Geogi dachyeo meolli bikyeo dachyeo

Hi all <33

2day more school and we watched the older school´s musical Grease or watever i don´t like those stuff :( it´s like take something awful in english and make it 10 times worse .. god.

After that it was some kind of parent school talk that is evry semester so ..
it went well i guess.. only the german i have kinda fail :P wonder if i´ll even pass it? but i feel that i don´t rly care sence i know the basics and i´ll never speak it anyway not even when i´m in germany cuz i prefere 2 speak english :P haha .. german sounds 2 angry 4 me ^-^ i should speak it with an japanese accent :O *-* THAT WOULD SOUND CUTE!!!
but i don´t speak japanese though :I korean might work ^-^

i have nothing more 2 say.. just sitting here like a fatty eating candy and just ate Mcdonalds :o
quick some pics then i rly have 2 leave! :o

JR from NU'EST <3Leeteuk....yeah.. emm .. XD nice legs xD <3
Gikwang <33 his B-day 2 day <33 YEY <33 happy b-day lovely gikwang <33


Postat av: Anonym

woooooooooow ! tkjk la` ..........

2012-06-24 @ 06:40:33

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