Kommer funka, måste funka nånstans där så finns vår plats!

Hejsan alla små kpops älskande läsare :O
Hi <3 i didn´t have time 2 write yesturday yesturday because i was away bathing for the first time this year xD lol fail... IT WAS SO MUCH PEOPLE THERE -.- gosh.
i don´t like bath houses .. so mych annoying people dressed in way 2 little clothers in one place...
because to be honest i´m not gonna see any Lee joon or Bi here ... :( *sadface*
but ye ,... sara was with me so we did kpop dances in the water.... it´s rly hard btw.. o.o and i can´t dance normaly so why would i be good at itunder water?? x.x
also there was a bubble bath so we went there = HOT WATER YEEY :D (i hate when its cold...)
but alot of super strange guys came and we were just like o.o .... go ..scary scary scary....
that´s it---- i looked up my weight and in 1½ year ive gained 6-7 kg :O WUUUT? x.x :'(
not fun.... only good thing is that 1/8 goes 2 boobs and ass? o.o ... the rest goes to my new fattie belly :'(
i´ll have 2 start training again i guess... and with that i had 15 cookies 2 breakfast today ... or i´m not sure it´s 15 but i made it and just ate .. i guess its 10-15.. but i stil have some left i´ll trow away... x.x
END .. i shouldn´t talk so much :O ....
pics .-.
keke <33
MINE *-*
and with those words this post is over ;P <3<33<33
bye sexy ppl <3


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