Fattie shopping

Hey i just came hore from the market--
mum and me drove there 2 get candy after a lazy day at home ( 4 me ,, she was at work)

So i rly wanted candy and we come there and end up with:
* 2oo g Marabou (mine)
* chinese puffar (mum´s)
* 5 l cola
* some other drink 2 of them
* gum
* Chips

and sence i had been home all day i was ''lazy dressed'' so when i came home i reliced that you could see halv my belly x.x over the belly button ...
So i´m not going back there now xD
though i´m not as fat as you would guess seing all that shit.. so maybe it was good after all? hmm

i know i havn´t been active lately sry 4 that :( <3
I havn´t rly done anything anyway so...
Ive watched alot of movies and dramas ...
*You're beautiful
*Baby and I
* you're my pet
*protect the boss (havn´t seen all yet)

so .. i still have like 4 ep left on protect the boss so i´ll watch that !
i have nothing else 2 say now so cya tomorrow <3

Henry (suju) Lately ive rly started 2 like him more <33 so yeah love 2 Henry oppa <3
yeah u see ^-¨ GeunSuk <3
TOP ^-^ HAH NAAW<3<33
Onew <33 he looks so cool here LOVE<33
Zico <333 CUUUUTE <33
^-^ seen b4 but still fun/cute i dunno.. if that happed i would proabably think its wierd Xd lol but that´s maybe cuz i hate math xD (obs the duble meaning.. my nickname is often math xD )

that´s it <3
bye <33


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