Nan ganguro aniya

Hello people :) it´s been years sence i was here o.o (it feels like)
so i´ll just quickly go though what ive done o.o

1, Ive been to germany with all schools 9th graders :O
we were there for 3 days ... and its proabably the wierdest 3 days of my life o.o
we lived in a hotel with 3 other classes and somehow ALL guys decided ''let´s all go shirtless''
me O.O U JOKING ME? ... ye that was stange and i´m very awkward around guys irl so when a shirtless guy is talking 2 me irl i´m almost having a heartattack even tho i don´t like him and he´s ugly (yeah ,,, mathilda Hwaighting...x.x )
We looked around the city when shopping, learned about the 2nd world war ..
but i still find it rly hard 2 under stand that such things happened o.o i can´t understand how any human can do that 2 others... wich is good i guess tho o.o ... but it was ''cool'' and interesting so ye...

2, Sara stayed over here from friday 2 sunday and we fangirled, watched movie pretty much :P hehe <3
i had no voice cuz i screamed evry time i saw GD oppa  <3 haha sorry evryone living close 2 me for that xD lol

3, chilling , listening 2 all the new  that´s out <33 just trying 2 live the good life (and failed)

4, Sweden won Eourovision song contest ( i proabably spelled that wrong o.o ) and i didn´t see that ofc xD i only listen 2 kpop now but ye.. it´s good 2 know that we win atleast sometimes :P heh

5, Planning for tomorrow when we have a DRESS UP day IN SCHOOL... all 9th grades will dress all fucked up and walk around like that all day... There4 the Ganguro title... I´ll be a ganguro o.o
ive tried that b4 at home so yeah i hope it´ll go well :P
ive already decided most things 2 wear and so :P i´m in the clothers and so now so i look rly wierd xD keke

i´m not gonna talk more cuz reading sucks so ejoy pics and cya <3

Taeyang cuz he´s SO DAMN FINE LOOKING <3 (and i have his earing as a necklace :D )
GD <33 HELL YEAH <33 New MV Monster is out soon and there´s new Monster pics on BIGBANG´s FB <33 go look if u havn´t seen them ^_^

Cya tomorrow and i´ll MAYBE show pics of me as an Ganguro oki? ^_^ annyeong! <3
XOXO <33


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