Linnéa , passar mig så inte alls ..

Hey today ive only been up little and eaten and watched You're beautiful it´s almost over so then i´ll watch You're my pet :P with Jang Geun Suk again ;P <33

i´ll be going 2 my somethig´s (lol) birtday party later 2 day so i´ll just fix makeup and nail.. and get dressed maybe xD
i´m so slow in the mornings :P

Btw read this and if you get it..  u think wierd just like me :P

*Guy walks on 2 the buss and he has ugly hair
* I think he should have taemin fluffy hair
* i start 2 think about taemin who is in SHINee
* And SHINee is in SM ENT..
* SM ENT.. also have the group Super Junior
* And in thet group is Siwon who has nice abs
* Just like Lee Joon in MBLAQ
* Who was ''created'' By Rain Bi
* Rain always do Thrusts just like Gikwang
* Gikwang is in B2st
* And so is the aborable Yoseob
* Another adorable guy is HongKi
* HonKi always have realy pretty nails
I need 2 fix my nails .. they are 2 ugly

xD mohaha smart or smart xD lol wierd i know :P

Key <3333
Onew <33
GD <33<3<3
More gd ^^  aborable <33

GO <33
LOL XD i know it´s photoshoped but still funny lol :P he´s a weird/funny man ^-¨ hah <3

Cya later people <33
Have a good day<33

Geogi dachyeo meolli bikyeo dachyeo

Hi all <33

2day more school and we watched the older school´s musical Grease or watever i don´t like those stuff :( it´s like take something awful in english and make it 10 times worse .. god.

After that it was some kind of parent school talk that is evry semester so ..
it went well i guess.. only the german i have kinda fail :P wonder if i´ll even pass it? but i feel that i don´t rly care sence i know the basics and i´ll never speak it anyway not even when i´m in germany cuz i prefere 2 speak english :P haha .. german sounds 2 angry 4 me ^-^ i should speak it with an japanese accent :O *-* THAT WOULD SOUND CUTE!!!
but i don´t speak japanese though :I korean might work ^-^

i have nothing more 2 say.. just sitting here like a fatty eating candy and just ate Mcdonalds :o
quick some pics then i rly have 2 leave! :o

JR from NU'EST <3Leeteuk....yeah.. emm .. XD nice legs xD <3
Gikwang <33 his B-day 2 day <33 YEY <33 happy b-day lovely gikwang <33


I lost my mind 너를 처음만났을때 너 하나빼고 모든것은 get in slow motion

싸우고 울고 안아주고

that made no sense i know :) i just like 2 say that xD 

Annyeong btw ^-^

Yesturday i coulored the pink line back in my hair :D .... with food coulouring :O so i´ll shower after i left comp later and see if it´ll last ^-^

Before i was listening 2 ''What is love''
:O i listened 2 it 4 a while when it was new then i left it and now mich started 2 listen 2 it so not it´s back in my head XD
though i still can´t the members name gosh i can´t handle even one more name or my head will blow up! gaah
but yeah Kai i know ^-^ cuz he´s cute ^-^ and in the other EXO-M (i listen 2 exo-k ) there´s one in M who rly looks like a kid :O adorable but i dunno.. not 2 great maybe? hmm

tomorrow i have a book report on a book i havn´t read.. atleast not in english so i´ll just have 2 take what i remember from the swedish book and translate in my little head XD great.. just what i wanted 2 do.. but i didn´t have time 2 read so wtf.. i´m a good speaker in snglish :p or not good but 10 times better at speaking than writing so :p and almost evryone in my class speak Swinglish (english with a swedish accent) so i sound better cuz of the fact that i don´t do that :O
ME GO GANGSTA ENGLISH.. hah no i don´t know but i think it would be kinda awsome 2 speak gangsta xD lol

Now pics cuz ive written a lot now o.o
i talk 2 much.. :I

More kai *-* <33 he´s selling jeans but i would rather buy him :O
Jung YongHwa<33 love his lips btw right? <3
Jung YangHwa again ^-^<33
AHH why my gif´s never work.. CLICK HERE 2 SEE REAL DEAL!


Bye bye<33

SHINee´s back VS Chinese back :P TONIGHT CHINESE IN THE HOUSE! Give it up for chinese!

today school was hot mess that i´m not even gonna talk about cuz i rly feel that i wanna see eye candy!
i´ll just say one thing

In english we have like argument theme and we was 2 groups having an agrument then...
only one person there was a guy and he was on the other team so he said the opposite of me..
so when he did , i explained all and ended it all with ''Right *smile and putting head little 2 the side*
gah i alway look idiot xD omo
so stupid and that smile.. gaah.. well well.. that´s me i guess :I


CAP from teen top p.p *TEEN TOP```?? TEEEN?*
Jang Geun suk <33

*i like that he litteraly takes selcas IN THE SHOWER xD haha HONGKI <33 *
And not just one :P bath hat no 2 pretty though xD <33

i would put up more but i gtg :'(
so well cya <3


Maldo obshi sarangeul algea hago

Hey evryone :)

Okey i´ll just tell quick what happened..
Yesturday i watched ''The Huger games'' with sara and it was good so yeah that´s fine ^-^
I also got a new pair of shoes wich i´m very happy about sence its 11 or 12 or something like that cm heel on them so i get RLY long legs (my legs are already much longer that upper body so i get legs that´s like never ending ;P haha

Ive seen ''You're Beautiful'' and i´m now watching it a 2nd time :O
I´m already at ep 8½ :O gosh it´s 2 quick i want it 2 be like a never ending :p
or that i change with Go Mi Nam .. it would so be woth it.. but if i was Go Mi Nam it wouldn´t end like that cuz she´s one million times nicer and better looking so 1st he wouldnt like me , 2 i would give up 3 i would fight with TaeKyung in the start -.- i´m sure i would enjoy Jeremy though ^-^ IN WAYS were little similar ^-^ so i like him <33 and GOSH he is adorable <33

that´s it..
i have 2 test´s tomorrow but i havn´t even looked at them.. I`M FUCKED
and yeah i don´t know .. sad thing is that i feel that i don´t care hah ..
I rly just feel that i wanna move 2 korea now and start a new life there ...
question is what happens if i can´t move 2 korea?
that´s all ive planned now so without that plan .. what am i then? ''

Songs now:

Jang Geun Suk - What Should I Do

As Ever/still- Lee Hong Ki lyrics

Without words - Jang Geun Seuk

<33 TaeKyung so beautiful!

If you havn´t seen it u should ^^
it took me like 4 ever b4 i saw it cuz mich told me and ive been like LATER LATER ..
but yeah watch it HERE!!!
It is subtitle on in english but i think there´s more subtitles in other languages 2 but its often better if it´s in english :O so yeah..
now i gtg :( cya <33

I´m sorry

hey evryone

i´m sorry i havn´t been here on the blog lately and i know i don´t realy have a good reason but ive been watching ''You're Beautiful'' . Its a realy beautiful kdrama , and even me who pretty much only cries when i get hit by a ball in the head was totaly crying my eyes out x.x aigoo -- or maybe its cuz its my week *:I* watever you should all watch it :O
i saw it on 3 days and its over 16h .... that means i rly rly rly like it cuz normaly i see that much on 3 month or so..

Best one ever..

oppas <3

i´ll speak more tomorrow :(
sorry <3


Match up B+B


emm .. today ive been 2 school today like always...
kinda normal day :o

I just started watching B1A4+Block B Match Up :D
I´m just at ep 2 right now so i havn´t seen 2 much .. tho i saw CNU take of his pants in ep 1...
i love both groups so i think i´ll enjoy the show and i´ll learn more about them cuz i don´t even know all names 100% yet on block b even though ive liked them sence they had their debut xD hah same when it comes 2 b1a4 ive always liked them but i still have problem with Jinyoung and Sandeul still.. :C fail .. i know .. i´m rly bad with names so when they change clothers or hairstyle i cant remember them xD lol so so so sad..

hope yall have heard SHINee´s song now
and been listening 2 B1A4´s Baby i´m sorry and all that if not go listen right now!
or.. stay and watch some pics first then leave and listen 2 songs :D good~good~good

Block b favorite= Zico- B1A4 favorite=Baro
But Gongchan is rly yum and has a great voice 2 ^-^ they are very diffrent the groups so its hard 2 compair them ^-^ so... LOVE 2 ALL OF THEM <33 yeey <3
Aborale selca of Jinyoung and Zico ^-^ hah Zico worked hard 4 this picture :P hah <33 CUTE CUTE CUTE <33

I havn´t come so far as i said so i can´t put up 2 many pics cuz i don´t wanna know what happens b4 it does :o so bye bye ppl cya tomorrow <33
Live,Love,Laugh <3

XOXO <3<33

I´m so la la lazy clap ca clap clap clap with me ...~

Hey ppl <33

Ive been lazy all day..
shool was only 2 lessons and one musical we watched :o

srsly :( i kinda miss it , but at same time its rly nice 2 not have 3 heart attact evry day :o

i just ate pancakes and now i´ll go drink tee and watch tv.
and i gtg now or my now i´ll be CRA CRA CAZY!

Song now: Teen top crazy

cya ppl tomorrow and i´ll try be more fun then :( <3

btw me irl now..
*do pretty nails i´m all happy about,,*
Dog comes and act like ''pet me pet me''
i do.... watch my nails ... all ruined .. FUUU x.x
aigoo right? -- hate that and i ALWAS  do it. i never learn :(

bye bye <33

Why do i always forget my blog? ㄹ.ㄹ 아이고

안녕하세요 여러분!

Today ive watched ep 9 of hello baby and honestly i can´t remember if ive done more than that :O srsly what happened 2 the day?
i woke up, saw it was bad weather , ate ,hello baby, eat more and now i´m here .. i´m like wuut? :O
its wierd...

and all the time i´m like i should blog.. i should blog
20-21 DAMN i havn´t bloged xD
same thing evry day :P

So i´ll blog now and then go shower , then fix my eye brows and then fix my nails
MZ extreme look makeover xD

On friday(?) i think it was friday i´ll go watch ''The hunger games''
It comes out then so i´ll go watch it with sara .. yep yep yep
i hope its good but i feel that the trailer doesnt seem 2 great but i liked the book when i read them (1 million years ago xD) but wtf .. i havt been 2 a cinema(?) BIO in ages... so its just fun 2 get away and watch it ^-^

BTW: watched the Sherlock MV teaset yet? LOOK HERE !!
it seems good so i´m rly happy <33 i hope it will be just as good as bigbangs comeback :D

And now some B1A4 <33

Look at the awsomeness in these pictures :O wow B1A4 is just getting hotter and hotter<33


watched the mv now?
i hope so cuz song is good , guys looking good all is great <33 löve<3

Now 2 the fun part.. Mich hates poor CNU :'( i havn´t liked the way he looked b4 but srsly i think he looks GREAT in this mv and ive always loved his voice so CNU U GO GUY? xD <33

Gongchan is sexy as hell <33 always i´m rly weak 4 him cuz he´s so cute but so sexy and yeah :o

Baro: The styling isn´t better or worse its just watever :o
Ive always seen Baro as my favorite in B1a4 cuz of his awsome voice but he need 2 step it up even more or CNU will steal his place :P hah

Jinyoung: Is rly cute ... and i know he has a great body but i think he look aegyo even if he´s sad or watever CUTIE leader Jinyoung!

And last Sandeul: I think he´s rly cute 2 so my question is Y don´t we see him more in this mv :( so sad :( b1a4 should give him more space :o

But yeah ive always been amazed by b1a4 and they just keep it up from the firt mv i saw them and my eyes are still on them ! B1A4 IS A GOOD JOB ;P <333

Baro <33
Jinyoung <33
Me gusta! Me BANA!<3

bye bye now <33
2 morrow i´ll speak about NU'EST but not now <3 :O
XOXO <3<33


Annyeong haseyo!

Yesturday was the last musical show :O
:C its sad but arly rly nice
but yeah .. i think it all ended up well so i´m happy with it ^-^
it was an good expirience that i will NEVER do again ^-^ HAH xD
it was rly though so .. yeah.. i don´t think i would wanna do it again ^-^

and it was rly awkward cuz there was so so so many people i knew who was there and watched me so .. yeah i´m kinda shy so its not 2 fun when i know the people who is there 2 watch :P

besides musical ive been listening 2 music, watched hello baby mblaq , watched some movie and stuff like that...
just trying 2 chill and so :)

i´m rly sleepy cuz i havn´t rly had a good night sleep in 2 weeks so i´ll soon go sleep and hope that i´ll sleep more than 24 h :p maybe a week :P that would be nice :D

wnjoy some pics now and yeah i´ll be back tomorrow i guess :p
i´ll have 2 read a english book tomorrow i think that´s almost it xD
True blood or something like that.. i don´t feel like reading it at all but i have 2 cuz i´ll have 2 talk about it in english class later so wtf.. i´ll just read it quick and hope i remember what it was about xD

Mir a la girl xD <33
some more old mblaq ^-^
Lee Joon looking damn fine <33
i don´t even know what 2 say xD rly random picture of Thunder ^-^
wow this is old xD seungho :P <33

i´m not gonna put up more pics now sry <33
cya ppl <33


2day have just been more musical..
but tomorrow is the last one´s so yey and sadface!

I gtg now so i have no time 2 write :'(
i hope i have time 2 write more tomorrow cuz i wanna do the B1A4 special soon :O
but i don´t think all pics are out so ther´s no rush i guess :o


COOL! just me who kinda wanna try it xD ?
hah ^-^
I never get sick of this picture <33 Gongchan is so cute but so hot and me go *-*  WOW  ( fantastic baby)

Bye bye <33
XOXO <33

SHINee Sherlock

So here it comes my comments on shinee´s new Sherlock pictures!
i love shinee so so much but yeah,, don´t get mad at me oki? <3
i´ll first put all the pics then comment!





all pics who has a * is favorite .,one with each person ,, exept when it comes 2 Key because he is my favorite among all of there pictures! i LOVE them all and so but something with these pics .. i dunno i just dont like them :( so sad,, and srsly Taebaby Take on your shirt and be a good boy and shile i´m talking about him I WANNA SEE TAEMIN IN HIS CUTE FLUFFY HAIR NOT MY OWN OLD HAIRSTYLE!!
Onew is cute and kinda like he always been in my eyes  ^-^
Key is yummy <33
Jonghyun is different not good not bad.. i can´t decide :o <3
Minho is fine but i like the Oh yeah old him better :(

So that´s why i write all these things so late cuz i havn´t rly liked the pictures and french boy classic theme on them?
Pls just be normal aborable you is my message 2 them ''Yalalalalala oh oh eh eww'' (just had 2 :p)
But ive never disliked any of their songs so i hope they will make me happy there and i´ll forgive them 100% 4 these pics and Key will forever be on my Bias list ^-^<33

That´s it about SHINee .. hope no1 will become mad and so about this :(
THIS IS JUST WHAT I THINK.. so .. yeah <33
cya <33
XOXO <33

crazy hot, mad party

The musical yesturday went well <33 yey :D
Its again tomorrow .. and the day after , and again , and again like 100 times x.x OMG
i´m already stressed AGAIN z.z

on pics up i´m the ugly one on white corsett and yellow lace skirt..
eww .. right.. me such a scary ghost :P xD LOL
i aint saying more now just a few pics <33 then i´ll be going 4 a showaaaaaaa!

btw I know that SHINee and B1A4 have new teasers and i´ll try 2 take time 2 talk about those tomorrow <3

MinHo<3' Oh yeah (all minho fans know what i mean :D )
GD AND GAHO! its so adorable i could die!!
L.joe <33
Minji <33

Bye bye <33


Hey evryone :o
practice was today from 9-19 yey fun 10h of singing in a corsett, saying wierd stuff dancing and very wird guys ..
and when i say wierd guys i rly mean it..
Mich had 2 draw on a guys naked chest 2 day and another guy talked 2 me and decides 2 open shirt and then say .. ''no thats 2 pornish'' and then just take it on again and me go o.o *awkward*
though i´m always awkward xD haha even with ugly guys .. its sad rly xD
but yeah.. they are acting more wierd than normal..
ive seen more shirtless guys irl this week than i do on the beach in the summer xD hah not rly but almost xD

After practice i said hello 2 my granny and then i ate McDonalds and then i fixed my hair and now i´m here after working on the internet 4 15 minutes.. it didnt work and me go ≥.≤

I´m rly stressed over the premiere tomorrow OMFG i´ll fail so bad..
i´ll MAYBE show pics from musical but i´m not sure :p i like hiding from the blog xD
i can show pics of evryone else instead ! :D yey :p
no one wanna see me anyway :P xD

Song now: Falling - John Park 존박

haha :P Taemin baby <33
GD <<3<333 (u can see his lovely tattoos here 2 lööve <3<333)
<33 inded i do ^_¨
... but ..
i have this 2 make me happy <33

cya ppl <33
i´ll try be back as soon as possible!
but hope yáll understand if i´m not writing very often now :) <33
BYE <33

말하지 말걸


I´m feeling all depressed today :(
i woke up at like 07:00 this morning and practice started at 9.. and it lasted until about 17.
Me, Mich and Sara ate pizza but ive been feeling sick all day so i couldnt eat almost anything :(

I´m rly sick of hearing ''Mathilda do this... do that....come here ....bla bla blah!!!!''
Its so sad but i feel that i just wanna go hide under a rock and come up again in like a year.... :I
kinda ironic the fact that i´m playing a dead person (ghost) and the musical is killing me... funny...

Practice today whent rly bad so the rock sounds even better today than usual...
and we start in 2 days 4 anyone 2 come watch and i still just fail :'(
*feeling like shit*
and i´m just 2 shy and its all just going 2 hell...
only thing that makes me little less stressed is 100% serius .. i think '' My oppas do this all the time , so if they can do it i can.. ''
that maked me calm down 3 seconds before i panic again :I well well.. wish me luck or something..
Last practice is tomorrow so i have 2 get it all right or i´ll become depressed 4 real
( yeah i know i have 2 do 100% good on stage or i just go home and cry 4 a week...)
and that wouldnt be very good sence i have 2 be on stage in 10 shows.. YEY great...

i have nothing more 2 say .. i´ll put up some pics and then i don´t know .. i guess i´ll be back tomorrow again :o

haha Taemin <3<33 YOU ARE GOOD JOB !!<3
^-^ <33 MBLAQ fighing! hah <3 HALLA LEE JOON ABS <33 *-*

U go girl xD Miryo :D <3

Songs now:


MBLAQ- 말하지 말걸

BIGBANG - Love Song (Acapella)

Tablo Ft. Lee Sora- 집 (Home) lyrics

Tablo Ft. Naul- Airbag lyrics     (totaly how i feel now.. i need an airbaig b4 i hit the great sadness that approaches)

BIGBANG - BAD BOY  ( The awkward moment when dad hear GD say AHHH)

Listen, Enjoy <3
Bye !
XOXO <33

emm wtf?

last post got rly fucked up and i don´t think u can read anything of it xD so i´ll just put the shitty text here instead kinda...

i´m rly sleepy i kinda just fell asleep 2 bigbang´s fantastic baby so .. that says it all :O
but it should give me sweet dreams if i do :O maybe :P ^-^

Today have been more practise and then home 2 dad and i decided 2 eat sushi :D yey
it was so yum ^-^ heh
i need 2 eat it more often :) <3

Tomorrow it starts again at 09:00 yey NOT i just wanna sleep Y U no leave me alone z.z

i´ll fix my bang (fringe) tomorrow 2 :O it have grown so much so i can´t see anymore :'( but i hope i´ll fix that tomorow yep yep....

now imma put up pics and then i´ll probably fall asleep LOL xD
dancing kills me :P


bye (again)


i´m rly sleepy i kinda just fell asleep 2 bigbang´s fantastic baby so .. that says it all :O
but it should give me sweet dreams if i do :O maybe :P ^-^

Today have been more practise and then home 2 dad and i decided 2 eat sushi :D yey
it was so yum ^-^ heh
i need 2 eat it more often :) <3

Tomorrow it starts again at 09:00 yey NOT i just wanna sleep Y U no leave me alone z.z

i´ll fix my bang (fringe) tomorrow 2 :O it have grown so much so i can´t see anymore :'( but i hope i´ll fix that tomorow yep yep....

now imma put up pics and then i´ll probably fall asleep LOL xD
dancing kills me :P

Yoseob <3
haha xD the face xD 2am 2pm fight :P
Key ^-¨ 4 ever A diva :P
just looking boss... WTF MIR what u doing ? :o
^-^ zelo´s face xD hah <3
hahah xD

true story

my computer dicided 2 write HUGE now so i´ll just leave o.o
wow this looks like im writing 4 some1 blinde .. great!
cya ppl <3

Let me love you! xD

Me :

this is just a rly random post i know xD
bye bye xD
XOXo <3


hi evryone <33
ive been in pretty bad mood all day so i don´t have much 2 say...

In school i´m wearing a corsett 4 the musical right now and ppl look at me wierd ( with ppl i mean guys :o)
most of the time i wear a ahirt over the corsett so you can´t see it but its rly warm 2 dance in both shirt and corsett so i can´t have it all the time .. and one gut i kinda don´t know at all just started talking 2 me and he put his hands on my waist o.o <--- i looked like that smilie when he did that xD hah i am afraif of skinship? :P  hah no it was nothing he just wondered how it was so.. watever ^-^ kinda..
well well.. who cares? i´ll have 2 wear it on the musical anyway so x.x
i like wearing it but i wish that ppl didnt mind it as much.. gosh..

i´m in good mood now though ^-^
i have ''Fantastic baby'' on right now and i´m watching Bigbang pics <33
gut gut gut<33 ich mag es! :)
so watch these SEHR GUT pics now :)

GD and Taeyang´s ew tattoos :) nice nice nice <33
haha <3<33 i´m still amazed by GD so i can´t even be asd about TOP ^-^ hahah they all look so good even TOP without going shirtless ^-^ his face does it all <33
I´m in love with this picture <33<33
2 get away from bigbang 4 a minute lets watch adorable Gikwang <3
Dara <3
^-^ hah gif didn´t work but this looks so boss i´ll put it up anyway xD
NAAAW! Lee joon is such a good appa <3<33<3<33 Nae sarang Lee joon !<3

that´s it <33
Lee joon hugs 2 all of you!
bye <33



Heard it? listen <3
it´s not 2 good but not bad ^-^
i think it´ll grown on me ^-^

i don´t have any time so i´ll put up another song i like alot right now <33
and then just one or 2 pics then bye <3


U must love it <33

Ur running ah ah ah ah ah
u screaming ah ah ah ah
u like that ah ah ah ah
^-^ <33 (what me and mich sings all day through dance practice ;D )

YUM <33<333 Taeyang <33
naw old Bigbang n 2ne1 pic <333
hah xD yeah... .. . ...
Mir <33

Bye bye ppl <33
cya tomorrow i think <33
XOXO <33

Fantastic baby!

Fantastic baby!
i kinda feel that i don´t need 2 say much more xD <33

I´m sorry i´m so un active but the musical is next week so we practice 24/7 x.x
yesturday i was in school 13h.. i´m so sleepy i could sleep one week now..

but yeah look at bigbang´s latest MV who is the hottest this far!<3<3 Shirts? NO :) waist of the inviroment :) better if they are shirtless <33
yeah go bigbang they save the world <3


And the song is rly good 2 :) even though i advise you 2 not watch video 2 much cuz of hotness overload! :O


listen 2 song  now <33


song is 100%
Dance <3 whooho ~
I wanna dan dan dan da dance!
Fantastic baby
Bom shackalacka  Bom shackalacka ! <3

BYE <33 XOXO<3<33

Bling bling *~ NOT

Annyeong haseyo evryone <33

Today i havn´t done 2 much..
ive practiced some dance and my lines and then listened 2 music and watched little 2ne1tv :)

i look like hell 2 xD ..
i have red jeans and a huge black t-shirt and messy hair xD
PRETTY! :D <33
i´ll just make this post and then i´ll run straight 2 the shower and when done there i´ll put on a cute pair of fake nails first time on a yeah :D yeah :D it´s gonna be SO MUCH FUN :D yey

i´ll put up some randome pics and then annyeong!

GD <3 who took this picture? o.o i need 2 find that person and hug it :O srsly <33
k-pop guy mix :P <33
LMFAO xD awful picture but i still love it :P hahah xD
Zelo ^-¨ ( btw lol i didn´t plan this but he looks up at teen top xD hah )
Gongchan and Baro ^-^ CUTE CUTE CUTE CUTE <33 naaw <33 it´s from B1A4 Sesame player :) i so wanna see that later <33
GD <33

Bye bye ppl <33
Cya <33

B2ty 4 ever<333

Hey :) just school 2 day then home and fall asleep and then eat pizza and music :)

i just watched my favorite Yoseob video on YT so now i´m all crazy about him :D yeyeyey :D

enjoy some pics and cya tomorrow :O <3
i´m going 2 malmö 4 some shopping (even though i have no money left :'( but still fun :p)

hah ^-^ naw <33
^-^  hah <33
Forever my favorite picture <33
*-* <333

[FANCAM] Yoseob(look and you´ll understand why i love him so much <33 )

Bye bye ppl <33

YO yall

Hey ppl!
2 day i got a new neon shirty in orange xD mohaha  :P
with and open back :p i looove shirts that shows back ^-^ i think i have like 4 of them now xD yeah !
And a new pair of jeans in dark blue just normal ^-^ but it´s always good 2 have jeans ^-^

After school and shopping ive just been home :o
i started reading True blood (in english) cuz i have 2 read something in english 4 school and srsly that was the only book i found so i was like watever!
it doesn´t rly seem 2 special but yeah...

i´ll just put up some pics cuz my mind aint gonna speak no more it´s just saying ZZZZZZ
-.- aigoo

but enjoy pics <3

Just some AWSOME thunder abs <33 he´s all grown up now :') <33
Cute/ wierd Daesung dance ^-^always nice 2 see ^-^
hahahha XD lol no words needed
Randome SHINee picture ^-^
Very cute Zelo <3
just some super speed hip song :o

that´s it :o
bye bye <33


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