sorry 4 party rocking?? o.o

Okey it´s been way 2 long o.o aish..
i´m worst blogger  :'(

Thanks 4 still reading <3 my readers rules ^-^ *hwaighting*

Ive been a little sick but it´s fine :) ^-^b
2 day i got a pair of shorts in zebra print *-*  but i always walk around singing sorry 4 party rocking now when i wear them o.o i´ll maybe show u how they look when i have my cam at dad´s but maybe not o.o cuz they´r kinda short o.o (why are all my short so SHORT)
but i hate when short arn´t short tho o.o then they´r not shorts o.o (i like short shorts :O ^-^b)

I´ll be going of 2 germany on monday o.o scary.. but it´ll proabably be cool and good 2 see :o
and after all the 2nd world war thing´s i´ll try 2 go for some shopping in berlin :D whoho :)

i´ll talk lil more tomorrow cuz i wanna talk about new songs and tomorrow is JJ p... out so *_* their debut song BOUNCE :O DIS GON B GOOD!!!!

and i wanna talk about Dalmatian and Junsu :P <33 BTW LOVE THEIR NEW SONGS!!
Dalmatian <3
Junsu <3

Cya ppls :O <333


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