SHINee Sherlock

So here it comes my comments on shinee´s new Sherlock pictures!
i love shinee so so much but yeah,, don´t get mad at me oki? <3
i´ll first put all the pics then comment!





all pics who has a * is favorite .,one with each person ,, exept when it comes 2 Key because he is my favorite among all of there pictures! i LOVE them all and so but something with these pics .. i dunno i just dont like them :( so sad,, and srsly Taebaby Take on your shirt and be a good boy and shile i´m talking about him I WANNA SEE TAEMIN IN HIS CUTE FLUFFY HAIR NOT MY OWN OLD HAIRSTYLE!!
Onew is cute and kinda like he always been in my eyes  ^-^
Key is yummy <33
Jonghyun is different not good not bad.. i can´t decide :o <3
Minho is fine but i like the Oh yeah old him better :(

So that´s why i write all these things so late cuz i havn´t rly liked the pictures and french boy classic theme on them?
Pls just be normal aborable you is my message 2 them ''Yalalalalala oh oh eh eww'' (just had 2 :p)
But ive never disliked any of their songs so i hope they will make me happy there and i´ll forgive them 100% 4 these pics and Key will forever be on my Bias list ^-^<33

That´s it about SHINee .. hope no1 will become mad and so about this :(
THIS IS JUST WHAT I THINK.. so .. yeah <33
cya <33
XOXO <33


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