Home studdy pause ... YUM !

안녕하서ㅣ요 여러분!'

o today ive been home pretty much listening 2 korean music and watching 2NE1 TV season ep1-3 and more if i have time i´ll put some now here on the blog ...
but yeah.. i´m telling myshelf that i´ll learn how 2 speak korean by listening 2 it cuz that´s how i learned english ... so maybe .. right now i feel so confused cuz i havn´t done any grammar yet so i can´t put together anything or understand why they say some words hera and there o.o SO HARD LANGUAGE x.x
i´m glad i didn´t start japanese 2 like i thought b4 ...but no korean it enought! geez..

Well 2NE1 TV is rly great btw! , ive wanted 2 watch it 4 pretty long time but its so long time on evry ep.. it´s like 50 minutes x 6 in 6 seasons o.o (i think) so this will take about a year 2 watch but yeah that´s fine o.o and i HOPE i´ll learn some korean by watching it!

and now i´m so sleepy ,, my eyes are just -..- (yes i have the piggy nose 2 when i´m sleepy ;P)
and yeah i´ll proabably fall asleep b4 i´m done writing this so .. i´ll just put up pics now and 2 make me stay awake i guess i´ll put up some sexiness o.o (옿ㅕㅎ)  so enjoy i guess :P *sleepy face*

Jaejoong :)
Jay Park <3
hah this it just LOL xD
Lee joon Le Yum!
Rain .. never get sick of him :)
*ANGRY MOMENT NONE of the best giffs works :'(  WHYY GOD WHYYYY?*
TOP ^-^
Hyungseung <3  Good job girls :P stealing his shirt! YEY
Sexy Lee Joon and very hated girl :o <3
Lee joon and again girl i hate z,z (<33 JOON)
Abs a la Insoo from MYNAME! <33
Key can 2 ;P <3
never forget Siwon! <3
Onew <33

I gtg now :( byt yeah cya tomorrow :p
and then i´ll have style inspiration! so we go from hot boys 2 cute style ;p hah
XOXO <33


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