Kpop radio live

Hwello ppl :O
I´m just sitting here eating D.O-ughnuts *w* and listeing 2 SWEDISH kpop radio WUUT <33
so nice they have a kpop special on swedish radio *w*
i honestly feel just like WUUT because there´s rly kpop evrywhere now :O a non kpop friend in school listened 2 gangnam style and when i was gonna show gangnam style 2 someone in my family he had already heard it and he´s like over 30 o.o and swedish kpop radio and Psy on EMA and *booomm explode*
i can´t...... it´s just 2 much djkgakshgfhagsdhkf *w*
now,... in school there have been a week were we have 2 listen 2 the 3rd graders and dress up as ninjas and stuff ike that but the 3rd grades in ES are kinda cool so i´m fine XD i´m not going to drink ''Tea'' with them tho xD (alcoholl) not rly my thing xD ...
we have done random things like eating on the floor in school , walking though town playing music dancing christmas songs and so in ^-^ it have been kinda fun i must admit ^-^
Also yesturday me,Mich and Sara whent 2 eat sushi because me and mich LOVES it and sara had never tried xD and LOL i almost fell of my chair laughing when she ate it xD SHE DID NOT LIKE IT xD but yeah it was rly good for me ^-^ and those weak ppl refuse 2 eat wasabi :O WUUT i love wasabi xD and soya xD mich always teases me for loving soya so she poured some in my tea cup and then i drank it just 2 mess with them xD but it was pretty good i rly love soya xD <33
enough for today ... my mus have her berthday tomorrow so i´m going away eating with her but i´ll rly try 2 post as soon as possible and im gonna make a GD post soon 2 <33 or another awsone 2012 songs? let´s see then :)
Look at this handsome man do you know who it is??
ITS FREAKING CNU *w* OMO he have gotten alot hotten than he was at the O.K and Beautiful target time XD <33 ive always liked him but that was for his voice but if it keeps going like this he might get higher on bias list because i know he can be rly smart,hot,fuuny, good singer, good dancer *w* sounds good 2 me <33
Some Gd as always <33 Ku XX  ( i don´t know why but saying That XX sounds wierd 2 me so i'll just say Ku XX)
Ohh so sexy *w*...
GD teaser pic of next MV ö.ö *exited <33*

 Speaking of hot guys <333 Thunder is just 2 good 2 be true <33<33<33 i rly wanna get a MBLAQ CD because MBLAQ/BIGBANG is my favorite groups so :') <3333 some day <33
Bye bye birdies ! ^-^<33
XOXO <333


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