i hate cc subtitles on youtube!

hi evryone!
today ive been 2 town but i didn´t find anything and i didn´t rly feel in the mood 4 finding anything anyway..
ive been feeling pretty bad all day. not like sick bad but just bla ish :(

Now i´m drop dead sleepy +.+'
but yeah i decided 2 go here still cuz i´m 2 sleapy 2 read the sup on 2ne1 tv..
i´m on season 2 now but only 2ne1 original chanel have it uploaded and with cc subtitle.. x.x'
cc subtitle works on this comp that i have 4 days a month at dad´s place but it doesnt work on my com at mum so i´m just like -.- GAAH why??
i rly wanna see 2ne1 tv but it´s gonna be annoying if i can´t understand x.x
so i don´t know what 2 do yet... i whont be able 2 see all season 2 tomorrow o.o right?
gaah stop with cc subtitle ppl.. I HATE IT!

i´m gonna go sleep soon i think x.x
bye bye ppl !
i´ll try write something better tomorrow!  cya <33

Postat av: Puun

Ok where you are.

2012-02-26 @ 20:32:37

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