Eargasm...... x 10 o.o

So Mv nr 2 with bigbang is out now :)
i was annoyed when i started comp ... first thing i do when i come online is ALWAYS youtube <33
and in news i see the awsome BIGBANG BAD BOY M/V and i´m just like


So i start the mv and first thing i see is GD and i hear him go  AHH ~
so it ended up with me having a new favorit song *-* <33
WOW !! I lööve those bad boys <33

that´s how i looked kinda seeing the MV :P
Lol but srsly i become rly rly happy XD
i should make a rection vieo cuz my reaction is pure fangirl and happiness :D <33<3
Music is life <33

<333 :'P

i don´t have any pics of the mv yet but just look <33
i´ll put up a song list with their new songs under here <33
i´m listening though them right now <33
but i don´t have time 2 put up all but some :( but they only have 2 mv´s so other is just songs :(



BigBang - Fantastic Baby


i gtg now :(<33
but cya ppl <33Enjoy bigbang <333 2012 is bigbang´s year <33
XOXO <33<3<33

Just having sweding in the school p.p

Yeah hi <33
i´m in school in a computer room with mich listening 2 MBLAQ it´s war :D yeye
and writing in english.... this is such a good swedish lesson :D
we have no swedish teacher today cuz she´s sick so the other randome guy here can´t rly tell us what 2 do :P
and same thing was in the gymnastic (or watever) class :P we danced little then talked :D

I´ll have some more boring school soon so cya later :O

btw i´m so so so hungry :'( but there´s not food until 12 :'(
one more hour in school b4 food :'(  *CRY FACE*

Have a awsome day evryone ^-^b 
and  yeah cya later <3


Hey evryone <3
sry i didn´t make any post yesturday but i was 2 lazy/sleepy  :(
anyway CL had birthday yesturday <333 yey <33 congrats 2 her <33 The one and only badest female <33

And today school...... again.. like always :'(
boring boring boring :(<33
And after school mich,sara unnis and me went home 2 mich :)
nice nice! ^-^<33
and i came home like 19.30 or something :O yup yup ^-¨<3

Sara unni 16 <33 Happy b-day <33

i sadly have 2 go like now so only 1-2 pics :'( then bye :( GAAAH WHY MUM WHY?? xd
whe whon´t let me stay :(

CL ^-^<33
Tablo <3
Gongchan (B1A4) <33

Bye ppl <3

i hate cc subtitles on youtube!

hi evryone!
today ive been 2 town but i didn´t find anything and i didn´t rly feel in the mood 4 finding anything anyway..
ive been feeling pretty bad all day. not like sick bad but just bla ish :(

Now i´m drop dead sleepy +.+'
but yeah i decided 2 go here still cuz i´m 2 sleapy 2 read the sup on 2ne1 tv..
i´m on season 2 now but only 2ne1 original chanel have it uploaded and with cc subtitle.. x.x'
cc subtitle works on this comp that i have 4 days a month at dad´s place but it doesnt work on my com at mum so i´m just like -.- GAAH why??
i rly wanna see 2ne1 tv but it´s gonna be annoying if i can´t understand x.x
so i don´t know what 2 do yet... i whont be able 2 see all season 2 tomorrow o.o right?
gaah stop with cc subtitle ppl.. I HATE IT!

i´m gonna go sleep soon i think x.x
bye bye ppl !
i´ll try write something better tomorrow!  cya <33

한극 고 고 고, 하하 아니요 :] ㄴㅇㄴ ^ㅇ^ ...아고! me such a geek :P

안녕하서ㅣ요! :)

Hi evryone !
Today ive been home lazy last day of freedom :''''C WAE???? :'(  i don´t wanna go back 2 school :( so sad..
Oh and today i got a reply from the school .. IB internationall Bac (watever xD) ... i can´t even wright it.. and they want me 2 go 2 the school and do a test in english and math in 2 weeks :O OMO!! 어머!어머!어머! i can´t do it :O
Srsly i´m not sure if i should say yes or no 2 it :(
I don´t know any math :( and i don´t speak english WHAT HAVE I DONE ????? o.o
(and yeah i kinda do speak english but not like pro-ish... o.o and many of the people on the school are english or chinese cuz if i go 2 that school i´ll learn chinese ,, speak english 100% in school ,keep going with my german and loads of other hard stuff.... Or i´ll go 2 a kidna ''drawing ish''  thing and have extra song lessons and design .. i´m not sure what will be the best ... *sight*
My biggest dream right now would be 2 get in 2 YG entertainment but sence i´m not korean ,i don´t speak fluent korean, i pretty much suck at dancing xD and i don´t think i sing good enough the chance of that is like ½ in one million :O
So my goal is 2 learn fluent korean and then move 2 korea and live there .. so i´ll have 2 think of what will be the best thing 2 do if i wanna fallow the dreams ... its rly hard so .. yeah :I  scary!

Emm tomorrow i´m going 2 아빠(dad) but i don´t know what i´ll do there yet.. i think i  wanna get new clothers ? i´m bored with evrything :( gaah i should go 2 japan and go crazy with the sopping :O *-* THAT WOULD BE SO AMAZING OMO! .. but .. that aint happening :I   +.+'
enough about me already enjoy some of these pics now and C U PPL tomorrow<3

Daesung <33
GD <33
Seungri <33
Yoseob and Doojoon<3
Dara ^-^ (and a la my hairstyle xD)

no more time :( gtg <3
bye <33

파이팅! ^o^b <33

Hi everyone :D ^-^~~ <3
Today ive still just been home watching 2NE1 TV i think ive seen like 5h and 15 min or something like that xD hah but i lööve it ^-^b
And... *hih*  GD is in it pretty much 2 :P and i can´t even pretend that i don´t like GD ^-^he was like the firk kpop guy i liked ^-^ <33
but srsly i löve 2ne1 alot more 2 now ^-^ they are so funny n cute ^-^
And Dara is so much like her brother (Thunder in MBLAQ)^-^<3
watch it if u havn´t :) u whont regret it :D <3

Ohh~  and i made cookies 2 day 2 ^-^ Heh :D
I´m gonna fix my nails after this post :) i have bling bling nails :P but the old ones lasted 4 a week so now i have 2 do new ones but yeah ^-^thats fun but it takes so much time :P i so 2-3 layers colour and then 6-7 layers with see though nail polish so it takes rly rly long time but it stays on realy good ^-^ and its almost like fake nails when you have it like that so it whont break your nails ^-^ <33 Gut gut gut!

I said yesturday that i would have some style and stuff like that so here you go ^-^ not much sence i pretty much always only watch series and listen 2 music when i´m on the comp but its something atleast ^-^<33

GIMME!!! i lööve those shoes so much<3
Totaly stylish japanese mums :O so cool :o why isn´t my umma like that?
Love it all ^-^ the jean and the hair is awsome :D <333 think you can find it somewere on Yesstyle!
These are also from yesstyle :) i löve this kind of shoes cuz its pretty but not 2 much ^-^ <33 ''Press here 2 go 2 yesstyle''
More yesstyle ^-^ but picture is just cute cute shirt and pretty pretty hair (even tho its a wig o.o :P ) but yeah why don´t i look like that * T.T*
The pink one is it that i use on my nails but most of the time i don´t use it as grafitti cuz i think it shows 2 little then ^-^
And Dara cuz ive stolen her hairstyle ^-^ hah its cute and easy ^-^just throw up the fringe and done ^-^b
But my umma didn´t like it :'( she said it make me look like i´m 12 years old :O i´m like HEEY :O
but i´ll use it annyway.. its nothing wrong with looking young right? evry asian does it so i should be happy i can do it 2 ...kinda... cuz most non asian people can´t ..(MOHAHAHAH) kinda....

Oh btw bigbang have over 4 millon views on BLUE now :D <3333 on 2 days <33 yey BIGBANG 파이팅!

That´s it <33
Cya evryone <33
긋밤 i guess :P ^-^

Home studdy pause ... YUM !

안녕하서ㅣ요 여러분!'

o today ive been home pretty much listening 2 korean music and watching 2NE1 TV season ep1-3 and more if i have time i´ll put some now here on the blog ...
but yeah.. i´m telling myshelf that i´ll learn how 2 speak korean by listening 2 it cuz that´s how i learned english ... so maybe .. right now i feel so confused cuz i havn´t done any grammar yet so i can´t put together anything or understand why they say some words hera and there o.o SO HARD LANGUAGE x.x
i´m glad i didn´t start japanese 2 like i thought b4 ...but no korean it enought! geez..

Well 2NE1 TV is rly great btw! , ive wanted 2 watch it 4 pretty long time but its so long time on evry ep.. it´s like 50 minutes x 6 in 6 seasons o.o (i think) so this will take about a year 2 watch but yeah that´s fine o.o and i HOPE i´ll learn some korean by watching it!

and now i´m so sleepy ,, my eyes are just -..- (yes i have the piggy nose 2 when i´m sleepy ;P)
and yeah i´ll proabably fall asleep b4 i´m done writing this so .. i´ll just put up pics now and 2 make me stay awake i guess i´ll put up some sexiness o.o (옿ㅕㅎ)  so enjoy i guess :P *sleepy face*

Jaejoong :)
Jay Park <3
hah this it just LOL xD
Lee joon Le Yum!
Rain .. never get sick of him :)
*ANGRY MOMENT NONE of the best giffs works :'(  WHYY GOD WHYYYY?*
TOP ^-^
Hyungseung <3  Good job girls :P stealing his shirt! YEY
Sexy Lee Joon and very hated girl :o <3
Lee joon and again girl i hate z,z (<33 JOON)
Abs a la Insoo from MYNAME! <33
Key can 2 ;P <3
never forget Siwon! <3
Onew <33

I gtg now :( byt yeah cya tomorrow :p
and then i´ll have style inspiration! so we go from hot boys 2 cute style ;p hah
XOXO <33

The5 gods on this earth have a new song!<33 BIGBANG BLUE!


The gods.. and yes they are gods <33 they have their new song(mv) out !! <33<33<33
*annoying love spamm*

So srsly look<33
it´s a sad song but i can´t be annything else than HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY!

Daesong is just looking GREAT in his blonde lovely hair!
TOP,, He´s just being TOP Awsome, sexy <33 i was supprised about that it looks like he have blonde/blue/greenish hair on the MV ..? hmm i dunno but doesnt rly matter he´s awsome in all colours!<33
GD <3 first he have red hat and blonde hair <33 and then red hair and pink hat and its all crazy but GOD DAMN he looks great even in such a fashion crime as mixing pink and red! <33
Taeyang is yummy in his messy hair and gosh ...*-*
and last ''little'' maknae Seungri  also jut being yumy <3 No need 2 say more!

But i do not like the girl :I WHY CAN`T THAT BE ME? :'C
but yeah song gets A+ Looks get A++ and over all it´s an A+++ song! <33

^-^ <33 awsome TOP scary ghost hand :P
From the MV!<3
GD <33
More GD ^-^<33
AND SOME MORE! ;p <333 hah
Taeyang and his PERFECT hair <33 O.O <33
Daesung :D am i right or am i right.. he looks great in this video!<3
Taeyang<33 (cool jeans!!)
TOP standing like jesus <33 and yes he is <33 save the world with your music!<3
<33 Daesung ..:P

i wish that i could put up more pics but .. no <33
just watch video over and over again like me *-* :D <33
it´s a win win situation! <3

bye bye ppl now i´ll watch it AGAIN !! :D

XOXO <33


Today ive only been home doing pretty much ''whife'' stuff or better house stuff.. cleaning , making food and other shit x.x not my favorite thing 2 do but yeah..
i´ll make cookies tomorrow so thats good :D
i also did make up o.o i almost never use makup anymore o.o so now when i do i get annoyed cuz of it and my lashes get stuck in my fringe(or water its called .. hair) ... but yeah i´ll get better with the makeup again sence i still LÖVE makeup <3

btw what i havn´t told is that i was in Växjö this saturday with mich :) i didn´t find much both sence i didn´t know what i wand and i have like NOOOO money *cry face*
But i got a new ring,tights and ... something more that i can´t remember now -.- *aigoo*

i´m not gonna say more today i´ll just put up randome pics <3
enjoy <3

Zelo <3 My new computer backround<33 (i had him b4 2 but not same picture ^-^b)
Block B <33 Zico is my favorit but damn U-kwon is nice 2 :D <33
Go *-* that is ********* CRAZY!!! XD
A lá Tablo <33
A little Kevin from U-kiss .. like a girl o.o XP <3
That´s better <3 Kevin like he should be ^-^ <33
Hyungsung abs as an goodbye <33

Btw ppl Miss A´s new song Tuch Mv came out today :) don´t forget 2 watch it <33

Bye bye <33


I guess i´m back a little... i have no idea what will happen but i´m back and i´ll try be in as much as possible <3
and i´ll start with BIGBANG!! *yeey* <33
enjoy :) cuz DAMN I DO!! :D

*-* <33 LÖVE GD <33 and it does get better :D <3<33
Yeah *-* <333
and more Gd ^-^ the style is kinda wierd :P but still my love GD is always in my heart <33
Seungri <33 doesn´t look like a maknae 2 me ,, oh no <33
Taeyang <33 :D<3
Daesung  :D <33 looking so stylish <33
And TOP <33 u have already seen it but u can´t get watch TOP 2 much so just look <33
Bigbang Fighting! (good or bad.. not sure o.o)
one more fighting <33 there froam vouge if i got it right ^-^<3

Löve löve löve löve löve <33<3<3<33<3<33<3
Bigbang 4 ever<33

Cya <33
XOXO <33


i´m sorry i havn´t been in here lately but i have it kinda shitty at home righ now so i havnt been online 4 like 4 days.. yey,,.
i´ll try get back when its fixed.. kinda sry :(



No time 2 write :'(
Bye :(

x.x' aigoo

2 day...
*wake up
*eat chinese food <3
* eat cookies at cofee shop
*eat candy

i feel fat x.x
that´s almost all ive done 2 day.. that´s just 2 sad.. :(
well well....

i´m not gonna talk so i´ll just put up some pics that´s all...:O

lol xD i laugh evey time xD nice lips zelo <3 :P bang haha ^-^
B.A.P <3<3<3 angry zelo <3
wonder girls :) <3<3
Seungho and Lauren :D <3
Lee joon and very unimpressed Dayoung.. stupid girl he told her 2 touch and she just stood there :O she´ll regret later :O :(

gtg now cuz i´m leaving dad´s place and going back home 2 mum.. cya ppl <3

Top hot hot hot fire

Google-ing around 2 find stuff about Bigbang alive tour 2012


cya tomorrow!  23:55 now :P

I heal a little more with evry note i hear! Maybe somday i´ll be all fine.

Hey all!
i had no time 2 write more yesturday :I i was away and bolwing... and failed..well well..
and today i had dance in 3h and then we whent 2 my granny and then 2 my dad´s gf´s mum.. cuz she had b-day or something like that o.o 

well now i´m FINALY home :D <33
Home sweet home :)
but more important MY LOVELY MUSIC <3<333

Right now i´m watching old pictures and it´s so awful x.x OMG
how can i look so bad??????? IT`S AMAZING THAT I CAN BE THAT UGLY!!
and one funny picture of me standing next 2 sara in like 7th grade and i´m like 30-40 cm shorter than her and so smal and thin legs and i look stupid and she´s all normal :O
i´m aware of that i´m still ugly but that was extreme o.o OMG!! eww.. and big eyebrows.. that´s srsly all i see xD that´s how big they were xD good that they´r not like that now xD haha

well now pic´s cuz i´m 2 sleepy..........

So this is ofc Bigbang.. hah like u all know :p if u think this is BAP ur 0.00% wrong!
My gif´s never work :'(
well still .. ive gotten my seungri love back ^-^  MUST LISTEN 2 SEUNGRI<33
Zelo. LIKE A BOSS<3<33<3
GD <33
and i end with alá Jo twins <33

bye bye <33
XOXO <33

Saengil chukae hamnida Siwon oppa!

Happy B-day 2 Choi Siwon <33 He´s 25 years old today <33
Saengil chukae hamnida oppa!<33



Haha <33 that´s it 4 now <33 Cya ppl <33
XOXO <33

Quiet 4 you Loud 4 me

Yo! :p
So in school we had test first 3 hours :O GOSH that was boring and my hand still hurts x.x
Then it was music who was just stupid and then math and i just sat there and wrote in korean ... yey good day..

It´s some kind of outside day tomorrow so i´m just like
- I ain´t doing that :o


So i´ll sit at home all day doing 100% useless stuff :D yeey ♥

LOL fail XD .. why wait that long time? :P
;P haha
Look i found sungmin gif when he´s just like me :P i´m like that evry day :D lollipop löve<3
GD <3<33<33

That´s it <33
Bye bye ppls <3

XOXO <3<3<33

What if life´s just one big dream...

Hi <3
Today have been school and dancing,... i failed 100% .. at both :P lol
but yeah,.. watever..
i´ll have a test tomorrow and i don´t know anything about it.. but watever :p
i think i say watever like 20 times evry day :P i totaly feel like only thing i care about right now is my k-pop.. :)
much better than anything else <33
I have nothing 2 say.. just enjoy these pics <3

<33 Yoseob <33
GO *-* <33
Lol xD that´s just wierd :P hah
Dongwoon *-*  <333 GOSH...
Gikwang ^-^haha <33 naaw <3

Now i gtg <33
Cya .. <3
Time 4 tv then i´ll sleep :D :P  and tea <33 always tea <33
BYE !!<33

I´ll be forever young !

Hi :)
so i have been 2 school 2 day (like always :'(..)  And we had test (yey) but well well ..that´s school
and after that we ate and watched movies :) so it was pretty nice day anyway :D
and while watching movies me and mich ate candy so i was happy :D yey <33

When i came home i decided 2 become better at my korean Hangul writing so i wrote Mystery in my korean book..
it didn´t rly become very good but i do feel that i learned more words so YEEY <333

Tomorrow i´ll have first dance thing 4 the musical OMFG :O
i suck at remembering dances :O well well-- (and i will have 2 dance in like 10+ cm heels :O yeey)

Now ... i´m crazy 2 do this but it will not happen again :) i´ll put up a picture of me and mich taken like in November :o OMG .. crazy!!
But it will only be this once :) and the picture is so lol cuz were on a playground so... yeah.. *awkward moment*
just look and then enjoy the boys i put up after it so that ur not gonna look at my pic :D
(smart girl here :P )

Naaw <3 Yoseob <33

Jay Park <33 *-*
Lee joon <33
Minho <3
Lee joon <33
Onew xD
Oh that´s mean :O he opens the pants but the gif doesnt wanna work here :'( (Rain Bi btw)
hah <3

But bye bye <33<33


D.I.G.I.T.A.L ~ Welcome to the digital world

feeling gangsta ;p  nah not rly xD
But yeah i´m home .. and i´m in jogging clothers and all so i look wierd xD but i feel happy about my self sence i worked out and that will maybe get a better belly :P lol (going 4 abs ;o nah not rly i´m 2 lazy xD)
But i ate 200 g candy so i was like.. I`M FAT so i worked out :) Good 4 me :D

When i was on town after school i baught another very cute/slly ring with kitty on :P KAWAII ~<3
And some kind of lip gloss or watever with Cola on it ^-^ and it smells like it 2 ^-^ i think i have like 7 kinds of those already but i rly like cola lip stuff xD haha

I wish i had something fun 2 say.. but NOPE
:( so sad..
i wanna move 2 korea NOW :I sweden is boring.. watever you ppl so NEVER MOVE 2 SWEDEN!!

But sence i do live in sweden i´ll just put up randome pics .. :P
so enjoy :)

Zelo <33
Yoseob <33
April kiss <33
Yoseob *-* <33 (HALLA ) <3
^-^ inded i do <33 YOSEOB <33
Hehe <3

U ain´t getting more 4 now :P
cya ppl <3

Freeze 비스트

Hi ppls ! ♥
Mich left like 1-2 h ago so ive pretty much just been cleaning up little at home.. i just say MESSY!
it´s food and dish and shit all over so i´ll have 2 do x.x yeey
I feel right now that i should never become a house whife .. IT SUCKS and ive only been it 4 2½ days xD haha
well well... there´s fast food and stuff like that 4 reasons right? :P
i don´t have much 2 say so i better just stop :P hah

Style inspiration:

Taylor swift ^-^ she always have so pretty dresses and i´m just like GIMME GIMME GIMME <33
Details <33
i RLY RLY RLY wanna have this shoes :( much better than converse :I my converse are boring.. or one is little fun but only little.. :o

well well cya <33

Forever alone


I´m home alone now with mich..
my mum is in stockholm p.o i dunno.. wierd..
yeah but mich came here and stayed yesturday .. we ate some pizza and candy and so :) yey
i´ll make some kind of food now :O i´m starting 2 get hungry :O so...'
i´ll just put some pics and i´ll be back later today :)

Zico Block B <33
Rain :) ^-^
Yoseob <3333
GD <33
CL :) <33
Thunder <33
Gaho and GD =  ADORABLE <3<33
Junhyung <33
Jay Park <33

Bye bye now ppl <33 i´m gonna eat fries and CHICKEN with mich now :) :D

Bye ^-^

Maybe it will all end up good afterall

Hi evryone <33
Today i came 2 school and got the question
-What will you write about?
-on the test ...

so yeah fail :/ i did some kind of writing test without knowing that i was supposed 2 have it but yeah it whent fine i think :P it was in english and at 8 in the morning.. good start right :P?

Later it was music and we got the roles 4 the musical ...
my role was called up first .. and i didn´t get it z.z so i sat there saying *=()//%&%#¤%"
But then they called up last roles that i also surched 4... AND FUCK YEAH I GOT IT!!!!! *YEEEH *
But ofc at the moment i was still pissed about the other role so i didnt even smile :p i just *POKER FACE*
*po po po poker face po po poker face na na na na *(gaga moment)
i´m happy about it now though:P lol we are 60 ppl and only 23 got roles and i was one of them :) so i´m happy :) i have no idea how i wil learn all though i will have 2 dance like £$€@~'* (crazy person) hah :P and sing... and talk SHIT :o so scary :O BUT FUN :D i love being on stage :P best and worst feeling at same time <3 :P hah

And when i came home i drank some tea and then i left 2 my sisters place and now i have a neew hair cut :O
if feel rly strange :P lol but i hope it will be good :P
It doesn´t rly wanna stay on place yet so i´ll need 2 use LOADS of hairspray in the start hah :P but that´s fine :P

Tomorrow mich will come here 4 sleepover when we will eat cupcakes ,pizza and play wii :P lol
we play mario :p (super cool i know :> ) i´m ALWAYS Baby peach :) ADORABLE
but now i´ll shut up cuz i see i wrote SO MUCH ... o.o

TOP <33
SUJU <33
Minho :) <3
Lee Joon a lá Bubble pop <33 ^-^
HAHA Key <33 True story :P
Siwon <3
GD <33


Nothing worth having in life comes without hard work.

Hi evryone <33
another rly boring day in school but that´s all i need 2 say about that :)
My sister didnt fix my hair today eather :'( *sadface* but i rly hope she´ll so it tomorrow instead then <33
Instead i spend my time with watching MBLAQ Hello baby <33 cute cute cute<33 can´t wait 4 episode 3 2 come out<33 MUCH SEE !!<33

Another this is that.. i´m in music class.. i think ive said that like one million times but i have rly many new readers :O wow ... 8D  welcome ~  ^-^ hehe <3
But yeah we´r gonna have a musical b4 we quit 9th grade so tomorrow we´ll proabably get 2 know what role wi´ll have in the musical o.o OMG ~  SO SCARY!  i have no idea if i´ll even get a role o.o but yeah.. worth trying i guess :O so wish me good luck or something like that :O <3
Not more 2 say now so i´ll put up some pics and then its bye :P <33

Thunder <33 haha srsly love this guy he´s so awsome <33
i don´t know what 2 say xD haha TOP dance ... kinda.. sorry but i love you :P lol <3
Rain :P lol <33
Boyfriend <33
Taemin 4 ever<3<3<3
HAH <33 TVXQ moment :P WAE?? <33
klick HERE 2 listen 2 Keep your head down<33
Haha :P <33 Hyuna :) <33
HAHA  i´m almost sorry... but then again
No :) *smile* hah
Heehehheheh :P

And with that i say BYE BYE <333 heh <333
cya tomorrow i guess :D <33

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