Pink Dip dye


so yesturday i was at Linah´s and celebrated her 19th birthday <33
and ate chinese food... and i was sick at night but it was over by 9 in the morning.. or something like that..

2day me and mum was gonna go 2 mum´s bf´s place 2 eat cookies or something like that so we did..
and he has a son who is 11 years old so mum was like u don´t mind that´s hes there right? and i just : ofc not..
but the fun part ... xD
when we came there he locked himself in the bathroom so i never saw him :P i´m just that scary i guess? xD lol
poor thing :p srsly he´s 11 .. man up :P
and anyway i´m 15 he´s not even allowed 2 look at me (4 me.. :P no younger guys :P lol)

anyway when i came home i did something i wanted 2 do sence 2010 o.o
Dip Dye ^-^ f(x) had it in their song NU ABO so i was like *-* that´s so cool
but i havn´t dared 2 do it until now so p-p it´s done now annyway xD
it´s pink *-* pretty!
It didn´t become perfect though :I but ut was first time so i´m fine with it ^-^

i have nothing more 2 say :o
don´t forget 2 fallow me on TUMBLR !! <3

(BTW: u didn´t forget that it was MBLAQ day yeturday right?) important!!

cya ppl ^-¨ gtg now


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