hey i still have the comp :) whoohoo
i´m watching the olympics now o.o it´s already the end .. i havn´t seen much at all ... i´m not a sports person so.. but i saw some football and that i don´t even know the name but sweden got a silver and was like 0.08 seconds after the winner o.o
anyway i don´t find that 2 funny but it´s ok i guess o.o it makes me feel bad and lazy xD haha
i don´t remember when i made my last ''real'' post but i´m guessing not 2 much have happened.. ive done some shopping and thats it.. some new shirts and earrings .. nothing 2 funny... my favorite is a shirt with a cut out skull in the back :) (Ren has one in black) i got that in mint ^-^  i like it :D
what more can i say? GD did u guys see his ass when he bent over on stage and showed up his very small underwear? :P hahah i was home with mich and almost died and she was laughing at me :'( UNNI SO MEAN....
Also i´m stalking his twitter he´s awsome *-* ive stalked him sence he started i even helped that (this is the real gd ) thinging ^-^  good good <33 GD FIGHTING!!!!!<3<33<33
i´m SO DAMN EXITED FOR HIS COMEBACK   (/*w*)/ <3 <3<3
my dad is wierd btw i said OMO GD IS HAVING COMEBACK SOON *-* <3<33<3
my dad: if he havn´t quit making music for atleast 20 years it´s not an comeback
me: ohh :'( .. *explain kpop comeback*
dad -.- 20years + or no comeback..
that´s life <33 cya ppl i´m gonna look around a little more before i leave my lovely comp for a week :'( <3
i feel like posting this because Tao is awsome ^-^<33
GD this man is killing me ... people are guessing he´ll make a shirtless comeback and i´m about 2 die just by thinking of him shirtless.. *nosebleed*
  Daesung is always nice ^-^'
Baby  zelo ^-^
some half naked Jang keun suk as a late B-day celabration 2 him <33<3 my favorite actor <333<3<3
congratz evryone <3 now BYE <33<33
(i´ll be back as soon as i can <33 if i can´t get a hold of any good comp/phone i´ll be Back b4 GD´s b-day <33)
XOXO <3<33<33


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