Boys boys o.o

Hi :)
i'm gonna be all honest and say OMG WHATS UP WITH THE WORLDS BOYS RIGHT NOW?
or males or watever ,,,, they are all over and suddenly tuching me (like not dirty just like putting hands on my arm and so xD) and they look at me and talk and i'm just there like '' hey u ppl i'm still me ,, why are you here ?'' xD LOL
i just find it really wierd and awkward... but i gets worse because guys are the only thing my mind seem 2 wanna think about so i'm just like *BOOOM* and dead o.o
even on the freaking comeputer.... WIERD GUYS ARE WIERD!
i have interpals sence some weeks ago and some WAY 2 HOT guys comment me like ''cute'' and i'm just like first : naaw then XD ahhahahahhahah u blind? xD lol jk jk jk right? xD
ahh.. *going crazy* oh and i always think when someone who's hot call u cute or watever i'm just like ''UR 2 HOT 2 SPEAK 2 ME!! '' LOL but it's true when someone is hot i'm just like ur 2 good :( leave xD hahah
i also have some and yes SOME more than one that i look at in school BUT NOTHING WILL EVER HAPPEN U KNOW THE FEELING! and i relised they were all like different races xD Black,white ye y'all know i'm almost proud because i have noticed that i can like any race xD sounds bad but ye..... something as stupid as skincolour shouldnt change anything right :)
i will MAYBE make another vlog but i'm honestly still awkward about the last one xD i hate showing pics online so that was rly terrible for me but that's life i guess ^-^
i should dress like this in my next vlog xD no one will see that it's me xD
i'll keep watching ''Mei-chan no shitsuji'' now and then sleep :D yeah ...
i'll be back ~ *starts singing 2pm *
cya <333


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