In heaven

last days: Mich, shopping,eating,walking dogs,east some more, sister..
very good explenation on how ive been :D i´m very proud! ^-^b
I got my first kpop cd(s) *-* <33 JYJ in heaven and SNSD Mr.Taxi *-* <33 awsome <33 and GG 1st asian tour (2 live cd´s )
i got them new still un opened from a korean in sweden *-* lycky guy bought them in korea and then sells them here i guess? there was a korean price tag on o.o ... anyway i´m happy <33

Also later in like 2-3 h Mich and Sara will come here and i guess we´ll watch kpop stuff and so ^-^
while mum is going 2 ullared o.o... .. .. . . .

so ye cya later <3 this is just a quick post so i´m not even sure if i can write much more here ^-^<33

XOXO <33


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