100 days 99 nights

it´s like ages sence i posted something x.x
kinda cuz.. well i´m lazy :P
but ive been bussy now for like 2 long .. ive been away shopping,midsummer, IKEA and other wierd things we do in sweden.. (shopping at IKEA LIKE A SWED!)
but yeah ..... NO SCHOOL *-* <3<33<3 I LIKE IT LIKE IT LIKE IT!
so ive watxhed dramas or well dream high 1-2 i´m not realy done with 2 yet but it´s not much left of it so i´ll proabably finish it tomorrow and start watching something else on my 33 mile long movie/drama list... omo
I guess you all noticed my new song list 2 :O
its not to great but ye.. good enough ....
jesus i´m so sleepy right now xD
last 3 days ive eaten , eaten some more and then i ate again..
ive dicided to lose some weight xD lol cuz its insaine how much ive gained so.. ye ye ..
i´ll shut up for now and ye cya..
(pics doesn´t work right now :'( so ..)
annyeong <3


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