Hello <3'
so i woke up today with rain,thunder and lighting and other annoying shit :(
anyway.. i´m here now and i´m done watching japanese youre beautiful (that i never remember japanese name of :( ike...desu ne something xD)
i don´t have 2 much things 2 do.. i´m kinda bored,,, so bi decied 2 look for more kpop cds... i´m gonna try making my dad buy them even tho both me and dad is angry bacause i didn´t get my alive last time x-x I WANT ALIVE...
but ye.. i´ll try geting EXO mama ... and maybe High High?... i don´t know...
biggest problem for me is choosing group K or M in EXO.. persons i think M is more fun and song i like K more sence i kinda understand what they sing.... I don´t know :(
my sister is in turky that lucky bastard >:( summer in sweden 25c and rain .. YEEY :D
NOT :I ...
i don´t wanna talk more so bye <3
awsome gif of Baekho *-* i´m glad it worked :D <33
<3 Thunder
always some GD <33
and pretty Ren <33
Btw me mich n sara have gotten korean names after the poeople we like xD
or we did it for each other but.. i´m not Kwon Che Ren  = GD,CL,Ren,Zelo
Ren isnt´t my favorite but he´s my ''brother'' or something if u ask sara so...
Mich is : Choi JaeMin = Siwon,TOP,Minho,Jaejoong,Taemin (i think thats all )
Sara is: Jang TaeSa = Jang keun suk,Taeyang,Sa for her real name Sara ... o.o
that´s it bye <33
XOXO <333


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