makeup that i forgot ^^

ye i just remembered that i didn't put up my ''makeup'' video here so go and check pls <3 ^^
And now some pics/gifs that has nothing 2 do aboout anything :D haha
 LOOOVE this gif  *w*'
 and some random pics of nature and stuff taken on my phone o.o
Now u ppl understand why i don't like were i live.. it's just forest... so so much x.x aigoo
yepp yepp ^^ imma sleep now,,, maybe i should make a REAL post tomorrow ? ^^
let's see :)
bye bye <333
XOXO <3<33<3<3<3<3


 u-kwon cutie <<3 ive started watching Block B match up (nev ver can't remember name now x.x but anyway it's awsome <33 they are so cute n funny<3)
*w* My BtoB Bias Ilhoon who is just getting higher and higher on my bias list DAMN he's sexy n cute and i go *w* <3<33
 more block B cuties <3 Btw imma buy their newest album i think *w* <33 ahhh looove
 More BtoB because i really love this group<3 i've seen like 40 (and some eps more than once xD)  -BtoB diary eps and i was up all night watching them live pn gurupop <3 LOVE THEM <3
and because this ended up being a B post imma ad Bangyongguk <33 from B.A.P <33 yes sir
Thankyou evryone who still reads my blog even tho i'm basicly NEVER here x.x But just follow me on Youtube at Ichigomz or at tumblr: Mathildaz   <3
have it great <33
XOXO <33

Sara me and mich o.o

not sure if u people really wanna see this but if u do , me ,sara and mich did a video while wearing weird make up at 2:30 am.. we did another at 4am but it didn't upload :(
but if u wanna see the wierdness / crazyness go watch it : HERE
these were my TY pics for u people!
TY for watching my videos or just reading my blog <33
imma try work harder with both<3
Bye bye for now <3

some pics .. because i feel like and terrible blogger :'C

sweet lord this can't be taemin o.o like .. wow xD <333
B1aaaa4 <33 ( btw look at Baro's beautiful arms *w* )
BtoB Ilhoon,minhyuk and hyunsik <3 these are one of my favorite rookies this year because i relly fell in love with them while watching BtoB diary so if u havn't seen it go watch <3 (it's still airing it's over 60 ep's but evry ep is only 10-13 minutes)
 Daesung xD old picture but the cuteness is 2 much for me 2 not post :D  <3
 Another Hyunsik <3 but this one is from ZE:A and this is on Gurupop show wich latey is one of my favorite shows ive seen al exept one right now even with groups i knew nothing about and it's still rly fun 2 see xD <33
 And a cute Tabi saying hi 2 the kids *w*
heh and now imma get some sleep sence it's already 1.15 am and tomorrow mich and sara will come here for a sleepover o.o so i need some rest..
i'll also say that i'm on my SCHOOL computer now and all these pics are saved on it xD haha and more xD i need 2 remove them before  i give my comp back or it's gonna be AWKWARD xD hhahah
well bye bye <3
XOXO <3<33<3<33<33<3

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