The end

Hello :)
so.. today was last day with my class..
i think i will miss them, atleast some ^-^ but also this only makes me come one step closer 2 my goal so i can´t walk around being sad i have 2 just work harder from now on!
It was a good day suprisingly.. first i decided 2 leave after have gone 2 school 1h b4 we started just because of my stupid bus, luckily John came erly 2 so i had some1 2 spend time wth ^-^ he once again looked at my korean and i have 2 admit that he´s good o.o he knows some basic things like oppa,annyeong haseyo, aniyo, ne ,aigoo and aegyo ^-^ Aegyo is defenutly the funniest cuz if i tell john 2 do aegyo he will do it *-*  (ive got the power~) anyway no matten when, where or who is doing the aegyo i always enjoy aegyo right? :)
i spent the rest of the day with Amanda,Jenny,My and Hugo so that was good ^-^ we also left little notes in all our old lockers so the next person will see them ^-^ keke

After school i whent 2 Linah´s graduation o.o (i wanna quit school 2 :''( )
and ye .. ate,drank, talked 2 evryone ,, you know basic things o.o

tomorrow i´ll quit school at 11,30 or well we stert all then it´s loads of songs and other stupid shit 2 you know ..
and then i´m free :O whoho *dance*
and leter i´ll eat sushi 2 celebrate that its finaly summer :D SUSHI HWAIGHTING!

life havn´t been much more.. or well kinda it have but ye i can´t tell all.. cuz that´s annoying o.o

All music classes party b4 the musical ^-^

Good thing about being on a stage is that it´s awsome lights up there xD and smoke and shit like that xD
so that´s the PAST

And this is my FUTURE
and yess,,, Sleeping will be a big part of my future ... but pics are more fun it u + them together :P ''Sleep with Lee Joon during Alive tour makes your day!'' true story xD lol

but ye ,, cya people :P take care <33


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