Nan ganguro aniya

Hello people :) it´s been years sence i was here o.o (it feels like)
so i´ll just quickly go though what ive done o.o

1, Ive been to germany with all schools 9th graders :O
we were there for 3 days ... and its proabably the wierdest 3 days of my life o.o
we lived in a hotel with 3 other classes and somehow ALL guys decided ''let´s all go shirtless''
me O.O U JOKING ME? ... ye that was stange and i´m very awkward around guys irl so when a shirtless guy is talking 2 me irl i´m almost having a heartattack even tho i don´t like him and he´s ugly (yeah ,,, mathilda Hwaighting...x.x )
We looked around the city when shopping, learned about the 2nd world war ..
but i still find it rly hard 2 under stand that such things happened o.o i can´t understand how any human can do that 2 others... wich is good i guess tho o.o ... but it was ''cool'' and interesting so ye...

2, Sara stayed over here from friday 2 sunday and we fangirled, watched movie pretty much :P hehe <3
i had no voice cuz i screamed evry time i saw GD oppa  <3 haha sorry evryone living close 2 me for that xD lol

3, chilling , listening 2 all the new  that´s out <33 just trying 2 live the good life (and failed)

4, Sweden won Eourovision song contest ( i proabably spelled that wrong o.o ) and i didn´t see that ofc xD i only listen 2 kpop now but ye.. it´s good 2 know that we win atleast sometimes :P heh

5, Planning for tomorrow when we have a DRESS UP day IN SCHOOL... all 9th grades will dress all fucked up and walk around like that all day... There4 the Ganguro title... I´ll be a ganguro o.o
ive tried that b4 at home so yeah i hope it´ll go well :P
ive already decided most things 2 wear and so :P i´m in the clothers and so now so i look rly wierd xD keke

i´m not gonna talk more cuz reading sucks so ejoy pics and cya <3

Taeyang cuz he´s SO DAMN FINE LOOKING <3 (and i have his earing as a necklace :D )
GD <33 HELL YEAH <33 New MV Monster is out soon and there´s new Monster pics on BIGBANG´s FB <33 go look if u havn´t seen them ^_^

Cya tomorrow and i´ll MAYBE show pics of me as an Ganguro oki? ^_^ annyeong! <3
XOXO <33

shower then i´m gone

yez ppl :o
i can´t blog more i hav2 shower and pack then sleep and of i go :O
ihh..... 5.30 in the morning NICE  NOOOOT! z.z ¨
byt ye cya´! i´ll be back on wednesday :) <33 Peace n love ^-¨

XOXO <33

Shake it up Shake it for me

i have so much 2 say but absolutly no time 2 say it in :o
dad says were going somewere but i´m just like DONT WANNA!
i hate going away for no reason ... u do things when u need or wanna not else ... i´d rather sit at home with my music o.o 
( i feel like ferdinand ''i´d rather just sit over here and smell the flowers'' LOL :P

Bounce ...the song... WAS AWSOME :D
I dicided that i liked JB a little more by the fact that JB has little better voice but JR is hotter ...
i ended up liking the one with the voice :) good choice of me i must say :P lol
I also Love the wierd dance xD omo their heads must hurt after that :P
and random butt shake and its goooood :D i knew it was gonna be good ^-^
I havn´t seen dream high tho :O but i know they were in it , so i´ll have 2 see it later :) but i have som much 2 see and no drive 2 watch anything c.c aigoo ...

i guess i´ll have 2 go now o.o
dad is like GO EAT
Me : o.o ... (Doing the D.O )

sence i´ll go 2 germany monday 2 wednesday i´ll try write more later tonight so cya <3

(Y GIFFS Y :'( never work :'(
Zelo .. just because he´s so awsome <3
My shorts o.o the picture´s kinda bad cus it´s just taken with cam ... but they´r nice right? :D <33
me .......... ye-.-
Bye bye <33
XOXO <33

sorry 4 party rocking?? o.o

Okey it´s been way 2 long o.o aish..
i´m worst blogger  :'(

Thanks 4 still reading <3 my readers rules ^-^ *hwaighting*

Ive been a little sick but it´s fine :) ^-^b
2 day i got a pair of shorts in zebra print *-*  but i always walk around singing sorry 4 party rocking now when i wear them o.o i´ll maybe show u how they look when i have my cam at dad´s but maybe not o.o cuz they´r kinda short o.o (why are all my short so SHORT)
but i hate when short arn´t short tho o.o then they´r not shorts o.o (i like short shorts :O ^-^b)

I´ll be going of 2 germany on monday o.o scary.. but it´ll proabably be cool and good 2 see :o
and after all the 2nd world war thing´s i´ll try 2 go for some shopping in berlin :D whoho :)

i´ll talk lil more tomorrow cuz i wanna talk about new songs and tomorrow is JJ p... out so *_* their debut song BOUNCE :O DIS GON B GOOD!!!!

and i wanna talk about Dalmatian and Junsu :P <33 BTW LOVE THEIR NEW SONGS!!
Dalmatian <3
Junsu <3

Cya ppls :O <333

최승현 ,강대성 living at my place

Hey evryone :)
ive spent the past days with sara , shopping , walking at ''festivals'' , getting 2 new birds and cut my hair

My new birds i got today ive named 최승현 ( Choi Seung Hyun) and 강대성 ( Kang Daesung)
i guess u all know why xD
and one was blue and one yellow so i just whent after BIGBANG´s hair colours :p
i feel kinda mean sence one of the birds is a girl tho xD MIANHAE DAESUNG!! <3<33
but they had male names when i got them and sence it´s only birds it doesn´t realy matter...
i love bigbang so it´s good <3

Also my bigbang ALIVE will be here anyday now OMO :O
i can´t wait :O
ihhh.. i´ll die of happines when i get it :O :D <33

i don´t know what 2 say so i´ll stop it here o.o

Oh i have been walking around on the roof 2 :D lol the gray is the floor :P assa oh u see my shoes 2 *-*  but they look kinda wierd here xD ye ye no1´s perfect :P
Hope no one missed this :D V.I.P´s won best fan <33 (ofc) <33 so yeey *proud* i even voted and i hope u did 2 <3
HAHA :D love these xD hihi and i´m just like *-* <33 and I REGRET NOTHING :D
JGS <33 how adorable <3<33<3 love ^-^
JunHyung <33 i need a comeback with B2st i feel like *-* i miss them :( NEW SONGS NOOOW!
i have nothing 2 say...

Bye bye ^-¨<33

Positivt och glatt tänkande

Hej alla små läsare :)

hey :)
lately ive been walking in my 11cm heel shoes 4 4km in the forest
fixed my nails so they have pretty hangul on them :D
had a meeting with my new future class

not 2 fun.. but it´s working :)

LOOK AT MY TUMBLR (i´m there more sence it´s 100 times more easy , i won´t quit the blog tho :)

I´m a bit confused about what i´ll do in the future i didn´t rly like my new class..
not that i disliked is.. i just didn´t like it..
and drawing is fun ,, on the freetime not in school maybe? i dunno
i would wanna go Human psycology but there is none close 2 were i live so :(
ye ye ,,, i´ll have 2 wait n see...

Jaejoong so beautiful <3
another one ^-^<33
HyunJoon oppa <3

Bye bye <33
XOXO <3<33

Playful Kiss

i still don´t write much on the blog :( Mianhae!
but sence i watch alot of dramas i always forget it :( gah.. annoying
i say evry day ''ill blog today''
and teh  i come home and watch some drama x.x aish

Anyway ive seen alot now :)
You´re my pet
You´re beautiful
Devil besides you
Protect the boss
Postman to heaven
Boys over flowers
Nariko goes to seoul
and proabably more ^_¨ right now i´m watching Playfull kiss cuz i love Kim Hyun Joon srsly *-*
First time i saw him was in BOF and i was like wow *-* he´s like an angel so i decided 2 watch playfull kiss now and it´s rly good ^_^ <33

Hope yall liked my new mp3 thing on my blog btw ^-¨ i put it up yesturday :D
and i totaly put Bad boy first on the list just 2 have fun :D GD is awsome hahah ^_¨<3

i´ll put pics and then i´ll drink some tea and keep watching playfull kiss :)
i´ll try to come back here evry day as usual again :) <3 ok?

Jang geun suk <33
Aish Pavorit colour on my favorite BAP guy <33 love love ZELO <3<33<3
YongGuk,Zelo and Hongki <33<33 i miss hongki after you´re beautiful <33 he´s so sosososososo adorable <33 he´s cuter in blonde hair though even thoug i LOVE the hairstyle he have here 2 ^_^
EXO ^-^ sadly i don´t know all names yet :( or i know most names i just can´t put right name with right face :P

Block b is back 2 :) yeye cute video made 4 their fans so i´m happy i like the song even though it´s not their normal style i understand and love the song <33

Block B(블락비) _ Close My Eyes

Cya <33
XOXO <3<33<3

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