hey you

hello :)

todays awkward moment:
I always sitt very wierd with my legs up on the chair so one guy ive known like all my life said
-How can u sitt like that ? o.o
and b4 i answed another guy answer
- Flexible!! *smile and looks at other guy*
me: x.x 
aigoo... i said nothing more after that x.x lol fail..

Oh and i´ll buy bigbang´s alive *happy dance*<33
love love love <3

emm.. i dunno i never have anything fun 2 say :'( so sad
but ive atleast telked to my parents and they accepted that i´ll go to korea when i´m done in shool so,, in 3 years xD lol SO LONG TIME but i´ll go to korea so i´ll use that as power in school :D whoho

Zelo <33 ahh ,, Love <33
Zelo, jongup <33

have it nice o.o
cya ppl later!
don´t forget to follow me on tumblr!<3 : http://mathildaz.tumblr.com/



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