Linnéa , passar mig så inte alls ..

Hey today ive only been up little and eaten and watched You're beautiful it´s almost over so then i´ll watch You're my pet :P with Jang Geun Suk again ;P <33

i´ll be going 2 my somethig´s (lol) birtday party later 2 day so i´ll just fix makeup and nail.. and get dressed maybe xD
i´m so slow in the mornings :P

Btw read this and if you get it..  u think wierd just like me :P

*Guy walks on 2 the buss and he has ugly hair
* I think he should have taemin fluffy hair
* i start 2 think about taemin who is in SHINee
* And SHINee is in SM ENT..
* SM ENT.. also have the group Super Junior
* And in thet group is Siwon who has nice abs
* Just like Lee Joon in MBLAQ
* Who was ''created'' By Rain Bi
* Rain always do Thrusts just like Gikwang
* Gikwang is in B2st
* And so is the aborable Yoseob
* Another adorable guy is HongKi
* HonKi always have realy pretty nails
I need 2 fix my nails .. they are 2 ugly

xD mohaha smart or smart xD lol wierd i know :P

Key <3333
Onew <33
GD <33<3<3
More gd ^^  aborable <33

GO <33
LOL XD i know it´s photoshoped but still funny lol :P he´s a weird/funny man ^-¨ hah <3

Cya later people <33
Have a good day<33


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