7 Days of jeans?

Hey evryone :)
i´m on my wierd week named ''7DaysOfJeans''  and it pretty much just means that evry day in 7 days i will use jeans in different colours :P so yeah i like that :P Blue and white is used :P tomorrow i think i´ll have green :p
I´m learning more words now in hangeul :P so hard 2 remember all .. i´m learning like 1 word evry day xD wow amazing right? lol :P
i´m sitting with totaly stupid words 2 (it feels like but i guess i need 2 know that 2 speek well)
like Cat,Dog,apple,bird,sun,kiss xD and bla bla bla u get it :P

I´ll maybe cut my hair tomorrow ;O omg
my sister will do it :P and if not tomorriw it will be on thursday :O so the and 4 my hair is soon :p
i´ll maybe put in some more blonde high-lighters 2? i don´t know yet o.o

and now bye 4 5 minutes cuz i´ll go get some tea :P lol <33

*madface.... tea boiler wasn´t plugged in o.o cold tea water isnt good :I ..blog instead i guess..*

Though i have nothing 2 say o.o wow i rly do nothing on the days .. me and mich just sit in class like:
can u ppl understand why our class get annoyed? i just don´t get it :P
they are like :
:P hah
That´s the moment when i decide 2 say something in korean just 2 make it even more fun :P haha

well now this has nothing 2 do with the other but i´ll just put up some pics/gifs i like <33 :P hah enjoy :P <3
U go GO <3<3<3 ;)<3
LOVELY GD<3<3<3<3
Dongjun from ZE:A <3
Yoseob and Lee joon xD LOL <33

bye now :P Lee joon hugs <3 :P

항상 웃었던 넌데, 눈빛, 표정, 말투가 어두워졌고 무서워졌대.


Today ive been 2 school like always :o BORING ... srsly can´t school be little fun atleast right??
I would rather work than this shit.. atleast u get payed if you work right? :) much better!
Well well.. After school i whent 2 town with Mich but i forgot my money at home (ofc)
so i didn´t buy anything.. but that might be good o.o 
I HAVE NO MONEY LEFT :'( gaah .. but i think i get it tomorrow though :D yey but still not much :(
When i came home i watched tv and then here and music like evry day o.o i need do more stuff..
i´ll work out soon atleast when i´m done with this post :O burn of some of the millions of calories i eat evry day xD hahah omg i´m such a fattie :P i need 2 start eat more healthy ... (like i would,, i say that all the time..)
but yeah... that´s the way it is..
i still can´t decide who i want 2 cut my hair :O i have 2 sisters and one is a hair watever it´s called XD lol hair dresser? xD sounds fuckd up :o (sry 4 bad language if some1 cares :o )
and the other sister is good 2 .. and i can go 2 a real place ... but that will cost more ofc .. sister is 4 free (i guess)
I´ll talk 2 my sisters first .. who knows.. i rly wanna do it like NOW not in 3 month which it will take if i go 2 a real ''hair dresser or watever'' so i guess sisters are better o.o like that.. ;P
that´s it 4 now...
cuz my mum tells me 2 leave xD hah tough life..
cya <33

Fly baby bird Top fly <33 this is my favorite dance ever ;P  i can dance it 2 :P wooow~<3
Yoseob <33
HEY DISCO balls... o.o xD <33<3Siwon <3
Taemin <333
Just have 2 :p <33 B.A.P Youngjae fattie belly ^_^ but 2 be honest ME DON`T MIND <33 he have a great voice and good face <33 9.5/10 <3
Zelo = 20/10 <3 :P <33 ;P <3

XOXO <3<33<3

Better Together <3

This is a gif :(
But,,, Zelo is my favorite so i don´t mind :P <3<333
now imma go shower so this is the worst post ever :P ahh <33<33
Btw welcome all new readers :p i have gotten so many new readers today i´m just like o.o WERE U ALL COME FROM ... then i watch the map thing and go NICE :D new flags= nice <33
well well <3
BYE PPL <3<33<3

SE7EN - Better Together

XOXO <3<333

Ulzzang girl

hey yall <33
2 day have been .. pretty normal.. kinda
and i was at the hospital 2 see granny she´s fine but not good :( i don´t know what will happen..
They will sell her car atleast and give the money 2 me so i can get a drivers licence or something like that but i don´t like that :O take all the money .. no good

Anyway more happy is that ive decided 2 get a new hair cut sence ive had the same 4 like 5 or 6 years so i rly rly need a new and this time i´ll get a rly cute look :P i´ll show pics of it down :D <33
i had that hairstyle when i was rly young but i got annoyed at it cuz the hair was infront my eyes so i pushed it aside and sence then ive just changed little 2 have a bangnot have and bla bla .. so i wanna change now :O
and i´ll get little shorter hair 2 :o :'( its under ... the boobd now xD so i have 2 cut it so it can grow better :) i wanna have it like at the waist or so :P and my hair grows rly slow so that will take some time :p HAH
but i like long hair so it will be good in the end i hope :)
i have no idea when i´ll get the new hair thoug :O i´ll fix that later :P  but as soon as possible i hope :P <3

Like this kinda ^-^ but i whont look as pretty as jessica ofc ^-^
hah all in 2ne1 have had it :p but i´ll never have as short hair as Minzy i think ^-^ more like Dara :)
haha i will totaly do that xD hha sosad!


브라이언(Brian Joo) - 너 따윈 버리고

I´ll be honest and say . I KNOW NOTHING ABOUT BRIAN JOO
but i like the song so  ^-^
very diffrent 2 what i listen 2 normaly :P <33

but still i can´t stop listening 2 B.A.P -warrior <33 löve löve löve<33

Bye bye <33

White jeans *-* <33 Sarang

Annyeong haseyo modu!
2 day ive been quick 2 town and i got a hello kitty ring xD (lol it was 2 cute and was only 3:- )
and i got some diamonds 4 the nails you know :P lööve bling <33
emm,, i ate cakes 2 o.o one rly cute pink Macarong and  some other thing i dón´t know name o.o
But still best is that i have the white jeans on that i got from the lovely michelle :) yey
i löve white jeans :D
emm, what 2 say?
i rly have no idea xD
so great i always walk around all day ... OH I WANNA SAY THIS ON THE BLOG THIS IS GREAT
when i´m home i´m like wtf was it i wanted 2 say? o.o .. arch proabably nothing *music*
always xD evry day you ppl have no idea how much shit i should have said xD now its just shit and not even good shit xD sry 4 that .. i´ll try make the blog better :) <3

one thing i canm say that i wanted 2 talk about was weight!
but-........ i can´t remember what it was with weight i wanted 2 talk about x.x
hah btw i worked out yesturday (not 2 lose weight just 2 keep healthy)
and srsly when i was up in like lost 50 cal i was like FUCK THIS SHIT :'( i´d rather be unhealthy and happy then healthy and feel awful :D so i´m just fine with becoming fat now xD (not rly but u know) xD <3
Me so lazy :P hha


Zelo <3333
Zelo <33 hah naw ^-^
Zelo hah <33
Me addicted? nah... *looks away*
Yeah i am .. i rly am xD hah <33 and i don´t mind :D
I do :) i rly do :) <33 we all do :D
<33 B.A.P
Gikwang being adorable <33
hah xD <333
Bang Yong Guk <33(he rly looks good in all hair colours ,, its unfair :O )

Bye bye ppl <33
Sarang! ses<3

Tell me goodbye ~Oasis

okey i´m here in the night listening trough loads and loads off covers :P
1* Cute people .. not just the boys are cute 2 be honest :O i wanna look like the girls i´m just like ''WHY ISNT THAT ME``??''
2*good songs hah

but yeah ive been home sick now 2 days :o
not 2 serius but still
and on wednesday i was at mich´s place

and in 7h i will be at dad´s place so i should sleep but  don´t wanna :(

that was almost my week in like 1 minute :P that is great i think :P
i rly talk much but i don´t feel like talking now and i´ll just go sleep soon :O
but yeah ,, some pics then bye bye and off 2 my dreamland.. even thoug i don´t dream very often :'( s sad .. i wanna dream but Nooe .. that would be 2 good :'(

I´m still listening 2 B.A.P warrior :P
that is my drug <33 better than Marijuana :P <33 but just as dangerus :p lol

Zelo <3
Lee joon <3

Top <33


B.A.P - WARRIOR (워리어)

Zelo cute fail ^-^<33


I´m out<3<3<33<
Said enough!<3<3 (4 now ;p )

Hello baby <33

Hi evryone !
guess u all know that MBLAQ is the 5th season of hello baby :D whoho <333
and i just wetched ep 1 <33
sence i need eng subtitle i have 2 wait lil longer than those who can speak fluent korean :(
i´ll watch ep 2 as quick as i can :D it was rly good <33
Seungho is rly cute ^-^
Thunder is stupid and adorable
Go is smart as hell most of the time
Lee joon   XD haha foolish :P but yeah he´s rly funny so extra points 4 that :P <3
Mir hah stupid and cute xD lol
yeah but i tell u all 2 watch it cuz it was great <33 so much fun <3
And the kids are 100% adorable .. and yes i said KIDS there´s 3 of them :p hah
But now watch and see!

[ENG] MBLAQ Hello Baby ep 1

and i´m done watching hello baby SHINee btw !
that was so so so so good and sad in the end :(
i so wanna watch it again when i´m done with MBLAQ´s new <33

oh and yesturday was chinese new year 2 btw.. i said that all day irl and when i come online i forgott it like 100%
my memory is worse than on a goldfish.. so sad :C
but yeah .. nor sure if any of u ppl celebrate it but still :P Happy new year :P hah

hah Mir is a kid 2 ^-^
LMFAO xD haha Lee joon and Mir = No brain team <33 i feel 4 them xD lol
Cute <33

that´s all 4 now :p kids,kids and kids :P hah
but i admit it they are adorable :P <33
Dayoung ,Leo and Lauren <3
Lauren is my favorit already :p she´s adorable :P <33 but ofc all are that so :P
her appas 2 ;P <33

but bye bye baby!
cya :P xD

Me,My sister and I

Hello yall´

Today have been another boring monday... i rly don´t like mondays cuz that means school again but i admit that the schudule is best on mondays so still i kinda like it :p
We have some wierd cooking class in morning biology,german  and then home i think.. but the breaks are WAY 2 LONG so we quit kinda late still... -.-
well after school i whent 2 my sister and spent some time at her place first.. she gime me an attack with foundation so it looks like i´m black XD and then she put my hair in a ponny tail then she was happy and we whent 2 a café and ate unhealthy ;D whoho <33 and played cardes and laughed at the baby´s who was there 2 xD 2 cute but still discusting xD hah
Then we whent back 2 her place again and she gave me some shirts :p and then her boyfriend came and picked us upp and drowe me home (kinda .. tho i skipped like 50% ofc :p u have no need of knowing what we talked about and so xD lol )
When i was home i was like ''Sence i ate a  cupcake i should work it of so i worked out little xD and when i´m here kinda xD after some more hangul reading xD
that´s my day kinda.. <3

so now pics cuz i´m out of things 2 say :P

B1A4 <33 hah sweet ^-^ though CNU is crazy like always o.o he like 2 eat hair or what? o.o hmm lol <3
CL <33

Yoseob doing what he´s best at! BEING CUTE AND ADORABLE!<33<33
A true asian always plays ping pong xD naw that´s so mean but true xD even TOP does it then it must be true right? <33 and he´s doing it with style, BEAT THAT!
and some Rain in summer :) Nice :p lady in backround totaly looking at his ass! hah xD
2 good all in one <3 me like <33


Winter in Neverland - Never end

I didn´t write annything yesturday because i whent 2 mich and came home pretty late so i just watched tv :)
But like always i have nothing big 2 tell... -.- ME SO BORING! x.x

Oh and this is 2 great.. SNOW .. all over x.x i don´t like snow...
Or well it´s realy pretty but cold and so and i hate that :(
but on one day the whole town went from a rainy hell 2 a cold winter wonderland.... yey ~ o.o
well well this is the first real snow so i should be happy it havnt been more :) yey :D the less snow the better :) but it´s nice 2 have snow 4 like 2 days so hope it´s all gone on wednesday :) <3

And the snow plow?(kinda) woke me up.. NOT FUN.. i wanna sleep long!
but yeah. i woke up and then me and my mum watched some movie called '' Larry Crowne'' i think :P with Tom Hanks and Julia Roberst :P but it was pretty good :p worth watching i guess :p but it was SOOO easy 2 guess evrything that was gonna happen but well.. maybe ive just seen 2 many movies now? :O
That´s life!

DooJoon and Skin Se Kyung
Park HyunShik have best voice of them (i think) hah but yeah :P like <3 ZE:A  <3

LEE JOON !!<33<3<33 yey <33 btw : (i don´t like him at all .. kinda :)
this is just 18 pictures of him annyway :D <33
hah <33<3

Bye bye now !!<33 Cya <3

Hulryunghan pija ;p <33 ~ ㅋㅋㅋ~<3


Another boring day :'(
I´m already so sick of school and i have atleast 3½ year left. God that feels nice 2 know -.- (NOT)
but yeah...
When i can decide if i wanna learn my german homework or korean i´m like xD HAH KOREAN !!<3
so .. here i am :) learning korean :) and whoho it´s getting much better. I think my brain finaly understood some of it :) after understanding some it´s SO much more easy :D yey .. i wanna be able 2 use korean as good as i use english now :o but i´m not sure that´s even possible :o and if it will take a hell lot of time .. but yeah.. i have 2 trow away my time on something right? why not korean? :)

oh and funny thing, hah xD On the buss today some asian stepped on and i was like ''THAT`S SOME DAMN PERFECT SKIN'' and my 100% freaky added like on those awful tv shop things '' Yes, if u use clearblue protective skin water you can have just as good skin as me and it will all be in less than 5 minutes , It´s amazing!  Parce que je le vaux bien! (Because i´m worth it!)
Haha xD isn´t that just 2 sad.. my head is a comertial ! :p and a bad one xD haha

And yeah,, i just ate pizza :) always nice :D i lööve pizza :P me such a fattie :P hah<3

But i aint gonna write more 2day cuz i´m kinda sleepy so ... i´m not in the mood 4 a A4 paper with text xD so u´ll all just have 2 be happy with this and i guess i´ll be back tomorrow <3

xD Picture of how i think xD lol
LOL <33 awsome pic <333
Taemin 4 ever <33 love <3
Boyfriend <33 CUUTE <33
LMFAO xD T-are´s cat style goes 100% out! <33 i just have 2 like this pic ^-^ hah

Okey hejdå allihopa <3
cya <3
XOXO <33<3<3<3

키~온유~종현~민호~태민~<3 정유근

so i havnt rly had annything 2 say.. so boring i know :I well well..
hmm i still don´t have annything 2 say xD haha but i feel that i kinda have 2 xD heh

Doing right now: Eating noodles with soya and drinking bluebery tea <3<33 LÖVE<33 and watching ep 11 4/5 SHINee Hello baby <3 so sad it´s almost over :'(
but yeah.. i feel so asian witting here with all that.. and i´m singing and learning hangul 2 o.o i´ll soon become korean i think :o hah xD

hmm... btw the hangul think ithink i´m finaly starting 2 understand ^-^ i´m so confused about it but ive atleat learnt some things mean that and bla like oh,min,tae,ye  bla bla bla so i´m getting better!
i´m trying 2 remember all the SHINee members named now ^-^ i have known Key like all the time ^-^ so easy :p and now i can minho and taemin 2 ^-^ soon i´ll know them all :D yey~<3'

i´ll write more 2morrow <3 FRIDAY !!!
*awful rebe...cka`? black moment x.x*

but yeah cya <3

hah <33 yoogeun and key <33
*agree* <33
Lovely n' hot Onew,jonghyung and Taemin <333 Saranghae yo! <3
haha naw ^-¨<33  Taemin<33
o.o haha :p from hello baby :)

okey bye now ppl <33

i´m so cra cra crazy

HyungShik - ZE:A
B2st and 4 minute<3
Daesung <3 haha <3



i´m so cra cra crazy

HyungShik - ZE:A
B2st and 4 minute<3
Daesung <3 haha <3



Lord have mercy


Ive been 2 school today like always :(
but i had on knee socks and skirt and all , i looked like a japanese (not rly but u know what i mean)
and i feel so girly ,, and cold .. i have jeans on summer and skirt in the snow :) so good idea i think :D

After school i whent 2 town and shopped little :D
*Ring who looks like a huge huge lego ^-^
*red lipgloss
*silver chinese earrings (some chinese sign stuff,, i cant read chinese xD)
*pink stone ring
*gold ring who is almost like snake but not snake xD lol
*2 nail polish stuff ^-^

:D yey ^-^ but i think the lego is the best xD ITS SO BIG AND PINK ^-^

Mathilda´s today logic thing: If i can see you, you can see me.
*looks at magazine at the ugly guy in it.*
*turns magazine uppsidedown*

hha admit it it´s good :D

  LOL :p AWSOME <333

and 2 make day little more fun on the bus me and sara was sitting on the buss and then 8-9 asian guys come and sitt right next 2 us.. i´m just like ,, GREAT.. god hates me .. he´s like SUFFER
some was ugly tho xD
well well no one´s perfect :)
and when i was home i walked home in the not so nice rain :( but that´s life..
i´ll go eat eggs now o.o hmm... so cya <33

Bye <33

It Hurts

Hi yall!

so today my dad called like 11 in the morning and woke me up by saing i´ll pick u up in 5 min and i have 2 get ready :I

and i take out dogs and get dressed..
then i go 2 dad´s place and eat and then we leave out on some little island 2 walk in the cold and AWFUL wather .. dad loves it and i walk around all frozen and swearing :I
when finaly done there we go 2 the hospital 2 meet my granny who´s in cuz she had a stroke 'sadface*
but yeah,, she´s getting better,,, first she didnt know any of our namas and granfa was rly sad :( i feel bad 4 him he´s all alond at home and he rly misses her and she doesnt even remember his name :( a la heartbreak :(
but yeah.. then i went home pretty much and i havnt wanted 2 do much more thanlisten 2 music :I

so .. i dont know what more 2 say... i´m a bit worried about grannma so..hmmpf
i´ll write better tomorrow !
school... yey -.- hate school so much.. its worse than hell.. in hell its atleast warm ..

i´ll just take 100% randome pics.. sp yeah x.x

shisus ... :o
naw taemin ^-^ so sweet like sugar ^-^ even with no shirt ^-^ and so stylish underwear :O D&G <33 NICE !
hahahaha <33 TOP <33 i agree :p look at yesturdays post :p haha awsome <3
Yoogeun :) <33 just as sweet as his appa <3
TOP again :D whoho<33

thats it ^-^ bye ppll <3
XOXO <3<33<33

Haters gonna hate

Annyeong haseyo!
em friday was school like always just snother boring day u know..
and then mich stayed here and we were up like all night playing video games and looked at comp and talked xD we couldn´t talk in the end .. i lost my voice like 99% :O
and she stayed here til like 20:30 now today on saturday ^-^
oh, and we ate cupcakes and pizza  2 ^-^<33 yeyy me like <3 (me gusta)

and we started watching sesame player .. or she had seen them but we watched annyway soi´m on like ep 4 2/3 now ^-^ its rly funny but gives me bad ideas about games x so suddenly i´m standing on my head in the room .. and yeah.. messed up xD lol
oh and NOW i saw that clock is like 00 soon :O OMG
i thought it was like 22 o.o how the hell did that happen :o (sry 4 ''bad'' language if annyone cares lol)
hmm... i dont know .. i´ll keep watch sesame player now so i´ll put so pics and then bye!
i´m of 2 dad tomorrow :)

(btw my head hurts :'( but imma do it again b4 the pics.. i wanna learn how 2 stand on head or hands without any wall.. i suck at those stuff..its impossible!!)
(aouch,,, so painfull..my head.. x.x )

annyway.. enjoy pics.. *put hand on head and swear*

Thunder ^-^ my favorite in sesame player ^-^
Yoseob ^-^
what 2 say? :P<3
tralalalala ... nocoment
Tralalala nocoment
(that´s supposed 2 be me ,,, Mich says o.o i dunno.. maybe ,, kinda ,, i guess)
THERE IS WAS :D jay ^-^ le me like
This is just sad/awsome ^-^ MUST LOVE<3
Now imma go sleep x.x  so bye bye ppl <33

:P <33



Song now : Super junior Mr simple

I dont smile cuz i wanna or have 2, its just an old habit.

Hej alla!

another day in school so when i came home i was exausted x.x hate school with all my heart!
but yeah.. thats kinda all ive done 2day..
and i school they did some wierd like : Looks the youngest in the class
and evryone looks at me :o i dont think i look that much younger than them :C but yeah..
Its the class i´ll have the wierd meeting with again when i´m older so if i´m still the one who looks the youngest by then i´ll be SO MEAN >:D MOAHAHAHAH

and i rly wanna ge a style change :'( WHY IS THERE NO GOOD LOOKING CLOTHERS IN SWEDEN?
:'( HATE THAT !!! I wanna dress all cute and pretty.. but nope.. i´m running around dresssed in black like another emo ,, and that SO NOT ME .. (exept the fact that i have loads of bling and so 2 it!) :D
i love *bling* <33 ;)

so i´m gonna go 2 shool in a skirt tomorrow i think ! if i can find one XD
i´m not much of a skirt girl sence its so cold xD but i rly like it so i´ll look b4 i go sleep tonight
*start singing bigbang´s tonight*
I cant have a normal talk anymore xD i ALWAYS start singing xD lol that cant be good xD

And when i finaly came 2 comp i was in bad mood so i turned the music up so loud it hurts .. but i loe the music so its worth it :D <3<33<33
and now i wanna see some pretty clothers (i think)
so i´ll put some boys and some girls :D all fair :D<3

HAHA i love it<33<33 ONEW<33
BoA <33
old but 100% cute ^-^Top and Gd´s dog Gaho ^-^naaw <33<33 boys+dogs= best thing EVAH :O <33*-*
Just had 2 show O.o i have more pics like this :O INSANE ,, I WANNA LIVE LIKE THAT OMG <33<3
okey LÖVE LÖVE LÖVE <33 Nicki and cute style in one :D can it be much better? :D only if i get it :D ;P <33
O.O I HAVE 2 DO THAT :D<33 *-*
pretty cool ^-^but damn those shoes are ugly.. get a pair of high heels girl..'-'
<33 B1A4<33


B1A4 - Only One (ENG SUB)

I pray no tears in your dream
i know you´ll fly high in your life
Although this world tries to look at you with a smal view
i can confedently say you are the only one

Find your broken dreams again, don´t say you can´t
i will help you to make that dream come true

When you feel like you can´t breathe
close your eyes and think about your future

i think that song is rly beautiful ^-^ löve <33
i have rly fallen 4 B1A4 <33<33<3

so bye now <3 i´ll listen 2 some more music, drink tea and other shit <3 annyeong !

mm... blood..discusting

waching residence evil (again)
like it but DAMN theres blood all over :o
and i just think ... if i had a gun i would survive some days if not. give me 3 minutes 2 die xD lol right :P
but yeah.. walking around at home now almost waiting 4 some dead guy 2 come and bite me xP lol yum:P

Back in the school i´m back in the school

Hi yall !

so today was school again.. THAT SUCKS..
but yeah i found out that were going 2 the .. 2nd wolrd war places in polen (sry i cant remember those names in eng)
but yeah were going there and i think thats kinda cool but kinda freaky,, i dont know :O so many ppl died there so its scary but i think it can be good 2 see .. and a once in a lifetime thing right?

and i´ll miss 2 WEEKS in school cuz we have a musical.. but thats gonna be realy tough tho..
we´ll have 2 shows evry day in one week..
and i´ll try get a pretty good role i think.. its as a little 10 year old girl... but i cant rly tell cuz i might have some readers at my school.. who knows and they cant know what it´s about so i´ll have 2 shh..
but yeah.

and after school today me,sara and mich went shopping!
i ended up with: New red lipgloss,silver(ish) eyeliner,candy and a new cross necklace :D so thats good ^-^

i dont have much more 2 say so i´ll put up some nice pics and they bye <33

ABS A Lá JAY PARK <333 ive rly listened ALOT 2 jay park and i just found this pic and rly love it<33 just me who wanna count abs here? its like 6x40 :O  <33 OMG SO MANY ABS :D whoho <33
B1A4 <33 favorite is Baro (the guy right next 2 this text ^-^)   and i dont like how CNU looks (guy down 2 the left) *start singing beyonce 2 the left* but yeah... hes ugly :( buuut,, he is a good singer so i do like him 4 that :D the other are just cute ^-^(and good singers) hha <3
Doojoon,gikwang and yoseob <33 ADORABLE <33<3 (and pretty in pink!!)<3
Kevin ^-^ HAHAH xD (U-kiss) löve<33
HAHA Yoseob <33 i do that 2.. its sad rly :'(
*looking awkward..* I DO NOT DO THAT AT ALL :O   (hmpf) hahah xD
Haha xD i never do that eather :P <3 :D :O


B1A4 - O.K

thats it <3

Rainbow heart <3

Hello <3

okey so i was at the b-day party yesturday 4 my cousing or somthing like that ^-^ but i pretty much ignored the adults(who are more childish than the kids) and i spent the day with my other cousins who are like 10 and 13 ^-^we were listening 2 music mostly thoug :p
The olders of them Minna listen 2 j-pop and can speak japanese (but she is chinese, the other one 2.. lucky bastards hah xD )... so i put numbers on her songs 1-10 how good they were and she did same with my kpop ^-^ and Emilia she younger one pretty much liked evrything i started xD haha ..

But okey they are like kinda my cousins.. and they come from china and was adopted by ... my something xD and they grew up in vietnam and sweden so they are like chinese ppl who grew up in vietnam speaking english,swedish and japanese .. and me go o.O u said wuut?--- but yeah....they have cool chinese names 2 :O i wanna have that :( its no fun being like 99999% swedish.... :'( *sadface* only good thing about it is the candy here and that i have wierd eye colour :o green,blue and yellow x.x like a cat....p.p

yeah annyway i always start talk about stuff i´m not supposed 2 talk about....
But when i came home i had 2 sit on mums comp so ii couldnt do any style thing :( but i´ll do that now :D
so i decided 2 learn the ''I'll be there -Taeyang'' dance.. so now i´m walking around dancing at home xD lool,,looks kinda fail i guess :p but thats me ...
nothing else 2 say so i´ll just put up the pics <33 enjoy<33

löve :D wanna have amerian shorts 2 :(
lol just had 2 xD hah (but love their shoes :O <3 so prety*-* )
<33 (and i love coloured jeans :D<3)
^-^i wanna have those :p how fun isnt it with rainbow jeans :D awsome ^-^
still love pink hair 2 ^-^<33 Jia <3

thats it 4 now :I i have 2 do homeworks :( b4 the break 2 techers''I´ll do that on the break''
day b4 school starts again.. ''FUCK i havnt done my homework''
so i better do it so teachers wont kill me xD haha
so bye <3
XOXO <33<3<3

Molla molla molla molla.... (ㅎㅅㅎ) aigoo.....

Annyeong haseyo modu :)

I pretty much just woke up :o but i´ll go eat now.. i didnt write more yesturday becaus i had nothing 2 write xD ..i did absolutly nothing after i wrote the shopping on the blog so :p i dont rly wanna write only beceus i wanna fill it upp :/  oki? 

or i did speak korean and had loads of korean songs up with rom... lurics :p MUST become good at korean.. but 2 be honest,,, I SUCK xP.... lol
(ㅎㅅㅎ) aigoo.....

Saw i have a nev country 2 my list 2 ^_^ netherlands :P nice ..

but yeah just so u know .. i´ll make a post with style inspiration later today but sence i´m at dad´s place i have almost no pics so its better 2 wait till i´m home at mum´s place again oki? :)

haha YoSeob <33
SHINee appas <33
GD <333
More shinee ^-^ <33

well bye ppl <33
XOXO <33

Sale. buy one pay for two.

Hola !
so i´m home again after been 2 town... its kinda fun i was like i need some new tube tops so i whent 2 buy that.. and i did :D nice :D but ofc that wasnt on sale.. what u need is never on sale :/
still..done with that i went 2 glitter and is was 75% sale and me go *-* HEAVEN?? <33
but it was like 9 million girls fighing 4 evrything so i found one cute ring with a hart with wings and a ring in real silver *-* who was just a heart :D so i got that 4 so little money is feel like i stole them :P hah <3
and then i found this big ... emm .. stickad kofta xP sry.. i´ll try 2 take a pic cuz i dont know what it is xP
but i like it ^-^ its big and white :P <33 and warm .. GOSH i have it on now... its not stayong on after i´m done writing this :O 

That was all the shopping i think :o i got 2 rings,2 shirts,1 something like hoodie but not hoodie and not rly at all like an hoodie xP lol... kofta,,, and some hair stuff nothing special...
and then we whent 2 cofée place.. but i dont rly like cookies annymore :O OMG its so sad .. but i just feel sick of them so i ate a half cupecake and a cola :o

and then home and try it all on again xP and then music/ blog ^-^
i´m gonna watch movie later i think but dont know what movie :/ :O :C

 Todays singer NICKI <333
song: A$$ <33

but yeah cya later <33
XOXO <33


Hey ppl<3
so i´m at dad(아빠)´s place now... but he and his Gf left 2 walk.. and i hate walking so i stayed home :D whoho <33 so.. i´m just sitting here listening 2 teen top :O but its fine 4 me ^-^<33

i have no idéa what 2 do today :O all stores are closed and i´m just like.....okey... å.å
well well,.......

i dont know what 2 say.. this is usless 2 xP lol i cant belive that i still have readers evry day :P
maybe you ppl are crazy 2 :P lol welcome 2 the club xP <3

and now bye :O <3 i´ll go find some candy now <3 cya <3
XOXO<3   Fangirl.... '-' 


You think your cooler than me ...

CHA CHA again :) this is so wierd i´m using the wierd automatic blog thing .. so i write post and set time and date and all .. no ide but i wanna try :O

This is just gonna be a 200% random post :P so its useless xP .. but i´m kinda bored.. so..

Okey so sara was here this wednesday ... and we talked about girl groups :P right,, we all love them SNSD, f(x),Wonder girls,Secret,2ne1 and bla bla bla .. u know

so in those groups there´s always like ,, Raper,cute one,tomboy bla bla ... and me and sara was like what would we be ?? ..... she was like right away..
-Ur not the tom boy !!!
and that´s true ^-^i enjoy being all 10000% girl :P hehe but i´m pretty much a man witch comedy and games and all that xP no man would wanna live with me :P lol ,,,, its like 2 guys living together.. exept one run around in underwear o.o but i skip that talk (~^-^~) 
but i drink out of the boxes and sleep all day and hate cleaning the house and i hate flowers and stuff like that... but i love pink and hello kitty and hearts and glitter and *-* woooow ~ <33

And then i can rap.... right.. not like i do in inpublic o.o but i CAN... and the raper is almost always the tom boy right? .. so i have no idea what i would be ,,, i can sing normal 2 ofc.. thats what i do most of the time but raping is much more fun :O <333

And then sara ... she would be girly,,, with dresses ,, she´s CRAZY about dresses :P lol its so sad :p
but thats how easy she was .. ofc thats all we could come up with..
hmm... we´r not the best at those stuff xP

why am i writing this`xP lol ... SO STUPID... will even anyone read this ? :p probably not MOHAH then i can write evil stuff here about the ppl i dont like *evil smile*

OHH and I`M TRAINGING MY DAD... 2 understand korean :P lol
always when i answer the phone or something like that i say : 안녕 아빠!!! (i see when its him ofc.. i dont call other ppl 아빠. LOL <3 btw -아빠=appa=dad.)
but b4 he only said CHING CHANG CHONG.. and thats what we do 2 make fun of chinese ppl here o.o probably all over the world i dont know :O but how did chinese even get in 2 the picture right?..
but FINALY he´s answering with annyeong WHOHO... Mission succed.(or someting like that)
but that makes me happy HE CAN FINALY UNDERSTAND :D yeyyy .. next stepp is 2 ask what food we will eat and those stuff :P heh its good if i can use korean at home :) it will make me better :D <33

and now imma go :o cuz i´m sick of comp p.p
so hejdå ppl <3
cya <3

When life goes wrong, just turn right.

Moshimoshi <3

so.. today ive been little bit 2 town 2 shopping but i only ended up with a Bri... *google name*
Back ... Britney Spears parfume :P lol  Radiance... i dunno.. i liked the smell so i was like wtf :P
right... parfumes are pretty so i want many ^-^i think i have 9 right now :D  but they ant like huge but still <3
hmm and i found new earrings so .. now i have that 2 :P gold .. my mum will steal them x.x
annyway... then i ate sushi ^-^ yeey <33
the guys who make the sushi is just 2 cute ^-¨ and i dont say hot buu all how they speak and act ^-^ very cute ^_^
they just :- U more suuusi wanna?  me :) yeah ^-^
hihi :P adorable :P <3 ^-^<33
and i got candy ^-^ i admit its good 2 grow up in sweden even though i dont like sweden ^-^but its kinda safe here and its much better candy than in Uk and all that :P lol <33 yum<333 we fat swedes :p <33

i dont think i have much more 2 say :o
ohh i have..
Teen Top have a new song <33 ''Crazy''
i think its kinda FINE ,,, uknow .. Dance= hot... song= kinda disco xP
i know thats wierd 2 say but firt thing i thought about when i heard it was DISCO?  o.o
but i do like it ^-^ so yeah.. Favorit part is when they sing Heart.. i just admit it :P lol... i´m no liar :P <33

so cya tomorrow ppl <3 gtg shower now o.o
My hair is fucked up :'( .. 4 some wierd reason i ... ''Tupperade'' my hair xP lol (swed word)
and put hairspray in my hair like first time on 1 ½ year,,, so .. i dont like my hair that much now xP its such a mess... lol <33

Parfume :) me like <33
lol Taeyang moment :P
naaw taeminnie <333  Edit: I LOVE Onews pants in the backround :P <33 PLS GIMME <3333 (those he had on ;P hah no,,, ) or .. ? lol <33
hah <3<33 he is ^-^
CL ^-^<3 (she can´t keep her eyes of key ^-^)
^-^<3 Taemin again :P i know <33
well well bye ppl <333

XOXO <333(gossip girl) <33

대한민국-খা কোরিয়া-大韓民國

안녕!! <3<3

so Annyeong <333
today i have been lazy like all day .. so have loads of shit 2 do tomorrow so .. no comp i guess :( <3
well well.. around 2pm? Sara came here and we listened 2 some music looked at guys,clothers and dances ^-^
and played Wii :P i´m kinda fail at it but atleast i´m good at baseball and tennis :P lol
i´ll have 2 leave now.. boring :(
yeah and today ive been trying 2 lear korean numbers AGAIN ... i did learn 1-10 long ago but the i forgot it :( so wtf its just 2 start over right? ..

and u know i´m starting 2 get RLY RLY curious about who all you readers are :O
i´m already kinda stalking what contries read my blog .. but it just tell me first time u look and then u ppl can look at my blog 9.999.999 times after that and it will still just say one if ur on same comp.. mean stalker thing :I doesnt work...
yeah... boring.. o.o scary stalkers :O should i be afraid?
*i start sing irl*
''I`M NOT AFRAID 2 TAKE A CHANCE'' (eminem moment)

yeah ... i still have nothing 2 say :( my life is so boring x.x horoscopes are such liars :P they always say i´m charming and everyone loves me and bla bla bla... LIARS .. :P lol sosad..
well well ... no time ... bye ppl <3

Song now : A-Cha - Super junior

Shindong is favorite here(not) lol he looks funny xP <3

dont even wonder why SNSD is there cuz i dont know.. but i do know i have NO good pics of suju :I i need 2 get some .. another day :o
bye ppl <33

Calling her FAKE won't make you REAL

Calling her DUMB won't make you SMART

Calling her WEAK won't make you STRONG

Calling her UGLY won't make you BEAUTIFUL

Calling her MEAN won't make you NICE

Calling her GAY won't make you STRAIGHT

Calling her RUDE won't make you POLITE

Randomness = 100% <3

I Like You The Best

Mr simple <3

Hi i have nothing 2 say <3 bye <3 :P
hehe <3

(lol )

lol all pics exept last was just random xP but when i saw the guy i jut had 2 ad one more xP <33
bye <3<33<3<3 cya tomorrow <33
XOXO <3<3

för de svenska läsarna :P ignorerar de andra lite :P

Så hej alla :P
tänkte äntligen göra ett inlägg bara för er svenska läsare :P känn er speciella :P <33
fast saken är att jag inte riktigt har något att säga :P sitter hemma och är ganska uttråkad :( komiskt med detta är att inget finns/fans på tv´n så jag har svampbob på xP lol
fast jag har musik på också så jag fattaringet utan ser bara de udda små sakerna xP bra det typ xP lol

sen börjar ju snart skolan igen *sadface*  så sjukt tråkigt :I men det är sista terminen på den skolan sen börjar ett nytt liv så jag får fan jobba hårt och få bra betyg denna terminen .. som det är nu så kommer jag aldrig in på IB :'(
fan va tråkigt om jag måste gå något jag inte vill :(
men hur ska man veta vad man vill lixom ... ellerhur? jag typ bara när jag tar mina drömmar: Designer,modell,skådespelare... möjlight av det ... = en dålig fattig designer.. så var fan jag kommer hamna vet jag inte x.x
jag ska helt enkelt försöka fortsätta plugga ,, specielt korenska och engelska och hoppas jag jag kan flytta till Seoul någon dag kanske? suck...

ja.. vi hörs sen igen antar jag <3
jag kommer skriva på engelska igen sen men kommer troligen lägga in små svenska inlägg och komentarer då och då nu <3 så smile,be happy, dont worry <33

Eng: Okey i´m sorry 2 you ppl who cant understand swedish <3 :( but i just made a smal post 4 those who do speak swedish :P cuz i know most of my readers come from sweden so ... we are lazy .. we like 2 read easy stuff u know :P lol
but yeah ,, i´ll do that sometimes evry now and then okey? ofc i will keep writing in english but maybe one time evry week or so it will be in swedish :P
thats it 4 now :P cya tonight i guess <3
bye <33

hejdå <33

Victoria´s secret <3

hejsan alla <33
so toaday ive been home lazy ^-^ heh <3
first i watched the movie ''Bad teacher'' sence ive wanted 2 see it for like ages :P and i liked it :P teacher smoking weed :P sweet ;P <33 lol

yeah and when it was over i became all depressed .. ive missed victoria´s secret 2 times now.. or well i saw half today.. but yeah.. i´ll see all later then :I but still...
ive found my favorit model 2 :O Miranda Kerr ... srsly her face is soooo cute :O i want it :o she can get mine xP lol
btw see the comedy of watching underwear and like the model with best face :P <3
but when it comes 2 their bodies ..its like OKEY...
some even almost have abs.. not good on girls sry.. and their upper body is so long o.o i just dont like that o.o
but yeah.. i´m still very jealous of them .. gosh.. i mean its not like annyone (kinda) would get the chance 2 be an angel.. gosh... *-* cool lol

and nicki was there ^-^löve <3  she´s short :P heh <3
and fun is that now it put up loads of pics of Victoría´s secret <3
so enjoy and if u havnt seen i think u should ^-^ive seen it evry year as long as i can remember xP sy sisters teach me how 2 be :P lol
and yesturday was boys so today it will be girls p.p just 2 be random :o
and i would totaly buy the stuff if i could :P <33 nice

(i want it ^-^ totaly cute/cool and PINK *-*<3)

one of my favorites ^-^
love this one 2 ^-^ COOL *-* disco :p

hihi cute :P awsome :D
100% cool :D but necklase s coolest here o.o *-* <3

Nicki <33 and OMG I WANT THAT SILVER SHIRT :O OMG :O <33 i have 2 in same shape already but just gray and black with some text o.o me want glitter <3
Miranda Kerr in the middle ^-^ not good face picture tho :/
all ^-^

Okey last time i´ll fill my comp with girls :O must watch my lovely kpop guys now ;P <3<33
cya ppl <3

New fucking year.. 2012

Hi all.. so its 2012.. its sad when u say like 3 seconds after 00:00
- This year will suck..
and sad thing is that i rly think it will.. i just feel it :(
well well just one year left until 2013.. and MAYBE that will be a good year? :D (OR NOT)
lol :P i´m starting year NEGATIVE ..

First song this year was = SHINee with Forever or never and then i just continued with the SHINee and then some f(x) and now i´m listening 2 No other with Super Junior,,,
kpop help me survive another year.. right :P sosad..
i have nothing 2 say.. i just write cuz i kinda guess its a big thing that 2011 is over.. ?
or not..
who knows?....
not me...

i´m bored and will probably go sleep soon o.o yes thats how funny i am.. go good girl style :P right? lol
well well :P bye bye 2011 .. unwelcome 2012..

and i wanna start 2012 with abs ... and NO ONE will stop me .. MOHAHAH
okey its not even fun.. i´m sleepy and i dot even care 2 see abs ._. -.- (L.L)   sosad..
but i´ll just put up some abs annyway .. cuz thats just how i am .. i guess..
and if ive already put some of there pics up b4.. sry.. BUT I`M SLEEPY..

NOOO IT DOESNT WORK :'( thats one of my favorites :C
this doesnt work eather :'(

(look at fattie belly when he breath in ^-^) hihi<3

so thats it :o
and i just relised that i have like NO pictures or gifs with abs..
i was like :O i have none *google Siwon*
better :) <3
lol <3
and i know i have 2 dance pics O.O but its american dance *-* i like that dance :)<3
so i added it 2 abs :P lol my blog my rules xP

Song now: Jay Park - Demon


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