u-kwon cutie <<3 ive started watching Block B match up (nev ver can't remember name now x.x but anyway it's awsome <33 they are so cute n funny<3)
*w* My BtoB Bias Ilhoon who is just getting higher and higher on my bias list DAMN he's sexy n cute and i go *w* <3<33
 more block B cuties <3 Btw imma buy their newest album i think *w* <33 ahhh looove
 More BtoB because i really love this group<3 i've seen like 40 (and some eps more than once xD)  -BtoB diary eps and i was up all night watching them live pn gurupop <3 LOVE THEM <3
and because this ended up being a B post imma ad Bangyongguk <33 from B.A.P <33 yes sir
Thankyou evryone who still reads my blog even tho i'm basicly NEVER here x.x But just follow me on Youtube at Ichigomz or at tumblr: Mathildaz   <3
have it great <33
XOXO <33


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