Hello <3'
so i woke up today with rain,thunder and lighting and other annoying shit :(
anyway.. i´m here now and i´m done watching japanese youre beautiful (that i never remember japanese name of :( ike...desu ne something xD)
i don´t have 2 much things 2 do.. i´m kinda bored,,, so bi decied 2 look for more kpop cds... i´m gonna try making my dad buy them even tho both me and dad is angry bacause i didn´t get my alive last time x-x I WANT ALIVE...
but ye.. i´ll try geting EXO mama ... and maybe High High?... i don´t know...
biggest problem for me is choosing group K or M in EXO.. persons i think M is more fun and song i like K more sence i kinda understand what they sing.... I don´t know :(
my sister is in turky that lucky bastard >:( summer in sweden 25c and rain .. YEEY :D
NOT :I ...
i don´t wanna talk more so bye <3
awsome gif of Baekho *-* i´m glad it worked :D <33
<3 Thunder
always some GD <33
and pretty Ren <33
Btw me mich n sara have gotten korean names after the poeople we like xD
or we did it for each other but.. i´m not Kwon Che Ren  = GD,CL,Ren,Zelo
Ren isnt´t my favorite but he´s my ''brother'' or something if u ask sara so...
Mich is : Choi JaeMin = Siwon,TOP,Minho,Jaejoong,Taemin (i think thats all )
Sara is: Jang TaeSa = Jang keun suk,Taeyang,Sa for her real name Sara ... o.o
that´s it bye <33
XOXO <333

Kommer funka, måste funka nånstans där så finns vår plats!

Hejsan alla små kpops älskande läsare :O
Hi <3 i didn´t have time 2 write yesturday yesturday because i was away bathing for the first time this year xD lol fail... IT WAS SO MUCH PEOPLE THERE -.- gosh.
i don´t like bath houses .. so mych annoying people dressed in way 2 little clothers in one place...
because to be honest i´m not gonna see any Lee joon or Bi here ... :( *sadface*
but ye ,... sara was with me so we did kpop dances in the water.... it´s rly hard btw.. o.o and i can´t dance normaly so why would i be good at itunder water?? x.x
also there was a bubble bath so we went there = HOT WATER YEEY :D (i hate when its cold...)
but alot of super strange guys came and we were just like o.o .... go ..scary scary scary....
that´s it---- i looked up my weight and in 1½ year ive gained 6-7 kg :O WUUUT? x.x :'(
not fun.... only good thing is that 1/8 goes 2 boobs and ass? o.o ... the rest goes to my new fattie belly :'(
i´ll have 2 start training again i guess... and with that i had 15 cookies 2 breakfast today ... or i´m not sure it´s 15 but i made it and just ate .. i guess its 10-15.. but i stil have some left i´ll trow away... x.x
END .. i shouldn´t talk so much :O ....
pics .-.
keke <33
MINE *-*
and with those words this post is over ;P <3<33<33
bye sexy ppl <3



Hey evryone.. i didn´t post anything more yesturday because i was playing a super wierd dream boy game where u ''date'' Nichkhun,Kyuhyun and GD and in 80 (fake) days u will marry one (if they fall in love with u) super wierd o.o but in the end all of them were my boyfriend and i got married 2 GD so thats good? o.o // (but kinda just wierd..maybe crazy...)
i forgot 2 tell yall that i made a super wierd BAP face mask?? like the bunnies have.. it became kinda fail cuz i rly have no talent in anything :'( *sadface* but it´s ok :) i have my kpop :P
i made the one Daehyun have o.o even tho my favorite is Zelo and then YongGuk and Himchan .. but i didn´t have the colours for those so i´ll practise some more and do some beautiful ones when i can ^-^
Today is first Ep of HELLO BABY B1A4 o i´ll see it as soon as subtitle is out :D whooo~
i´m a BANA and have been sence their debut so i´m very exited <33
but i´m a bit worried about Channie sence he had surgery so :O :( i rly wanna know more about that :O no good :(
i wanna make a 100% music post someday this week bacause i feel that there have been so EXTREMLY much good music lately so i´ll just make a short list of songs that ive really liked and some new rookie groops i think is gonna keep doing well <33
I LOVE these pics <33 i kinda ignored exo when they were new because the 1000 teasers made annoyed me so.. but now i´m pretty much an EXOtic so :O ... btw TAOOOOO <3<33 strong love for TAO <33 my exo bias <33
 no one missed that i love Zelo ^-^ (lol from first time i saw him xD) <333 so awsome selca of baby zelo <33
<33 *-*
and Simon <33
cya ppl <33
XOXO <3<33


anyeong haseyo!
It have been festival so that´s why i havn´t been here :I hmmm
shame on me :(
 but ye anyway....
i had kinda fun i was there with my unnies and we got helium baloons and had fun witth them xD lol it´s rly awsome i wish i could do that evry day :O but no :'(
i didn´t rly find anything 2 buy tho :( but i got a fair of 'leggings'' or watever with some random animal print so that i wont be all super boring when i wear shorts (i almost only wear black shorts with black tube top so i look kinda boring..)
and now when i said that btw... (speaking of showing of you´r legs..) when its festival all these random ''dancers'' or something walk around doing some .. (latin?? i don´t know) dance and thay wear what i think looks like glitter string bekinis .. but i don´t know... SO AWFUL .. WHY DO THEY DO THAT???? x.x (for the horny single men o there) but eww.. so discusting.. and WHO would do that?? o.o not me ... but if u´r like over 20 and wanna do that sure do that but worst thing this year is that like 5-10 year olds did it? WTF? x.x NOT OKEY! if u ask me but .. what 2 do.. i just decided 2 tell my anger over this here .. o.o hope thats okey!
what was raining almost all festival and now that it´s over the sun is rly hot o.o kinda funny i think sence most people my age are out getting drunk i find it more fun 2 know that they are drunk and cold in the rain :) so evil ^-^ Kyuhyuns little sister ;P lol
i had a lot 2 tell you guys but now that i´m here writing i seem 2 forget evrything that ever happened in my life o.o ... so ye ye.. cya.. enjoy some pics and i´ll try post some more toningt :) <333
My Cd´s <33 *-* beautiful right?? <333 not good pic sence it´s taken with cam on my tumblr          
lol evryone must love this pic <3
Some GD porn xD <3<3<33<3<33 YUMMMM uydiahsf <3333 Mine <33
Thunder and Dara <33 i love both <3<3<33 i´m (re)Watching MBLAQ hello baby right now and i just fall in love with them more and more evry time i wanna have some new 2ne1 tv 2 :O <33 ( and my last visitor was from the Philippines so ^-^b... lol) <3
Go follow me on TUMBLR now <33 bye <3 ^-^
Cya <33

In heaven

last days: Mich, shopping,eating,walking dogs,east some more, sister..
very good explenation on how ive been :D i´m very proud! ^-^b
I got my first kpop cd(s) *-* <33 JYJ in heaven and SNSD Mr.Taxi *-* <33 awsome <33 and GG 1st asian tour (2 live cd´s )
i got them new still un opened from a korean in sweden *-* lycky guy bought them in korea and then sells them here i guess? there was a korean price tag on o.o ... anyway i´m happy <33

Also later in like 2-3 h Mich and Sara will come here and i guess we´ll watch kpop stuff and so ^-^
while mum is going 2 ullared o.o... .. .. . . .

so ye cya later <3 this is just a quick post so i´m not even sure if i can write much more here ^-^<33

XOXO <33


Lately ive been 2 one million festivals it feels like ^^
so yeah,, that and shopping is what happened...
i didn´t get much funny things just like some shirt, nailpolish , bling bling and a new ''american'' painting that will go in my room <3 it´s rlt nice it´s americas flag and eagle and some stuff like that ^-^ and its pretty big .. like 1 meter ^.^<3 very nice<33
ive eaten only asian food and BBQ 2 btw :O now when it´s summer it seems like thats the only thing that swedes know how 2 do.. Me: can we eat fish today? Mum: No ,, we´ll eat BBQ today and the rest of the week! Me: :'(
and also we saw ''consert'' with ''famous'' swedes xD today... ( but i pretty much had no idea who most people was even tho i heard some songs on the radio..) that´s proabably the only bad thing about kpop.. it´s so easy to get swedish and american music while it´s a damn pain in the ass 2 find korean :( but i still love kpop so i will never stop listing 2 it :D <3
i atleast saw Panetoz and those i like ^-^ <3  (click here if u wanna hear their song Dansa Pausa)
so that was fun ^-^
and talking of BBQ and music... My sister and her boyfriend come here pretty often and we always BBQ ,,, so like 1-2 days ago there was a rly weird sound outside so i looked outside ,,,
and if u have seen the MV for '' Call me maybe'' .... IT WAS LIKE THAT!!
i look out and there sister´s BF is cutting the grass,,, shirtless me go o.o  WTF????
that was strange... and he was shitless the whole time .. awkward,,, and like that wasn´t enough my sister was also shirtless ( wearing a bra tho.. ) but ye .. me go O.O WTFFF??? sitting there with my 1000 shirts on... cover up ^-^b   .. okay maybe not.. but still evryone is shirtless evrywere . o.o ... it´s a strange world!
nothing more 2 say now... or i just don´t remember.. cya!
(imma try putting in some pics now !! hope it will work... :O)
YEY it worked <33 SHINee <33  (just feel like saying that i totaly think jonghyuns pants are cool.... ^-^b looks great on him :D <3)
ChoiTae  i know its Taeyang but still how awsome isn´t this pic ^-^<33 LIKE!!!
ADORABLE bigbang <33 Ji is my bias but look at Dae <333 LOVE <333 (Daesung is so destroying my bias list cuz evry time i see him i like him more :O <33)
(What my mind says <33)
True story <33
Cya ppl <33
XOXO <3333


Hey wassup we´re 2ne1!

ok not rly but i like saying that ^-^b
nothing have happened still :P
i have been watching dramas (my girlfriend is a gumiho) who was good btw if you havn´t seen it u should cuz it´s funny but not 2 funny if u know what i mean..
and i also watched bigbang alive comeback stage thingie its just 1h but i havn´t had time so i watched it and MBLAQ Yo! Tokyo ^-^
That´s it... simle short!

this is just a ''quick post'' so i added a pic of me in my new haircolour .. so ye.. x.x thats it.. but it have already grown so its ½ cm blonde ^-^ but i´m happy 2 see my hair still is naturaly dark blonde ^-^ i think i wanna become super blonde when i´m bored with brown ^-^

cya people when i have done anything fun 2 tell u about xD <3


Hi yall
.. i just stopped crying x.x so awkward 2 tell but after waiting 4 2 damn month for my ALIVE cd... now dad got a mail saying that they were all sold out and i wont get any cd WTFFFFFFFF???
so i started crying x.x and then i surched the whole damn compter after places that sells kpop in sweden.. and there is NONE!!! WTF?
and i´ll cuss alot today cuz i pretty much feel like killing evry swed in the world exept me right now.. i don´t think it´s possible 2 hate sweden more than i do now.. HATE SWEDEN!!
Now i rly wanna leave this place more than before,, before i was so happy cuz i was gonna get my firt kpop cd and now fucking sweden killed my happines and i now wanna kill sweden.. seems kinda fair to me ..
but i hate crying.. like tho likes crying? x.x but i think i needed it 2 cuz it´s the first time in many month so ,,, maybe my body needed that shit.. i´m trying 2 make my dad get ebay so i can buy kpop things but he don´t wanna buy things from non swedish places :''''(
but even tho i tried 2 hide that i was crying you can kinda hear it one the voice so i think he might try.. not even i knew that kpop was this much to me .. it´s kinda crazy.. x.x Me/my life is so sad.. pathetic... x.x
other than that i´ve done some shopping..
Got my first BB cream ever
new ripped white jeans
bling bling pretty much so..
other shit i can´t remember..
but i havn´t done much.. friends and dramas pretty much... (i havn´t done friends o.o been with..... . . . hmm)
i don´t wanna talk ----so  cya
follow me on tumblr cuz i´m there like .. all the time
what i´ll never get x.x BIGBANG ALIVE
Btw changed and dosn´t wanna upload any of my pics... (another thing 2 hate sweden for x.x )
so i don´t know what 2 do.. maybe i should just quit the blog?
bye :(<3

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