Lee Minho is hot

okey hi ppl :O
i´m gonna do this a little quick now b4 i go shower and ger ready for tomorrow when school start O.O NOOOO :'(
and even worse i´m starting the new school and i can´t find in the 10000 buildings o.o da fuq
aigoo ... i can´t eat eather because i´m stressed x.x in 3 days all ive eaten is a bowl ow salad and 2 little ramen things x,x (and 2 pocky boxes :I)

Ive gotten a Cd at dads :D whooo IGNITION with B1A4 OMO *w*
so exited but i don´t know when i´ll get it in my hands... and if i´m lycky i might get a EXO and a bigbang cd soon :) FIGHTING <33 cd collection is growing <33
but ye cya ppl <3 hope y'all will have a good school year if u go 2 school or that you´ll get rich by working ;P <33 annyeong!
XOXO <3<33


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