I guess i´m back a little... i have no idea what will happen but i´m back and i´ll try be in as much as possible <3
and i´ll start with BIGBANG!! *yeey* <33
enjoy :) cuz DAMN I DO!! :D

*-* <33 LÖVE GD <33 and it does get better :D <3<33
Yeah *-* <333
and more Gd ^-^ the style is kinda wierd :P but still my love GD is always in my heart <33
Seungri <33 doesn´t look like a maknae 2 me ,, oh no <33
Taeyang <33 :D<3
Daesung  :D <33 looking so stylish <33
And TOP <33 u have already seen it but u can´t get watch TOP 2 much so just look <33
Bigbang Fighting! (good or bad.. not sure o.o)
one more fighting <33 there froam vouge if i got it right ^-^<3

Löve löve löve löve löve <33<3<3<33<3<33<3
Bigbang 4 ever<33

Cya <33
XOXO <33


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