Match up B+B


emm .. today ive been 2 school today like always...
kinda normal day :o

I just started watching B1A4+Block B Match Up :D
I´m just at ep 2 right now so i havn´t seen 2 much .. tho i saw CNU take of his pants in ep 1...
i love both groups so i think i´ll enjoy the show and i´ll learn more about them cuz i don´t even know all names 100% yet on block b even though ive liked them sence they had their debut xD hah same when it comes 2 b1a4 ive always liked them but i still have problem with Jinyoung and Sandeul still.. :C fail .. i know .. i´m rly bad with names so when they change clothers or hairstyle i cant remember them xD lol so so so sad..

hope yall have heard SHINee´s song now
and been listening 2 B1A4´s Baby i´m sorry and all that if not go listen right now!
or.. stay and watch some pics first then leave and listen 2 songs :D good~good~good

Block b favorite= Zico- B1A4 favorite=Baro
But Gongchan is rly yum and has a great voice 2 ^-^ they are very diffrent the groups so its hard 2 compair them ^-^ so... LOVE 2 ALL OF THEM <33 yeey <3
Aborale selca of Jinyoung and Zico ^-^ hah Zico worked hard 4 this picture :P hah <33 CUTE CUTE CUTE <33

I havn´t come so far as i said so i can´t put up 2 many pics cuz i don´t wanna know what happens b4 it does :o so bye bye ppl cya tomorrow <33
Live,Love,Laugh <3

XOXO <3<33


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