One Of A Kind

Hello ppl :o
i started the new school and ive been there 2 days now o.o i go ES12a so i´m in media/picture/drawing class but i have special picture/drawing ... were a class of i think about 13-16 ppl .. i´m not sure ... :I
and now 2 the sad/funny thing x.x were already kinda seperated in ''groups'' and i´m spending my time with a guy named Toy (funny name right`? ^-^ but so cool ) and a girl named Maja ... nothing special right... exept the fact that the guy i know is THE ONLY GUY IN OUR CLASS o.o wuuut 1 guy ONE ... aigoo...
one way (it´s easy 2 concentrate in class) and the other ( WERE IS MY EYECANDY?) cuz i wouldnt get more anyway xD lol
so that´s my reality now i guess.. i´m lost in the school with way 2 many strange ppl who just sit and look at u evry time u walk by ... it´s scary o.o :'( lol
first day was awfull cuz the 2nd year made this speed dating thing with all ppl and i´m EXTREMLY awkward with ppl i don´t know and there´s like both guys and girls infront of me that i have 2 talk 2 WUUT ... and shake hand and i was kinda just like (x.x) ''Someone PLS kill me :'( ''  but no.... i instead spilled my drink all over my lap XD OMG FIRST DAY WTF??????  and lucky only one or 2 girls in my class saw it and then i fixed it xD but god must rly hate me ,,,  aish...
And now 2 the fun part :D
JIYONG IS BACK <33 hsughfhjasdgfjgsdfkgkf *w*   MY MAN <333333333 My love <33<33<3<333 *W* GD <333
so i was online just refresh refresh refresh until he put up the MV *w* and just WOW *w* SO AMAZING
i kinda died a but *w* he´s looking amazing and the song was amazing and the mv and all *w*
I´ll put MV down there for once just because it´s GD <33
Gd is the best so listen 2 ALL his songs <33 i just put 4 here cuz that´s the most simple but they are all great so it doesn´t matter ^-^
(sadly blogg is lagging and doesn´t wanna post my pics but yeah if u wanna see just check my tumblr at :


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