hey peeps :)
nothing much have happened ^-¨ ive spent some time with mich, been in school and yeah...
watched shows like running man and all those ^-^ SO AWSOME :D
ive gotten a ship 2 o.o wuuuut
lol mich have seen him and he´s ( in her words) a cute asian guy with cute style sama age as us xD so yeah she´s trying 2 ship us xD but it sounds good but step 1 SEE HIM LOL xD so wierd xD
But sence i also ship her with a guy she likes it´s ok :P he have RLY RLY pretty hands ( wird right ive never liked hands but oh my they are soooo pretty) lol ,, i'll see if i can make them get together xD hehe but she didn´t seem 2 glad that i wanted 2 help her :P she: i can never know what u will say o.o
me : mohahahah >:D
í'm super super sleepy right now.. i only sleep 2-3 h evry noght so ... i feel a bit dead xD lol
i'll go watch NU'EST now then sleep :P <33 bye bye
the lovely pic of Zelo i drew in school ^-^ maybe i can show that one some day xD <3
cay <3
XOXO <3<33<33


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