Positivt och glatt tänkande

Hej alla små läsare :)

hey :)
lately ive been walking in my 11cm heel shoes 4 4km in the forest
fixed my nails so they have pretty hangul on them :D
had a meeting with my new future class

not 2 fun.. but it´s working :)

LOOK AT MY TUMBLR (i´m there more sence it´s 100 times more easy , i won´t quit the blog tho :)

I´m a bit confused about what i´ll do in the future i didn´t rly like my new class..
not that i disliked is.. i just didn´t like it..
and drawing is fun ,, on the freetime not in school maybe? i dunno
i would wanna go Human psycology but there is none close 2 were i live so :(
ye ye ,,, i´ll have 2 wait n see...

Jaejoong so beautiful <3
another one ^-^<33
HyunJoon oppa <3

Bye bye <33
XOXO <3<33


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