fangirling* i have 2 say i love all of their songs so check them out if you havn´t ^-^ <3)
* SISTAR- Alone.  ( At first i honestly really didn´t like this song but it slowly grew on me and i ended up loving it  ^-^ and also their Loving U is really great <33 )
* B.A.P-  Warrior / Power / No mercy. ( I couldn´t decide xD <33 so i ended upp adding them all ^-^  i can´t even express in words how much i love BAP so yeah ^-^ <33 and none of their songs are bad ,,, secret love is another favorite but i took those 3 because they got MV's and they are just as awsome as all other songs on their cds )
* PSY- Gangnam style. ( I just have 2 put it on the list... its just wierd and funny and i like that xD also Blue frog with GD is good <33 ^-^)
* C-CLOWN- Solo. ( Its a rookie group ive really fallen head over heals for so i can´t not put this song here ^-^ go look !! and i´m a pedo Noona .. my newest crush is little 14 year old Maru.. what can i do ^-^ can´t help it ..)
* SuperJunior- From U. ( Thanks 2 their SFS album ive become an ELF even tho ive always liked them now i guess i kinda ''joined' the fandome ^-^ so yeah song is amazing album is amazing i rly wanna buy it *w* )
* NU'EST- Face / Action ( 2 songs i love so just enjoy the music <33  and cool people ^-^ )
* KINDA MBLAQ?? / Mir, G.O, Thunder- Wild , Thunder- Don't go ( LOVE LOVE LOVE and the love some more i can´t not like any song made by anyone in MBLAQ so ... *w* forever love <33 A+ 4 life xD <33)
i know  there is so so so many more groups i love but i can´t say all <33 and i also see now that i don´t listen 2 many girl groups xD .. ye ye .. and if anyone wonder why there´s no 2ne1 up there is honestly because i´m a bit disapointed with their new songs ( le me getting killed by all other blackjacks) i´m a blckjack andf i love love love 2ne1 they are my favorite girl group but i just feel that this time it was kinda... not boring but as soon as i heard the song ''I love you'' i kinda forgot it.. so.. sry.. :( i do listen 2 both i love you and be mine evry now and then but they kinda disappear among all the other great songs that came out :I <33
Other songs i love just rly short:
* A-JAX - Hot Game
* ZE:A - 후유증  (i´m honestly not 100% sure about MV name but i love ZE:A and ye i´ll just say DONGJUN<3)
* Led apple - Run to you
* 2pm´s Wooyoung - Sexy lady
* Exo K/M - All songs i can´t find a bad song with them ^-^<3
* M.I.B - Only hard for me
* Boyfriend - Love style
* U-Kiss - DoraDora
* Teen Top - Be my girl & To You
* JJ project- Bounce
* BtoB- Irrisisteble lips
* B1A4 - Baby good night
now i´m 2 tired 2 write more songs but maybe i will write more if i figure out i missed something important :O <33 cuz it´s past 00 and it feels like i´m about 2 die :o -.-
XOXO <333333

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Outstanding job once again! I am looking forward for more updates.

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