Nae nunapeseo kom sarajueojwo

hi ,, it´s like 02:01 right now o.o ( 2 am? )
so i´m going of 2 bed soon :O sorry i havn´t made any posts but for once ive been witch mich and shopping and eating lobster and i don´t even know... i almost don´t know my name x.x ive been sleeping rly bad for over a week now x,x :'( no fun...

I´m just done watching Hana Kimi ... is a japanese drama but GOD DAMN it was better than alot of the korean dramas ive seen ^-^ good good good <33
but just have 2 say this ... WHY ARE ALL JAPANESE GUYS HALFNAKEN? it´s distracting me from reading the subtitle xD MOHAAHAA o.o

Btw speaking of hot guys i added a pic of jonghyun :P hope no one mind xD <3 (if i was korean it would be 19+ on my blog :p and i´m not even 19+ :p xD fail)

just saying...
But i´lol post something tomorrow... i´m guessing it will be song BIGBANG talk 2 bacause i have sooooo sooo much 2 say o.o (g-string gstring!!!) Bye <33
XOXO <3<3<33<3<33<33<3


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