Hi :)
emm , lately i havn´t done much.. school
and today ive been watching art... yeah.. with dad he didnt even tell me what we were gonna do so i was going with him and we ended up watching art.... ye...
i dunno,,, its not rly me i was only singing kpop sóngs in my head all the time so..

Anyway sence i´m finaly home i started music and i was like i wanna hear Rain Bi :D
and i start rain and i get biggest perv smile xD LOL
then i´m like dad is in same room o.o *stop smiling and puts hand infront my mouth*
and i keep watching it and i have like 2 fingers on my troat so suddenly i feel my pulse XD lol
Rain makes my heart go BOM BOM BOM faster than he goes bom bom bom (if u know what i mean O.o :') ^-^)
but i´ll have 2 get a better poker face srsly it shows 2 well when i´m happy :I
damn it :(

(btw i miss rain bi why can´t he make more songs? i need 1000000000 songs with him b´4 i´m rly happy!)

My pictures doesnt work now :I comp is all annoying today :(
but i´ll put up pict tomorrow <3

Go 2 my tumblr if u wanna <33

CYA <33
XOXO <3<33<3


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