För att livet gör en till en levande död

i know i know
i havn´t been here for ages .. but we´ll get the gredes tomorrow.. or they will be set so i´m trying to work on them but at the moment its going awfull i´ll fail evrything it feels like ..
but yeah i know i have enough 2 still get in 2 next school so i hope i´ll be fine...

ive spent my time on my grades,music,training dance and with friends
it have been rly wierd sence mich have been sick alot ive spent my time with some guys in my class... no names needed i guess xD :P
anyway.. its werry different.. also i thought about that with people like mich and sara i´m 100% anti skinship and we don´t drink out of same bottle and so... but when i was with those people we did all that and i just ..? o.o i don´t get the logic,,, i guess there is no maybe xD
but i´m always kinda anti skinship,, but i change around the people i am with.. if the people i am with is skinship that also makes me more skinship p.p WTF???? i´m jsut gonna stop now cuz i just -.- no .. it´s just wrong,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

i´ll talk more some other day i hope 4 tomorrow sence i can´t change my grades after that i´ll just be like FUCK SCHOOL :P
so yeah.. now i have 2 read 300 pages of Tom Sawyer TONIGHT sence i have 2 talk about the damn book tomorrow o.o IHH i hate talking infront of people .. i would rather sing and dance ... and i hate doing that when people watch 2.. God damn i would dance and sing Ma Boy (SISTAR19) ... that´s how much i hate talking... x.x OR EVEN RAIN BI.. shirt of... ok not of... just up a little EVEN THAT`S BETTER! :O
Wish me good luck :o x.x

Btw i wanna thank all my readers guz you´r realy great 4 reading my blog even tho it´s not 2 good (i think but i duno what u guys say)
And yeah THANK YOU!<3 ive even gotten MORE readers ,, and yeah that´s sick <33 TACK! <3

True story! <3
Ive gotten fat 2 btw :P
Hyun Joong *-* <3
... <3
This is me when i´m done here :P
Damn gif :'( thais is why i fell 4 Tumblr ... my gifs is working like i want them 2 .. :'(

Cya ppl <3


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