dirty talk? LOL maybe next time xD

Hey evryone ^-^
i just woke up so i might sound crazy when i speak but yeah yeah,,,, that's okay xD
so i was up toning on interpals and ive been there for like a month but nor really been there if u know ,, but yesturday ALOT of people suddenly started talking 2 me and then this 16 y.o korean guy starts writng like dirty things i'm not even gonna say it but still i just feel like LOL xD no this is so wrong and i was falling of my chair laughing .... aish but i have 2 say that FINALY i found a perverted korean xD they all seem so innocent the ones i talked 2 and i was just like '' Y U SO INNOCENT'' so now i found one xD and i aint talking 2 him again :P LOL
some are really funny 2 talk 2 tho ^-^ and i help alot of people with swedish o.o what's up with that
alot of people from america and africa who wanna know swedish and i'm just like ''bitches be crazy''
well well.. i just wanted 2 talk a little about interpals and ye if you don't have it go and get it because some people are rly nice 2 talk 2 and some are really nice 2 laugh at ;P hahaha
also ... more kpop related ... KCON :''''( why do i live in sweden and... *cryface*
exo----- x.x  WU DID FREAKING AEGYO !!!!! *trowing all my feels*
ahh so amazing i didn't watch it live tho :'( but i'll watch it as soon as i find it on YT
sooo yeah <33<3<33 ahhh
and not only exo Bap 2 and all fangirls and thers so much i wanna do there O.O ahh :'(
if u were there youre so lucky *w* ahhh i wanna go but i have 2 wait... IF i get 2 korean in the future i'll make up for evrything i miss right now!!
random pics of ppl i like ^^ <<33<3
bye bye <33
XOXO <3<3<3<33<33


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